The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 gambling house

Sushangzhai, the most famous vegetarian restaurant in the capital, is known for providing hundreds of delicious vegetarian food, becoming a favorite of many guirens high ranking officials, especially the madame who believe in Buddhism, they mostly gather here and drink tea!

Leng Jiu was taken a break from work, but found that this restaurant is good, vegetarian food is light and delicious, tea is also the highest quality LongJing (Famous green tea);

It is at the end of an alley, the other side is a clear remote river, breeze, and willow tree, but it is a good place to have afternoon tea, yups here is exactly her destination!

She wearing A white brocade men’s clothes, headband with jade crown, ridding boot, her tall figure using men’s clothes its really fit with her body, the lips red and teeth white, although still have a bit of woman’s appearance, but her appearance have kinda sharp heroic spirit, coupled with walking like the wind, without a trace of the woman’s tweak here, looks like a young man who really domenerring!

Leng Jiu is very satisfied with this look, wear Woman clothes is perfect, men's clothes are beautiful, absolutely taste for all men and women, and the only thing that makes her unhappy is that the chest is too big and boring!

The footsteps stopped under a plaque. If you haven’t stepped in, you will hear the shouting loudly. “Great!” “Small!” “Open!”, yes, this is where she is coming today, this world. Gambling house!

If she asked her to show painting and calligraphy, she would definitely cannot do anything, but if it is gambling, she can guarantee that few people are her opponents;

The pillar industry of the underworld aristocratic family is the gambling house and the nightclub, and she spent most of her time growing up in the gambling house, when other children are carrying their bags to school at around 7 years old, she can already win a villa in the gambling house!

Her current ident.i.ty is Empress Dowager, and she is not worthy t.i.ttle, but she is also very honorable, but for her, it's just like the moon mirrored in the water, those status are given by others, and then high position and great wealth is nothing. Only the things she has is what she gets by her own hand, so she only looks at the gambling house here. Her old line, no matter whether it is power or status is number three, if you have no money then you died. Father (old man) said, money talks are important and the most important is health as long as we are healthy, nothing can’t be done!

Although she feels that this is vulgar and rustic, she agrees with him when she touches the true core of the family. Money is never dying. When you have money is easy to buy one country, then the right owner (high rank people) of the capital will be your slave!

recall that father, Leng Jiu sighed, she died for so long, she afraid he does not know it, do not know and drunk went to township meeting some soft and gentle mistress!

After some thoughts, Leng Jiu stepped into the gambling house, the ancient gambling house doesn't have much gameplay as much as modern times, the most common is dice, maybe gambling with dominos, but there is nothing compared the modern times gameplay, she remember to read in history ancient like c.o.c.kfighting and crickets fighting, but just it!

The people in the gambling house are all on the gambling table. No one will go to pay attention to anyone who come in. Leng Jiu is looking for a single digit to stand up and look at all the gambling tables. Modern times’s gambling house, there is no match here, the table is a group of big Laoye (Master), there are no place to sitting only for standing, one by one extremely angry, not a little elegant, she is not interested in running bet with them.

Just when she was mentally prepared to leave, the only room facing the stairs here suddenly the door opened. One man was brought up by two men and go straight downstairs. The stairs only have ten steps were not high. However, is nothing for a normal person but his skins stain with so much blood, and the two men are directly thrown him out, plus they uses full strength, she afraid that few people will not be ended just with a light injury after go down!

This movement finally got the pay attention from those gamblers, but it was only a moment, and then they continue to gamble!

“Another one is looking for death!”

“That is, not enough ability to go up, not broken hand only broken foot count that he already lucky!”

Leng Jiu heard it some light in her eyes, raised her hand and patted just now the shoulders of a man who spoke: “This big brother, I want ask you something!”

“What?” Didn’t see me…” A piece of cool stuff was stuffed into the hand and picked up, it was a silver ingot.

Suddenly, the anger was gone. He turned around and saw that it was a young master. He immediately laughed: “What does the young master want to ask?”

Leng Jiu pointed to the room: “What is going on there?”

“Young master, don’t you know? That is our gambling G.o.d, the owner of this gambling house, the gambling is superb, never lost, there are already countless challenges, but like just now, bravely go in, Finally, they were thrown out! Young master do you want to go to challenge him?”


“If not, may I offer a bit of advice young master. It’s better not to go, or young master beautiful appearance is after thrown out, it’s will be not good!”

Leng Jiu raised her eyebrows and grabbed a sieve with six dice, lightly shaken, and six dice and drink "glub glub" and said: “This is interesting!”

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