The Enchanting Empress Dowager Is Really Poisonous

Chapter 9

Empress Dowager Ch 9

t.i.tle : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)

Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)

Translator : Cubbyfox

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“Ah jiu!"

after Sent Lanze to his yard, Leng jiu turned and walked away, But Lanze Called her, she turns back and asked: ” Is there something else?.”

Lanze looked Leng Jiu and hesitated, but still said it: “Ah Jiu after this better not come to look for me!”

Leng Jiu back a few steps, standing in front of him: “give me a reason!"

Lanze looked at Leng jiu, very sincerely: “Although I don’t know what Ah jiu ident.i.ty is,But certainly not the ordinary person, I say this even if it didn’t implicate each other, but our ident.i.ty is not suitable for friends!"

“It’s nice to meet you here, but we’re meant to be ended here,In the future,… it better if act like ah jiu doesn’t know me! Besides, Mysterious King is a perverse character, It’s not the way it seems, Ah Jiu please, less contact with him!"

Leng looking at his face, She knows that every sentence he said at the moment is sincere,

But she won't go because of the kindness of others, Looking at the sun that has begun to fall,

The sun started to set, The evening dyed the entire sky into a deep color: “Lanze! You say, what does sunset stand for?"

Lanze did not expect her to suddenly ask this, looked up at the sky: “Nightfall or End!.”

Leng Jiu shook her head: “You are wrong! It's same It is to dismiss the old and welcome the new!”

“The sun sets today, and the sun rises again tomorrow,It’s a new day. Today is over. Everything before today can’t be changed,But Everything After today,Still in your own hands, What kind of life you want for tomorrow, all in your mind!"

Lanze looked at the Leng Jiu, her eyes are silence like autumn water*, there’s a little wave in his heart, but he did not say any word! (TL: description of girl’s beautiful eyes)

Leng Ji don’t wait he answer it by himself, she swings her sleeve ” I’ll going back now! Since you don’t want me to come, I won’t come, but if you change your mind one day, go to Weiyang Palace and look for me!”

After faintly look at him, she left without stopping!

Lanze looked at the direction she left, and he didn't return to G.o.d (Back to reality) for a long time.

She knows everything. Seemingly casual and unintentional, But she can see more than anyone else, and Know more than anyone else.

She can tell herself to calm, Obviously, there is no anger for him. Shouldn’t he be thankful?

Lanze turned around, A middle-aged man with limp legs out from the broken house on the side

A sallow face covered with a yellow candle, and even though is a pair of cloudy eyes,

But with a sharp shine that no one can ignore,Obviously, just now he saw the scenes (Between Lanze and Leng Jiu)

“His Royal Highness! What are you still hesitating? What can a woman knows, why can’t you see it clearly!”

Lanze knows what he is talking about, and he feels some pain in his face.

“Ning Shu! It’s not that I can’t see clearly, But in her youth, she treated me like a mother, Even saved my life many times,How can I do this?" (TL: Shu = Uncle)

Ning Shu sighed helplessly “You did not imitate the ruthless of your King father, instead you imitate the indecisiveness of your Mu Fei (Imperial Concubine Mother)!”

“But that position is not suited for me, even if I win it, I will sit unsteadily!”

Ning Shu shook his head, what else could he say? Maybe this time he is not yet mature enough, so he shouldn’t be so impatient!

Ning Shu walk limped away, leaving him alone in this quiet place.

his two hands inside the sleeves were clenched, Every time Ning Shu leave with disappointment,

His heart feels like twisted by a knife,

how could he tell him that he was unintentionally,How can he tell him about his own difficulties? If he did not know that his Mu Fei was still alive, how could he come to this place and be humiliated by slaves?

But thinking that his Mu Fei is still in their hands, And those aunts who regard themselves as relatives, what else can he do besides being patient?

A drop of blood dripped from the sleeve, There is only pain and patient on his beautiful face.

A young boy of less than twenty has already tasted the hardships of the world.

Repressed anger and hatred is like a little spark of scarlet at the bottom of a blue copper flower pot,

After quiet for a long time, Just waiting for the moment to explode, he doesn’t know what will happen at that time?. (TL: Ah, he is like timer bomb)

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