The Great Ruler

Chapter 19 Limitless Death Seal

Chapter 19 – Limitless Death Seal

The Spiritual Arts Room. It is the place where the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Spiritual Art collection is located at. The Spiritual Arts Room is also divided into Heaven Level and Earth Level. An Earth Class student can only enter the Earth Level to search for Spiritual Arts; if they want to enter the Heaven Level, then they must ascend to the Heaven Class.

The Spiritual Art that Mu Chen wanted was in the Heaven Level collection. He had entered the Heaven Level once under Teacher Mo’s guidance approximately half a year ago. There, he discovered a Spiritual Art that he liked. However, he could only temporarily give it up as he did not reach the requirements.

And now, Mu Chen, who had satisfied the requirements, would naturally think about this Attack Spiritual Art right away.

Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er headed off to the Spiritual Arts Room. On the other hand, Tan Qingshan did not follow as he said that he wanted to train for a bit longer. He was a man of few words, but he was quite stubborn. When he was still in the Earth Class, he was considered quite outstanding, but once he entered the Heaven Class, he suddenly fell to the bottom. This difference became his motivation.

In the spacious Spiritual Arts Room, many Northern Spiritual Academy’s students were reading the Spiritual Arts. After all, not every single person had a Northern Spiritual Realm’s Territory Lord as their father. Therefore, many students could only obtain Spiritual Arts through the Spiritual Arts Room. However, it was naturally worse than the carefully prepared Spiritual Arts that Mu Chen and the others could access.

Of course, this does not mean that the Northern Spiritual Academy’s collection is inferior to the Territory Lords within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It was the exact opposite. Based on what Mu Chen knew, the true collection within the Northern Spiritual Academy was probably something that his father’s collection couldn’t compare with. However, those Spiritual Arts were not something that a common student can see.

The Spiritual Arts Room’s Earth Level was lively and bustling. When Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er entered, they attracted a lot of attention. It was evident that Mu Chen was known throughout the Northern Spiritual Academy after the battle during the Academy Competition.

“Brother Mu!”

It was fine when the West Branch students saw Mu Chen. Their eyes would be filled with fear and curiosity. However, the East Branch students would have thrilled expression and greeted him with excitement. A few charming girls would even peek at the boy with black hair and black eyes, handsome face and a brilliant smile which emitted warmth to their hearts as they flipped through the Spiritual Arts. Then, their faces would turn slightly red.

Mu Chen directed a gentle smile towards the East Branch students, but he did not remain there for long. He directly passed through the Earth Level with Tang Qian’Er and headed to the Spiritual Arts Room’s second level, Heaven Level.

As the two individuals departed, whispers erupted in the Earth Level.

“Brother Mu really ascended to the Heaven Class. He is actually able to enter the Spiritual Arts Room Heaven Level.”

“Haha, Brother Mu’s performance at the Academy Competition was so perfect. Would it even be difficult for him to enter the Heaven Class?”

“There are many powerful individuals in the Heaven Class. It was said that the Heaven Class’s Luo Tong tried to trouble Brother Mu today. That guy is at the level of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase.”

“Luo Tong? He’s only a person who would flaunt his father’s title around. How could he compare to Brother Mu? And that guy isn’t even eligible to enter the Five Great Academies.”

“Yes, the one, who is best qualified to compete with Liu Mubai in the Northern Spiritual Academy, is probably Brother Mu. Ohoho, I think that there would be a good show when they compete for a place in the Five Great Academies.”

“I didn’t expect you to be that popular in the Earth Class.” As the two of them walked up to the Heaven Level, Tang Qian’Er glanced below and said with a tender smile.

Mu Chen also smiled, but he was not willing to say anything about it. He turned his gaze towards the Heaven Level. This place was not as spacious as the Earth Level, there were also far less people here. However, they would still be able to see a figure walking around from time to time.

“What Spiritual Art did you want? I think that a Mu Territory’s Young Master would not care about a Common Tier Spiritual Art?” Tang Qian’Er’s eyes swept through the Heaven Level as she playfully asked.

“However, if it’s the Spiritual Tier Spiritual Arts, then based on what I know, there are only six of them in the Heaven Level. They are all Spiritual Tier Low Rank Spiritual Arts. Which one did you like? And if you want to read the Spiritual Tier Spiritual Art, you must have Teacher Mo’s consent.”

“It seems that you know this place quite well. However, the one I want aren’t the Spiritual Arts that you mentioned.” Mu Chen let out a mysterious smile and he walked to the west corner of the Spiritual Arts Room.

Tang Qian’Er was a bit puzzled as she followed him over. This location wasn’t where the High Rank Spiritual Arts were located at in the Spiritual Arts Room. They were all just Common Tier Spiritual Arts. Although it included a few powerful Spiritual Arts, with Mu Chen’s viewpoint, there should be many within the Mu Territory if he only wanted Common Tier Spiritual Arts.

“They are just a few ordinary Common Tier Spiritual Arts, it can’t be that you wanted these Spiritual Arts, right?” Tang Qian’Er’s slender hand picked up a jaded script and asked with a frown.

