The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: 009: The hawk with the broken wings


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It definitely wasn’t an exaggeration to describe him as incredibly talented and handsome.

He was the type that could still instantly stand out, even among a crowd of outstanding men.

No one would have expected this brilliant star to now be a quadriplegic.

Luckily, he had met her.

Since she had been paid to marry into the Zhan family, she would do her best.

It would be impossible for her to be his real wife, but before leaving the Zhan family, she would try her best to treat him.

Their rooms were connected, but to prevent disturbing each other, they usually closed the connecting doors.

Jing Qian managed to find her room using the memory of the previous owner.

After looking through the room, which did not suit her style, she lost interest and left.

There was a huge terrace, more than a thousand square feet, right outside of her bedroom, and a large, beautiful infinity pool was nearby.

Other than that, the entire balcony was surrounded by greenery, creating a beautiful and intriguing scene to look at.

This mansion had been built in accordance to the S state garden. Initially, the Zhan family had bought this place, which was near the city center, for property development. However, when Master Zhan noticed that Zhan Lichuan liked this place, he kept the 200 acres of land and transformed it into a mansion for the Zhan family.

In H city, where every inch of land was gold and even senior white collars found it difficult to buy a one-bedroom suite, this mansion showed how loaded the Zhan family truly was.

From what she could remember, the mansion had been divided into 12 sections, each with a unique garden style. As the favorite grandson of Master Zhan, the design and construction on Zhan Lichuan’s terrace were quite laborious.

Since their rooms were connected, they shared the same balcony. As she got closer to Zhan Lichuan’s room, she noticed that the number of priceless orchids increased as well.

There were even dozens of Ghost Orchids placed right outside of Zhan Lichuan’s room.

This species of orchid was one of the rarest found on Earth. Even among professional botanists, these orchids were priceless treasures; just one of them would cost a fortune.

Seeing how this place was surrounded by them, as if they had been acquired for free, one could see how much Master Zhan loved his grandson.


After looking at the balcony, which looked like it was built for a prince from a fairytale, a meaningful look flashed across Jing Qian’s eyes. Then, she pushed open the glass door that led to Zhan Lichuan’s room.

The door wasn’t completely shut, so Jing Qian was able to casually walk in.

Despite being quadriplegic, there were still a great deal of high-tech gadgets next to his bed.

Noting the magnetic buckle on top of his head, Jing Qian assumed that it was some sort of high-tech gadget with a smart sensor.

However, she didn’t get a proper look to discern the gadgets, because once she stood in front of his bed, she was soon distracted by the attractive-looking man lying on it.

As someone who appreciated good looks, Jing Qian approved of Zhan Lichuan’s appearance.

His deep facial features were sharp and defined, with a high nose and thin lips that were tightly pressed together. The warm light that shone on his face had washed out the cold, intimidating feeling that was once there, leaving only a trace of sickness and fragility.

As Jing Qian took her time observing the man, still surprised by how good-looking he was, Zhan Lichuan’s eyes, which had been tightly closed earlier, suddenly opened.

His pitch-black eyes were as dark as a swamp, their whirlpool-like depths seemingly able to pull people into a bottomless quagmire.

Even though he was just weakly lying in bed at the moment, the conceited aura that was released in that instant came with a breathtaking pressure. Jing Qian felt as if a sharp blade had pierced through her.

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