The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Betrayal

Everyone should know in the heart of Huang Wei, Sikong Jing had always been the evil god who dominated the fate of disciples of Shennong Faction.

Now, “the invincible god” was turned into a pile of rotten meat.

And the person who killed Sikong Jing was the young county magistrate who he actually despised in the court a few days ago.

If time could go backwards, Huang Wei really hoped that he had kneeled down on the ground and called Li Mu father instead of insulting this young county magistrate the other day in the court.

While eating a tasty roast snake, Li Mu smiled and looked at Huang Wei’s expression.

How could he waste this great opportunity when he could show off?

What Li Mu liked to see was that those who dared to laugh at him were frightened by him in just a time of the blink of an eye.

That felt so damn good!

“Your. Your. Your. Your… Your Honour. Please forgive me.” Huang Wei was scared to death after seeing Li Mu’s look.

Li Mu laughed loudly, “Your. Your. Your. Your… Your what… Wow. Hahahaha. It seemed that day in the court you were very arrogant?”

“I should die. I should die…” Huang Wei kowtowed again and again to beg for pardon.

Li Mu was really happy and said, “Ah. I remembered that day you said what I said in the Taibai County did not count. Now, can you tell me who says will count?”

“Well…” Huang Wei was scared to death. He didn’t expect this young county magistrate to be so vengeful. He shivered and said, “I am a fool. I should go to hell… In this county, you are the true master and what you say counts.”

At this time, Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing realized that the so-called “an important matter” referred to settling accounts with the shopkeeper of Magical Medicine Pharmacy Huang Wei. Was he too vengeful?

Both of them felt speechless.

But Li Mu did not care about their feelings.

This Huang Wei was so pretentious on that day, so today he should be taught some lessons.

A man with a strong body was able to hold up the heavens and to support the earth. If a man could not teach those people, who once humiliated him, a lesson, could he still be called a man?

At this moment, it was the best time to answer Huang Wei back.

“I remember that day, you said let me ask how important your Magical Medicine Pharmacy was in this county. Today, I came to Shennong Faction to ask about it. It seemed that Sikong Jing was not willing to tell me, so I had to send him on the road of hell. Mr Huang. Why don’t you tell me the answer in person?” Li Mu asked solemnly as he ate barbecue.

Huang Wei was scared to urinate.

“Magical Medicine Pharmacy is nothing. Your honour…” Huang Wei regretted so much.

Li Mu sighed and said, “What exactly happened in that case with Zhang Li. Can you tell me now?”

“Well…” Huang Wei shivered badly and instinctively wanted to defend himself, but after he saw Sikong Jing’s broken corpse near the pool and Li Mu’s seemingly smiling look, he suddenly dared not to take any more chances and honestly told the truth that how he ordered the apprentices of Magical Medicine Pharmacy to trick and plunder the poor Zhang Li’s pharmacy.

“Your honour. I will tell you the truth. I committed a crime. I should go to hell… But please give me a chance to live. I will make a fresh start in life and be a good man.” After Huang Wei finished, he cried and cried bitterly, with a very contrite look, pleading bitterly.

Li Mu put down the barbecue in his hand, and his look suddenly became sad.

“Make a fresh start in life? How easy for you to say that. Mr Huang. You might be a different person, but how about Zhang Li and her daughter. Zhang Xiaoqin was only a child. Do you know what she had experienced in this hell-like Shennong Faction? Do you know that? Can you imagine that? Fine. If you can make Zhang Xiaoqin’s family come back to life, I will give you a chance to be a new man, okay? ”

When Huang Wei heard Li Mu’s words, his eyes showed despair as if he was electrocuted.

“Your honour. You are so hard-hearted…” He stared at Li Mu with a curse in his eyes.

Li Mu looked at his vicious eyes directly and smiled calmly, “My cruelty is less than one-tenth of yours… Remember, in the next life, do more good things and do not show off.”

As Li Mu finished his words, he gave power to his toes and then a stone was spurted from the ground, piercing Huang Wei’s forehead.

This shopkeeper, whose crimes were inexpiable, of Magical Medicine Pharmacy finally died. His sinful life ended that way.

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing beside Li Mu suddenly felt something was wrong.

Did the young county magistrate kill Huang Wei to scare them?

Li Mu turned his head to look at them and said, “You also saw that Huang Wei himself confessed his crime. According to imperial law, he should be executed so I just killed him. This is not an act of revenge, isn’t it?”

Was he not retaliating?

The so-called an important matter was bringing Huang Wei from Magical Medicine Pharmacy to the grotto, scaring him, and then killing this unimportant person at such a moment?

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing were complaining in their heart, but of course, they would not say a word about that.

“Of course not. Of course not. Your honour. You serve people with your heart and soul. How can you do such things like revenge?”

