The Great Ruler

Chapter 18 Foundation

Chapter 18 – Foundation

Surprise surged through Mu Chen’s mind, it was evident that this sudden breakthrough was completely outside his expectation. He originally thought that it would take at least ten days before he broke through to the Foundation Level…

Mu Chen was surprised for a while. However, he gradually calmed down and did not dare to be careless. He hurried to recover his focus and began to sense the wonderful feeling vigilantly.

Within his aura sea, the dark black Spiritual Energy was bubbling. While it was bubbling, Mu Chen was able to feel that the density of the Spiritual Energy was increasing rapidly. Moreover, Mu Chen was able to sense that a powerful absorption seemed to have erupted inside his body and it greedily sucked in the Spiritual Aura outside. After being refined by the Great Pagoda Art, traces of dark black Spiritual Energy entered his aura sea.

While he was sensing the rapidly increasing Spiritual Energy within his aura sea, a comfortable feeling flowed through Mu Chen’s four limbs.

And while Mu Chen was immersed in the pleasurable feeling of the Spiritual Art’s breakthrough, the entire cultivation field also suddenly stirred. This is because everybody was able to feel a powerful suction erupting from within Mu Chen’s body. It used an arrogant and forceful attitude to steal the dense Spiritual Aura within the cultivation field.

This movement instantly attracted everybody’s attention. Many individuals glanced through the field with astonished eyes and it landed at Mu Chen’s body in the end.

“What’s happening?!”

“It was caused by that Mu Chen, what is he doing?”

“What a domineering absorption, he is actually to absorb the spiritual aura of the world this outrageously. Is he not afraid of dying?”

Numerous whispers exploded throughout the cultivation field. Everybody had an alarmed expression. It was evident that it was their first time seeing this situation.

“Mu Chen.”

Tang Qian’Er also widened her eyes and stared worriedly at Mu Chen.

“Do not panic.”

At this moment, Teacher Mo’s calm voice rang out. It overshadowed the whispers and calmed many Heaven Class students. Then, he turned his gaze towards Mu Chen and frowned slightly as he said: “It’s not a big deal, the Spiritual Art he trained in had a breakthrough.”

“”The Spiritual Art he trained in?”

Many students were stunned once again. A Spiritual Art’s breakthrough would actually cause such a commotion, just what is the level of the Spiritual Art that Mu Chen trained in? It seems to be a Spiritual Art that it is at least Spiritual Rank Middle Tier?

Jiang Li and Teng Yong both had a shocked expression as they stared at Mu Chen, who caused this great commotion. A hint of panic flowed through their eyes. Although they were also at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, they could feel the enormous pressure coming from Mu Chen’s body.

“Hmph, it seems that his father prepared a pretty good Spiritual Art for him.”

Luo Tong let out a cold hmph. His words were filled with unwillingness and jealousy. The Spiritual Art that he trained in wasn’t weak, it had reached the Spiritual Rank Low Tier, but it seems that there was still a gap between the one that Mu Chen trained in.

This made Luo Tong extremely frustrated. Compared to Mu Chen, he did not have any points that he would excel at, aside from…age.

Teacher Mo carefully watched Mu Chen, who was greedily sucking in the Spiritual Aura. He could not help but let out a sound of praise. He was able to sense that the Gong Fa Spiritual Art Mu Chen trained in was not something ordinary. However, he was different than a shallow person like Luo Tong. As the Spiritual Art becomes higher in rank, it would become harder to train. A breakthrough would be something even harder. Mu Chen had probably only trained in this Spiritual Art for no more than a month, yet he was able to have a breakthrough, this talent…is quite extraordinary.

“As expected from a person who obtained the qualifications for the Spiritual Road.”

Teacher Mo smiled. Although he lost a year of training when he was at the Spiritual Road, it would not be hard for Mu Chen to chase up with his talents. It seems that the West Branch’s Liu Mubai had finally met his opponent.

Mu Chen naturally did not know about the commotion in the cultivation field. He was still immersed in the wonderful feeling as his Spiritual Art made a breakthrough. The Spiritual Aura that flowed into his body turned into traces of dark black Spiritual Energy and entered his aura sea. This refreshing feeling made Mu Chen feel completely relaxed.

Mu Chen’s mind entered the aura sea. The traces of dark black Spiritual Energy had now become a small form. The Spiritual Energy would wrap around each other in spirals. It was like a black nebula, mysterious and unpredictable.

Above the Spiritual Energy, a piece of black paper quietly floated there. It let the Spiritual Energy flow around it and remained motionless as if it was a dead object.

