The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Ripping Open the Face

Zheng Longxing, the Dianshi janitor aside heard so, took a kind of dark pleasure, and said, “Well, Mr. Zhou, calm down. Let Mr. Feng finish first. Don’t be afraid. Mr. Zhou, as the old saying goes, the wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all.”

Zheng Longxing repeated what Zhou Wu had said just now.

Zhou Wu trembled with anger.

He had never dreamed that Feng Yuanxing, who had been always obedient and weak would betray him at this critical moment, and deceive him… What a liar! He had deceived him before.

Li Mu grinned while eating the kebab as if it had nothing to do with him at all.

It was so interesting and Li Mu was just there watching as if he was not involved at all.

And little Ming Yue didn’t care about the wheeling-and-dealing associated with the lives among the adults.

She drooled over the sight of food. She got several big arrows, cut the meat off the green snake and baked it.

But the little boy Qing Feng was there as if he was thinking about something with the expression of an adult.

Feng Yuanxing knelt on the ground and didn’t dare to get up while cold sweat trickled down from his forehead.

Li Mu was in such gesture, which confused him. Though he was clever, he could not figure out what the county magistrate was thinking at this moment.

He thought this impulsive and furious county magistrate might burst into anger and condemn Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing after his report, since he knew this little county magistrate was so impulsive from the matter of Shennong Faction today.

However, Li Mu’s reaction made him feel unsure and scared gradually.

The noise of many footsteps sounded.

Ma Junwu brought a doctor from the Medical Center to treat Li Mu.

This doctor seemed at his forties with a thin figure. He had seen Li Mu at the Medical Center before. At that time, he was feeling so angry with an numbness look as if he was losing all hope of this world. For him, there was nothing worse than apathy. But now, as he saw Li Mu, he was filled with worship and fanaticism.

He could never believe that this young county magistrate had really smashed the Shennong Faction on his own and revenged the wounded in the Medical Center.

After obtaining his consent, he checked Li Mu’s injuries. Then he became more surprised and respectful.

The arrow pierced and shot through the bone. Other people might get dizzy due to the pain, but for Li Mu, he was indeed an extraordinary person who could accomplish great things since he was having the roast with a painless look.

“Your honor, I need to get the arrow out before binding up the wound, and you may feel a little pain. Please endure it for a while.” This doctor was so careful and prepared to clean the scraps of bone around the wound.

“OK,” said Li Mu as he nodded. “Let me do it by myself.”

He held the arrow with a backhand and pulled it out directly.

“Biu…” With this sound, the arrow blood shot out and sprayed on Feng Yuanxing who was kneeling in front. It really scared this deep-minded secretary that he screamed and stepped back, and made him look so terrified. Li Mu didn’t notice him and took out the fine steel wolf teeth arrow, wiped the blood on the body’s clothes of Sikong Jing. He looked so natural and continued with the snake roast.

“Now you can bind it up now, right?” he ate, turned around and looked at the doctor who was surprised as if he found a ghost, smiled and said, “What about the roast? The snake tastes very good.”

“No no no… Master…You are really amazing.”

That doctor came to himself; he looked at Li Mu with a more fanatical look as if he was watching at the God, and then bound the wound for Li Mu quickly.

While Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing saw this, they couldn’t help shuddering.

This young county magistrate was really a fantastic person.

There were barbs on the fine steel wolf teeth arrow and the flesh was taken out when it was pulled out, the wound became a blood hole. However, Li Mu was quite calm, and it was so terrible since he was so perseverant. So, why could they regard him as a low person? Had they known about this, they should have worked together to kill Li Mu first rather than that they couldn’t help killing each other.

They stared at each other and felt perturbed.

Now those two great giants regretted.

A moment later.

Li Mu’s wound had been bandaged.

He stood up, patted the belly, moaned with satisfaction and said, “Good, I’m stuffed; that’s comfortable.”

He turned back and looked at the snake corpse and there was still about nine out of ten left. Then he instructed the little attendant Ming Yue and said, “Well, food aficionado, just stop now. Go and find someone to get this snake to the government office, we can enjoy it for several days… Remember, keep it in the ice house and don’t get it rotten.”

“All right…” Although Ming Yue was also full, she was still wolfing down.

After she finished one, she stood up with satisfaction, wiped the mouth with her white and soft hand. She smiled and called Ma Junwu to come before she lifted the enormous green python and walked outside the cave with dozens of guards.

