The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 11 - Braised Chicken Wings with Potatoes

Ch11 – Braised Chicken Wings with Potatoes

Since Ruan Tang promised to prepare a lot of food for the audience lottery in the evening, he naturally had to prepare in advance.

He scrolled through the shopping site for a bit and decided to make the very convenient braised chicken wings. In fact, he would have preferred to eat cola chicken wings, but in the absence of cola, he could only go with the next best thing.

The price of chicken wings was not cheap, each one cost 20 GM. After all, a chicken had only two chicken wings. In the future, people didn’t use hormones to grow broilers. However, thanks to the local tyrant, his funds had already increased many times over and Ruan Tang was no longer concerned about this small expense. He bought fifty chicken wings at once, in addition to buying a bigger pot and some seasoning.

There were still a lot of potatoes leftover from last time. When he puts them in and stews them together, it should be able to make a big pot, enough for more than a dozen people.

However, he still couldn’t eat anything too greasy. He needed to eat lighter foods to let his stomach recuperate, so he bought some shrimp and prepared to make shrimp congee.

He wasn’t worried about those sunspots returning. He had also received the notification from the star network. The Academy had confirmed that what he had said during the live broadcast was true. This undoubtedly gave him a strong backing. . Even if that group of sunspots came back, they wouldn’t dare to question him anymore. The trust of the other audiences would also have increased.

Moreover, he also had a room administrator that could help him manage the complex live chat area. He just didn’t know if ‘HE’ would be online today.

Because he was going to use all the potatoes, he asked Xiao Bai to help peel all the potatoes and then soaked them in the water. Xiao Bai’s intelligence was very high, and his learning ability was very strong. Although his knife skills can’t be compared with a professional chef’s like Ruan Tang’s, it was still more than enough to peel the more than dozen potatoes.

After the preparations were completed, Ruan Tang started the live broadcast.

“Everyone, good evening. I am your anchor, Ruan Tang and today I will cook for you some braised chicken wings and shrimp congee.” With just a greeting, the live broadcast room was flooded with numerous viewers who had received the notification and rushed in. Already, the number of online viewers had exceeded 6 digits.

He took a look at the audience list and at the top was a green user ID with the golden room administrator symbol. It was “HE”. Ruan Tang don’t know why but he felt relieved at once.

[Miao Miao loves to eat shrimp: Hey! The broadcast is on! Today I, who loves to eat shrimp is also here! Anchor I love you! Sending crystal flowers! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: The Xiao Long Bao was delicious! (ˉ﹃ˉ) Should one desire to sing, one would amaze the world with his first song. This crystal flower is my deep love for you! ]

[Small transparent: Hey, the anchor said that some people will be allergic to shrimp. I didn’t pay heed at the time, but after eating it, I itched all over. I went to the hospital to drink medicine before it stopped. It seems that shrimps and I can’t be together. I can only satisfy my cravings through the broadcasts. QAQ]

[Working the night shift every day: Damn! I didn’t get to eat any! The anchor said that he would prepare some delicious lottery prizes tonight. Is it true? ]

[Honey Summer: The Xiao Long Bao was delicious. ]

[Moon Heart Bell: Lottery Draw! I have eaten roasted chicken wings in a high-end restaurant before. I already thought they were very delicious at the time, but the anchor’s must be even better! ]

Looking at the feedback from the lucky viewers who had eaten the dumplings, he was very happy and answered with a smile: “I promised everyone. Of course, I remember.”

He slowly lay down a big box of chicken wings in front of the audience. “I bought fifty chicken wings and prepared to cook a large pot, and I will give it to twenty lucky viewers.”

This good news suddenly caused cheering among all the audience present.

[Miao Miao loves to eat shrimp: Great! Anchor I love you! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: wait a minute, fifty chicken wings, how do you divide it to twenty people? Σ( ゚ロ ゚;)]

“Hahaha, then I have to keep a few of them to eat.” Ruan Tang couldn’t help but laugh.

[Hugwood can’t hold it: Right! o(╯□╰)o I forgot the anchor himself needs to eat.]

[Gold coins fall: the anchor is so hard-working! Eat more, anchor! ]

“Okay then, we are officially starting now.” Ruan Tang would be making the oil-free and salt-free version of the braised chicken wings today so that he can eat some.

He put the big pot that he just bought today on the stove, raised the temperature, and then poured water into it. He then added sugar and let it boil. He poured in soy sauce and then lowered the temperature to simmering. Only then did he put in all the washed-clean chicken wings.

Once inside the pot, he used a spatula to stir it around a bit, and soon the chicken wings were dyed the slightly brownish color of soy sauce. Because there was no oyster sauce, he only put dark soy sauce and added hot water, and then waited until the water reduced and no longer covered the chicken wings before adding in the cornstarch slurry. The broth inside the pot started to thicken and seep into the meat of the chicken wings. He covered it with the lid and let it boil over a low heat to braise.

Then he began to process the potatoes that had been peeled. He cut all the potatoes into chunks before he threw them into the pot, where they were swallowed into the thick broth.

