The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 24 - Are You a Demon? III

Chapter 24: Are You a Demon? III

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Feng Ruqing was lying on her bed when she got out of the place. She put away the book in her hands and walked toward the door slowly.

The door creaked open—the sun was shining brilliantly outside. The daylight poured down on her. She stretched her body with a bright smile on her face.

“It feels so good after leaving the palace.”

Although the person who loved her the most lived there, the gloomy atmosphere in the palace was oppressive and overwhelming. Even the sun shone brighter outside the palace.

“Your Highness, there are only two of us serving you. Do you need more servants?” Liu Li bowed slightly to pay her respect to Feng Ruqing

“There is no need. I would pick the guards myself. As for servants, two of you is enough.” Feng Ruqing shook her head. Since she had the beast taming book with her, she did not need guards to secure the princess manor. After all, humans were no match for spirit beasts.

“Liu Li, clear the land in the backyard together with Qing Ling. I need the land to sow herbs.”

“What?” Liu Li was stunned.

‘Her Highness wants to sow herbs? She could just buy it from the herbal store. Why would she do that?’

Feng Ruqing did not tell Liu Li that the land was meant for sowing spiritual herbs. Among the skills that Fu Chen had passed down to her, there was a skill that could conceal the spiritual herbs by making them look like ordinary herbs. Even a master was not capable of seeing through the disguise. Hence, it could keep the princess manor out of trouble.

“Hurry up. I need to go out for a while. I hope that the land is ready when I return.”

“At Your Highness’s command.” Liu Li regained her focus and answered respectfully.

Ever since Feng Ruqing woke up, she was completely different. Liu Li no longer needed to keep an eye on her. Naturally, sowing herbs was far better than messing around like she used to.

Feng Ruqing paid no regard to Liu Li and strode out of the manor. She turned around only to see a new plaque was already fixed above the door. The words inscribed on the plaque were more imposing and domineering—Supreme Princess Manor.

“That’s such a great name! I am the best in Liu Yun Kingdom from now on.” Feng Ruqing squinted and rubbed her chin. The words were wildly extravagant and conceited, but she loved it.

Feng Ruqing looked away contentedly and walked toward Southern Street. The spirit beasts lived far away from the human territory, and they had never crossed each other’s paths. However, some humans would capture the spirit beasts and sell them for money.

Naturally, these spirit beasts were not strong. The spirit beasts that had attained a certain level of strength would choose to take their own lives instead of bowing to the humans.

The beast court was the pet store in Hua Xia. The spirit beasts were kept in the cages with their tails between their legs, and they were all in low spirits as some young ladies and masters picked their favorite spirit beasts.


Just as Feng Ruqing stepped into the beast court, a pretty maiden who was standing not far away from her called out to her. The maiden was slightly startled before her eyes flickered with joy.

Feng Ruqing’s face darkened the moment her eyes met the maiden’s. It was such a small world. Feng Ruqing did not expect that she would meet Feng Rushuang in the beast court.

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