The dark black Spiritual Energy circulated inside Mu Chen’s aura sea. Suddenly, a buzzing sound rang out in the depths of his soul. This made him shocked and he immediately scanned inside his body. He actually discovered that dark black lights suddenly lit up in his body…


The Spiritual Energy in his aura sea also seemed to activate at this moment. It surged out of his aura sea and flowed through his meridians smoothly. When the Spiritual Energy passed through the dark black lights, Mu Chen was able to feel vaguely that the black color lights absorbed some of the Spiritual Energy.

“What is this all about?”

This sudden turn of events shocked Mu Chen. These black lights appeared too suddenly and it seemed to be out of his control. He was not able to detect them as well.

“Could it be because of the Great Pagoda Art?”

Mu Chen thought quickly, then an idea flashed through his mind. It was obvious that this change was related to his Great Pagoda Art reaching the Foundation Level.

“These lights…”

Mu Chen’s mind swept through the mysterious black lights across his body. He pondered for a while and then he violently trembled. He noticed that if he was able to connect the black lights, it seemed to be a bit like a…Spiritual Pulse?!

Spiritual Pulse?

This phrase flashed through Mu Chen’s mind and flooded his mind with questions. He knew that he did not possess even the lowest level Human Level Spiritual Pulse. To confirm this result, he checked it many times. However, what on earth are these black lights that appeared in his body and seemed like a Spiritual Pulse?

When Mu Chen’s mind was completely filled with shock, these black lights seemed to vanish quietly like an Epiphyllum. No matter how Mu Chen tried to sense it, he could not perceive it at all. It was as if had never existed in the first place.

“How could this be…”

Mu Chen muttered inside his heart and was completely confused. After a long time, he began to carefully analyze it. The scene earlier was definitely not an illusion. In the depths of his body, something that he could not detect was definitely hidden inside. And this concealment might have some relationship to the Great Pagoda Art.

“The Great Pagoda Art…Could it be mother?”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. The Great Pagoda Art was left behind by his mother. If that’s the case, then it must be related to his mother. Perhaps his mother hid something within his body.

But why would she do that?

Mu Chen thought for a while, but he could not come up with any answers. He had too little memories about his mother. There was only a vague, yet gentle existence in the depths of his heart. However, he did not understand much about it, the hidden Spiritual Pulse feeling did make Mu Chen believe one point doubtlessly. His mother would never do anything that would harm him.

When he thought about this, Mu Chen’s heart gradually calmed down. No matter how irrational his prediction was, it would be fine if he believed that it would not harm him.

As for the other points, he could ask his dad when he returned back home. He felt that his dad should know a bit about this, but he had not mentioned it to him yet.

While thinking about this, Mu Chen also circulated his state of mind. He allowed the traces of dark black Spiritual Energy to be absorbed into his aura sea and left the cultivation state. His tightly closed eyes also slowly opened up.

When he opened his eyes, Mu Chen could feel that something was off. He was immediately surprised when he saw the numerous gazes fixed onto his body.

“What is it?”

Mu Chen blinked his eyes. He was quite puzzled about the gazes staring at him.

When the surrounding students heard his words, their faces were quite strange. You’ve caused such a big commotion, yet you didn’t even know?

“Mu Chen, are you alright?” Tang Qian’Er asked worriedly. Then, she explained the situation that previously occurred.

“I’m fine.” Mu Chen suddenly smiled as he shook his head. This Spiritual Art breakthrough must have been related to the Spirit Convergence Array. Otherwise, it would take a bit of time before he reached the Foundation Level. A Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array was definitely quite extraordinary.

“Today’s cultivation lesson will end now. You can make your own arrangements for the time, afterwards.” When Teacher Mo noticed that Mu Chen had woken up, he gave him a nod before he spoke to the crowd.


Many students respectfully responded.

Teacher Mo waved his hand and he did not wait as he walked leisurely out.

As Teacher Mo left, the atmosphere within the cultivation field gradually relaxed. Sounds of laughter spread out, but many gazes were still fixed on Mu Chen.

Perhaps it was because the commotion caused by Mu Chen was too shocking, even after Teacher Mo left, Luo Tong, Jiang Li and the others did not come looking for trouble with him. Instead, they glanced sullenly at him in fear and immediately shifted their gaze away.

“Let’s go as well.” Mu Chen stood up and clapped his hands as he spoke.

“Where are we going?” Tang Qian’Er asked.

“Let’s go take a stroll to the Spiritual Art Room.”

Mu Chen stared at the other side of the cultivation field and smiled slightly: “I am quite interested in a few Attack Spiritual Arts there, right now, I can finally train in them…”

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