“Put in on low heat to let it stew for a full ten minutes and then you’re done.” He re-closed the lid and started to cook congee.

[ID23067784: Hey! It looks delicious! I can’t wait any longer! ]

Cooking congee was very simple. Put the washed rice into a small pot, add the right amount of water, and cook slowly at low temperature, then start treating the shrimp.

He still cut the shrimp head off first, then cut the back of the shrimp to devein it. This time, no one jumped out to say that he was “bloody and violent”. The Academy had confirmed that his treatment method was correct, and the audience naturally would not question him again.

Ruan Tang put the processed shrimp and the minced scallion and ginger together. He sprinkle it with salt, and let it steep for a while. When the congee was almost done, he added the marinated shrimp into it.

He slowly stirred while cooking. When he had cooked shrimp that morning, the shrimps were wrapped in dumpling skins, and so they hadn’t seen it slowly turning into cooked shrimp. This time, the shrimp was clearly stirred in the congee without any cover. The audience standing close could see that the shrimp in the pot had turned into a beautiful peachy color from the original transparent cyan, though it still had a translucent property. It looked like a fine red jade.

As the cooking went on, the live room gradually filled with the sweet aroma emanating from the congee pot.

[Mo Family’s jade: God, my mouth is starting to water, when can I eat it…? ]

[Fill the eyes with magnificent mulberries: I wanted to steal a pinch, and I was burned TAT as expected.]

“I haven’t even added the seasonings… Aren’t you a little too anxious?” Ruan Tang shook his head helplessly, adding a little salt and pepper to the congee and mixing them evenly.

After putting it into the bowl, he once again sprinkled chopped green onion on top. With apricot-pink shrimp drifting half in and out of the shiny white surface dotted with chopped green onions, surrounded by faint steam, it looked like a colorful and beautiful picture.

“The fresh shrimp congee is finished, everyone can taste it, but be careful.”

He had just finished speaking when the foodies screamed and rushed in, then they were burnt.

[Yue Zhi Xin remembers snow: Delicious aaaaahhhh! 】

[Can’t stop hugging trees: hot, hot, hot! Delicious, delicious, delicious! 】

[Following broadcasts to learn how to cook: it really tastes good, the shrimp is very fresh, very springy, the congee is cooked very well, and the texture is great. This doesn’t look very difficult, I will try it myself tomorrow! 】

“Yes, these two are very convenient foods to make. You can do it yourself if you have time.” He said as he opened the lid of the pot and saw that the broth had seeped into the wings. Ruan Tang ladled a few out.

“The chicken wings are done, everyone can taste it together.”

The chicken wings and potatoes that have just come out of the pot — the potatoes had cleanly absorbed the fat from the chicken wings, and it looked not only very refreshing, but also very beautiful in color.

[Drinking plain boiled water in the middle of the night:! ! ! ! ! ! ! 】

[Poetry an o: Oh, it’s so delicious! ! ! ! It just melts in your mouth! ! ! 】

[Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon: The salty taste carries a hint of sweetness. The chicken is especially soft. It just falls off the bones even without having to bite it. The potato is also super delicious. QAQ asking the goddess of luck to bless me, must let me win! 】

[Yue Xin Ling: I knew it would be delicious, but I never thought it would be this delicious! Simply can not stop! I can eat that entire pot! 】

[Miao Miao loves to eat shrimp: I have to change my name again…TvT]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Although there are 20 winners, there are actually more than 100,000 competitors! Can I still win another prize? ! [Shivering.jpg]

[Star Heart: Draw the lottery Draw, draw, draw! 】

[Little Ginger: silently praying for the prize…]

[Liu Ye Bai: Silently praying to win +1]

[HE: It’s delicious, I want to win. 】

Even the always silent local tyrant fan shouldn’t help but send out a comment.

Admist the many viewers’ expectations, Ruan Tang opened the lottery function, and from the hundreds of thousands of viewers, 20 people were drawn.

“Congratulations to the 20 lucky viewers tonight, these are Drinking plain boiled water in the middle of the night, Vivian Feng, Liu Ye Bai, ID23067784… Everyone, while waiting for your prize to arrive, you can cook a little rice. It will taste even better with the chicken wings.” Ruan Tang took out the newly bought preservation boxes and started packing. “The express delivery will be sent later, please pay attention to check and receive. Today’s live broadcast will end here, everyone, see you tomorrow.”

Seeing that the live broadcast was about to end, but they weren’t on the winner’s list, many of the viewers sent out crying expressions, as if they were suffering the pain of having missed out on a billion-dollars.

He Yun Chen’s brow wrinkled and decisively rewarded a meteor shower.

Ruan Tang was dazed, then he lifted his face and smiled slightly: “Thank you.”

Then cleanly shut down the live broadcast.

He Yun Chen: “…”

“The author has something to say:

Adjutant Li: So unhappy. Today was suddenly not OK…〒▽〒”

He Yun Chen: I am not happy, I don’t have my share ╭(╯^╰)╮

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