Li Mu patted Qing Feng on the shoulder and said, “You can be with them. I’m a little concerned about that girl since she’s a little careless.”

Hesitating for a while, Qing Feng found that there seemed to be nothing wrong with Li Mu. Li Mu waved his hands to stop before he wanted to say something since Li Mu knew it already. So Qing Feng left with the doctor from the Medical Center.

Shinning from the grotto courtyard, the afternoon sunshine had brought silver arrows, and smoke could be seen flying wildly in the light.

There were only Li Mu as well as the people that led by Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing in the whole grotto.

Li Mu returned to the stone chair slowly and picked up the big white bow from Sikong Jing’s body and played with it. Then he inserted the 20 fine steel wolf teeth arrows on the ground aside, looked up at those people and said, “Damn, who’s overriding and playing tricks behind me these days?”


Not only Zhou Wu, but also Zheng Longxing was a little shocked at this moment.

What shocked them was not Li Mu’s content but his posture and the tone when he asked.

It didn’t sound like a high-ranking county magistrate who was asking questions, but rather like a bruised street gang who was speaking as he brought in reinforcements after the fight on the street.

“Well…” Zhou Wu became extremely gloomy on his face.

While Zheng Longxing kept silent there, he didn’t fan up the flames of trouble.

He had realized that it was a little dangerous today in such a situation, and he would be so wrong if he were ripping open the face with Zhou Wu now though he had always wanted to kill Zhou Wu many times. It might be possible that he might work together with Zhou Wu secretly and deal with this young county magistrate this time to get through today’s difficulties.

“Damn, you dared to do but dared not to say? What a coward!” Li Mu smiled coldly.

Then he glanced at Feng Yuanxing and said, “What you said just now is true?”

Feng Yuanxing felt the amnesty. He wiped the sweat from his brow and said, “I dare to pledge my life.”

“Well, Mr. Feng, you have to think well before you answer. Your life is not worth much anymore.” Zhou Wu said with a cold smile there. At this time, he felt greater anger with Feng Yuanxing as he betrayed him rather than the hatred towards the enemy of Zheng Longxing. However, he was quite clear that he had to work with Zheng Longxing this time and get through this crisis first no matter how reluctant he was.

“Yes, Mr. Feng. You have to think clearly. Do you know what does it mean by your words?” The Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing said with a poker face, which showed obvious threat sense as he talked.

Li Mu smiled and said, “Damn, how dare you to be pretending to be something in front of me… To be honest, it makes me sick when I talk to you two clowns.”

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing hummed. They kept straight and showed no smile at Li Mu on their faces as before.

They were quite sure that it might not solve the problem only by admitting their mistakes at this time.

Though they were not communicating directly, they made a tacit agreement after so many years’ fighting with each other, and now they were determined to deal with Li Mu together.

But Li Mu didn’t notice them and he looked at Feng Yuanxing. As he was playing with the bow and arrow in his hand, he asked carefully, “Tell me, what is the sin according to the law of the Empire… while they colluded the Shennong Faction to harm innocent people and tried to kill me?”

“They should be beheaded.” Feng Yuanxing was completely firm and said word by word.

As he said so, Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing paled suddenly.

Damn, Feng Yuanxing just wanted to proceed without hesitation.

“Good job, Mr. Feng, I will get even with you later,” Zheng Longxing said with a grim look.

He had planned and waited today to find an opportunity to kill Feng Yuanxing, who was not local without any background.

Zhou Wu didn’t speak but kept sneering.

For those who were familiar with him, it was his expression when Zhou Wu got too angry and wanted to kill.

“Hello, mice, anything more you want to say now?” Li Mu looked at those two giant men.

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing hummed at the same time. At this situation, they showed no fear towards Li Mu, and they didn’t worry that Li Mu might really kill them. As a result, they just dealt with him courteously but without sincerity at this moment.

“Hello, Mr. Li, now everything is over here, I can leave now,” Zhou Wu Said, poker-faced.

“I also have something to do, so Mr. Li, you can clean up the mess here,” Zheng Longxing also sneered.

They were pondering and wondering how to deal with Li Mu, the powerful county magistrate after they were back. Li Mu was just alone without foundation no matter how powerful he was, and how could he manage to deal with the power with 20 years’ management? Well, let’s wait and see.

Li Mu also nodded and said, “All right, I will not persuade you to stay since you want to leave.”

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