The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 4 Part1

Chapter 4 Part 1

t.i.tle : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)

Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)

Translator : Cubbyfox

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In a palace that has no name, the Scarlet paint in the Pillar has faded and stained. The Gla.s.s Tiles on the Top has also been damaged. A fence with Jade stone carvings has been covered by wild plants. From the cracks of the window, several Trush birds flew from the bushes beside. They clapped and immediately left. Dry leaves fell on the floor covering the floor. It’s very remote here.

Gloom, loneliness, and slum are the only adjectives here, but in this place where eunuchs don’t want to come, there are melodies, in a cold and clear tone, through the silence of this beautiful palace.

On a very large wall with overgrown wild plant, a green and white figure lay on it, gra.s.s covering her face, but seeing her movements, he knew that she is not an ordinary person.

Gu Qin’s voice suddenly stopped, the man in the light blue clothes walked, and his footsteps stopped under the wall. His voice was like a clear spring, and Refreshing on the mind : “The wall is dangerous! If the girl wants to listen the GuQin, if she doesn’t mind, she can come in!”.

The figure on the wall heard the words sit up, A clear face like a moonlight, the face of a Enchanting Dark red lotus was exposed. Isn't it Leng Jiu, No, wait who is she?

But, she has no make-up today, her beautiful face, her eyes are wide open, she is only a teenager, she looks like a little girl, With green maid dress make her smile more Charming and cute , it totally looks like a very beautiful maid!

”Hehe! I was discovered by you!” Leng Jiu smiled and then jumped off the wall, just falling in front of the man.

She squinted at the person in front of her, and it was different from the banquet on that day. At this moment, he no longer bowed, but standing straight like a bamboo, The light blue robes are casually stacked on the body, but there is a casual Beauty, and his temperament is elegant and quiet, as if it were empty.

His face makes Leng Jiu stunned slightly, He is not the most beautiful man she has ever seen. But he is the most man.

His facial features can only be regarded as standard. Under the bright forehead There pair eyebrows as if a model on the painting, not thick not thin, it’s just perfect, Under long lashes like the wings of a b.u.t.terfly there are a pair of clear eyes. With a touch of gentle color. People can not afford to hate. A good nose bone, Thin lips like an incision. A pointed chin. white neck. a few strands of hair floating on the chest, adding a bit flirtatious sensation!

His body looks very thin, but it is hard to feel that he is thin and weak, instead people will thinks that he should be like this. Blue Air split* , with a touch of sadness, if such a man is released, do not know how many women will be Crazy? (TL: idk)

Lanze looked at the girl in front of him. Raised his hand to Leng Jiu’s hair. The sleeve of the blue shirt pa.s.sed through Leng Jiu’s nose, he took dry leaves. Leng Jiu said “Thank you”.

Lanze's lips slightly raised a smile. Turn around and walk to the only clean place in the counter yard. Go to the Gu qin place, he cross-legged to sit down, places Gu qin on his leg, Beautiful fingers began to pluck the Gu Qin, instantly the melodious began to flow beautifully. Making people unconsciously feels comfortable !

Leng jiu doesn’t understand music. Although there will be several instruments. but she only Listen, there is no excited nor deep inspiration, only listen music casually. Music Qin she often heard, she always felt there was nothing special to take her interest, but Lan ze played a different tone, this was the first time she was so serious and carefully to listen every note of the song, and She listened happily.

Looking at the man sitting on the mat and playing GuQin. Inexplicable for him to feel sorry. He is the honored emperor’s son, a precious treasure. But because his country has fallen to this point. He Become n.o.body and Bury His life.

Leng Jiu Out from The Abandoned Place. Already far away But she can still hear the melodious sound of the Gu Qin. Look at the sky in the distance, smile and go far!

Return to the Weiyang palace just changed clothes, She heard Lu chang (Eunuch Lu) voice: “Empress Dowager! The Emperor is here! "

Leng Jiu leaning on the cushion, twitch her eyebrows: “What is he doing?”

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Translator note : I make some Change, Starting this Chapter I will use

Fei = Imperial Concubine

Wei = Concubine


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