The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: 008 I’ve always had a good appetite

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“Oh, sure,” Jing Qian agreed without even thinking.

It was something that she naturally had to abide by since she was getting paid for it. This was an established matter since ancient times.

Although she wasn’t the one who’d received 100 million yuan earlier or benefited from it, she had still taken over Jing Qian’s body and become her. Along with that, ever since she’d entered this body, she had recovered from long-term depression, which was said to be incurable. To her, recovering from that disease was worth much more than 100 million yuan.

Her life was indeed something precious!

She would let them know that they had made the right choice when choosing her for this deal.

Master Zhan knew deep inside that Jing Qian hadn’t married into the Zhan family willingly.

No matter how brilliant Lichuan was before this, he had now become a quadriplegic.

However, he believed Master Jingyuan’s words. He believed that as long as this lucky star stayed within their family, Lichuan’s condition would improve.

Therefore, even if he knew that Jing Qian was still in contact with her ex and was also aware that Jiang Yuxi had been wronged…

It didn’t matter.

As long as Lichuan’s life improved, none of these things mattered.

As for the rest… Getting rid of an ex-boyfriend of his granddaughter-in-law’s, who didn’t come from a good background, was a piece of cake.

If Jing Qian truly refused to leave her ex-boyfriend, he could simply find ways to make the man leave her instead.

Jiang Yuxi had lost her appetite at that point. Sobbing, she told the rest of them to enjoy their food then ran back to her room while crying.

Upon seeing this scene, Butler Xu quietly exited the room.

He had to make sure that Miss Jiang cleared out her bedroom.

Master Zhan had also lost his appetite due to a bad mood after seeing the results of Zhan Lichuan’s physiotherapy session. With the issue between Jiang Yuxi and Jing Qian now dealt with, he left the dining table.

At this point, only Jing Qian and Zhan Yuheng remained at the table.

When Zhan Yuheng saw that the other person was happily enjoying her meal, he naturally became very interested.

“Looks like you have a really good appetite today, sister-in-law.”

Jing Qian continued to eat as she replied, “I’ve always had a good appetite.”

After struggling with depression for so many years, she hadn’t enjoyed eating as much as she did today.

This was the first time in at least a few years that she had enjoyed her food.

Of course, it was also because the food was really delicious.

“Is that so?” Zhan Yuheng asked in surprise. “But before this, you told me that you didn’t eat very much.”

After finishing her rice and gulping down the last of her soup, she wiped her mouth and looked at Zhan Yuheng.

Jing Qian replied indifferently, “Really? Maybe it’s the concussion. I don’t really remember Young Master asking me this question. I’m done now. Please enjoy the food.”

Then Jing Qian stood up, holding her head high as she walked out of the dining room.

As he watched the enchanting figure that walked away like a queen, Zhan Yuheng couldn’t help but chuckle. “Such a cunning rabbit! How come I never realized how interesting you are?”


After dinner, Jing Qian decided that it was time for her to meet Zhan Lichuan, her ‘husband’.

According to the memories of the previous owner, Zhan Lichuan was a quadriplegic with no future. So what if he was from a rich family? Being a quadriplegic meant that he was ultimately useless. Since the only people left in the family were the old man and his grandchildren, there was no one in between that could inherit. Once Master Zhan passed, Zhan Yuheng was next in line to inherit. Nothing would fall into the hands of this quadriplegic.

That was why the previous owner of this body had wanted to get as much money and resources as she could before finding a way to run away with her soulmate.

As for Zhan Lichuan… The previous owner didn’t even know what he looked like, even if she had entered his room once.

But she herself knew who Zhan Lichuan was.

[Author’s note: The male lead is a quadriplegic but he’ll recover from it. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.]

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