“Haha. Your honour. What you did was so right. Those who look upon human lives as if they were grass should be cut into pieces.”

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing complimented Li Mu a lot.

To tell the truth, even two hours ago, they could not imagine that they would utter such flattering words to this young county magistrate.

Li Mu nodded and said, “That’s good. Here is my order: Hang the body of this villain at the stone forest entrance of the Shennong Faction headquarter. Post a notice, clarifying Huang Wei’s sins to alert others. Anyone will end up like Huang Wei if they dare to trick and plunder other people’s property in this county in the future.”

Several guards said “Yes” loudly and rushed to take Huang Wei’s body away.

Li Mu thought for a moment and added, “My order: None of the criminals in Magical Medicine Pharmacy must be released. All the criminals must be arrested, interrogated to find out their actual master. Whoever is involved will be convicted according to the Empire’s Law.” Li Mu’s voice, as if it was a large bell, echoed in the grotto. Everyone felt the unshakable will in his voice.

“Yes. Your honour.”

Warm-blooded guards responded spontaneously and loudly.

Li Mu nodded, but in his mind, the tragic scene of Zhang Li and her daughter reappeared, and he could not help but feel guilty.

Li Mu thought he could have dealt with this case better and saved the lives of the mother and daughter, but because of his carelessness, hesitation, and taking too much for granted… For various reasons, two innocent lives died in this devil’s cave.

How could this world be so sinister?

How could people in such world so cruel?

Li Mu did not feel well.

He destroyed the Shennong Faction headquarter on his own but did not let out the anger.

It was not just a small Shennong Faction that had caused such a situation.

The real culprit, the so-called “real boss” who controlled the whole sinfulness behind everyone’s back although he or she might not really kill someone, was still at large.

At this time, here came the sound of footsteps afar.

It was the secretary Feng Yuanxing who came in with a team of people.

Zhou Wu’s eyes lit up when he saw Feng Yuanxing.

He had ordered Feng Yuanxing to search among the ruins for evidence that Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing had collaborated with the Shennong Faction. Had he found that?

Zhou Wu thought Feng Yuanxing followed him and acted as his think tank for so many years, and really helped him to solve many problems, which proved to be a loyal person. Well, as long as he became the county magistrate, he would put Feng Yuanxing in an important position because he was able to shoulder important tasks.

Thinking of this, Zhou Wu cast an inquiring look at Feng Yuanxing to show he wanted to know the results of his searching.

But nobody knew that Feng Yuanxing did not even look at Zhou Wu this time, but went straight to Li Mu, kneeling on one knee, and said, “Your honour. I am the secretary of Taibai County, Feng Yuanxing.”

Li Mu sat on the stone chair casually and glanced at him without saying anything. He just ate the snake meat eagerly.

“Your honour. I led people to clean up the battlefield among the ruins of the Shennong Faction and placed innocent women and the poor people in the ruins to a safe place. I also captured 171 survivors of the Shennong Faction. They have been temporarily detained. Your honour. Please tell me how to deal with them.” Feng Yuanxing lowered his head, ignoring Zhou Wu’s frequent inquiring looks.

Li Mu still ignored him.

He seemed to be really hungry, eating meat eagerly, and the golden oil flowed down from his mouth.

Feng Yuanxing bit his teeth hard, seemed to make a bold decision, and said, “Your honour. There is another matter too important for me to hide. In order to get rid of the punishment, several senior disciples of Shennong Faction were willing to testify that Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing had collaborated with the Shennong Faction and killed innocent people…”

“Shut up.” Zheng Longxing was furious and shouted, “Feng Yuanxing. How dare are you to slander me? You…”

“Ah. Dianshi janitor Zheng. Don’t be so impatient. Let secretary Feng finish his words. You will be innocent if you are truly innocent. What are you afraid of, Dianshi janitor Zheng?” Zhou Wu, on the other side, was very happy, and he thought that Feng Yuanxing was good at picking the time to reveal Zheng Longxing’s crime when the young county magistrate was really angry. If he said more bad things about Zheng Longxing to Li Mu, then Zheng Longxing would definitely game over, because, in the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty, the county magistrate had the great power to put somebody to a death penalty.

However, Feng Yuanxing continued talking before Zhou Wu finished his words, “There is another disciple of Shennong Faction who claimed to be the spy of Deputy county magistrate, Zhou Wu. In order to get away from his punishment, he testified Zhou Wu was the real master who attacked the Medical Center and killed the guard Zhang Ru to intensify the contradiction between you and Dianshi janitor Zheng… At the same time, they were also ready to take this opportunity to assassinate you. Your honour.”

“Shut up.” Zhou Wu shouted in surprise this time, “Feng Yuanxing. What are you talking about? You… I always treated you well. You… You have the gut to slander me. You…”

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