Mu Chen’s face had a smile on it. His long fingers went across the cold stone surface and extended into the depths of the stone cabinet. When he pulled out his fingers, a dark red jaded script was stuck between his fingers.

“This is?”

Tang Qian’Er was stunned when she saw that. Her eyes immediately turned serious when she saw the color of the jaded script. This is because the Spiritual Arts with that color has a special title to it. It was known as Hazard Potential Spiritual Arts.

The so-called Hazard Potential Spiritual Arts represents that there is quite a bit of danger when training in this Spiritual Art. It might even harm the practitioners as well.

“Let me see that.”

Tang Qian’Er extended her hand and snatched the dark red jaded script away from Mu Chen’s hand. She glanced across it and saw that it emitted a few cold-blooded words on its surface.

Common Tier High Rank, Limitless Death Seal.

“Limitless Death Seal?”

Tang Qian’Er’s face finally changed. Her eyes widened up and she stared furiously at Mu Chen as she spoke: “What are you playing? You dare practice this Spiritual Art?

The name of the Limitless Death Seal, she had naturally heard of it before. Although it was a Common Tier High Rank Spiritual Art, it was a Spiritual Art that was extremely vicious within the Northern Spiritual Academy. This is not because it was incredibly amazing, but because two gifted and outstanding students had once trained in it. The result ended with their meridians snapping and they nearly became useless. Since then, nobody dared to train in this Spiritual Art.

“I’ve investigated this Spiritual Art before. It is actually quite amazing. However, there’s a condition for you to train in this Spiritual Art. That is it requires a domineering Spiritual Energy. The Spiritual Energy of the two seniors that trained in it before did not reach that level of domination. This is why they failed.” Mu Chen explained.

The dark black Spiritual Energy he had was far from any ordinary Spiritual Energy. With its overbearing nature, the Great Pagoda Art that he trained in right now should be capable of this Limitless Death Seal.

“Not allowed!” Tang Qian’Er had a straight face and she batted an eye towards Mu Chen and said: “And you don’t have the qualifications to read this Spiritual Art anyways.”

There were also rules regarding about reading the Spiritual Arts within the Spiritual Arts Room. If it was just any ordinary Common Tier, any students could read it, but if it was Spiritual Tier, you must ask for permission from the Teachers.

Although this Limitless Death Seal only seemed to be a Common Tier High Rank, it was classified as a Hazard Potential Spiritual Art. If you wish to read this Spiritual Art, you must be a student, who had stayed in the Heaven Class for half a year. Since Mu Chen had just ascended up, he clearly wasn’t qualified.

Mu Chen’s black eyes contained traces of a smile as he stared at Tang Qian’Er. He jokingly said: “That is why I brought you over here. I wanted you to help me borrow this Spiritual Art.”

Tang Qian’Er’s beautiful eyes could not help but widen up. She stared at Mu Chen, gritted her teeth as she tilted her head away: “You want me to help you? No way!”

“Sister Qian’Er, help me out please.”

Mu Chen’s body leaned slightly forward. His handsome face was close to the girl’s pretty face. The hot air that came from his breath landed on her bouncy cheeks.

Tang Qian’Er was startled by his action and retreated a few step backwards. Her face was like a sunset and she embarrassingly said:” You rascal!”

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders and his black eyes stared at Tang Qian’Er. He softly said: “I really want to train in this Spiritual Art. Believe in me, it will be fine, okay?”

Tang Qian’Er nibbled her red lips as if she was hesitating. After all, this Spiritual Art had quite the vicious name. If Mu Chen also became like the two seniors from before, she really couldn’t imagine how dire the consequences would be…

“Huh? Mu Chen, you’re also here?”

And just when Tang Qian’Er hesitated, a soft voice rang out suddenly from behind. Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er lifted their heads. They saw Hong Ling, who was extremely charming, in a red dress standing there.

When Mu Chen noticed Hong Ling, he was stunned for a bit. This seemed to be the first time that Hong Ling had greeted him since he had entered the Northern Spiritual Academy. Although they were rather close when they were young, they drifted apart later. Right now, she felt more like a stranger.

“Hello, Senior Hong Ling.”

Mu Chen also smiled and called out Senior Hong Ling. This made Tang Qian’Er relaxed her straightened face. By greeting her this way, it was evident that they weren’t close. It was more like being polite.

Hong Ling’s beautiful eyes flashed for a moment. She immediately looked at the dark red jaded script held within Tang Qian’Er’s hand and seemed to understand something. She smiled and said: “What is it? You want to borrow this Hazard Potential Spiritual Art? Do you need my help?”

Mu Chen glanced at Tang Qian’Er for a moment. These two girls disliked each other. Sure enough, the latter had a cold expression. He turned his head back and smiled as he spoke: “Thank you for your kindness, senior. But Sister Qian’Er has already promised to help me.”

Hong Ling nodded. She looked at boy with a gentle smile, handsome appearance and a long body. Her heart felt slightly sour. The ordinary boy that she did not pay attention to had suddenly become outstanding without her knowing.

“Then, that’s okay. I won’t disturb you.”

Hong Ling directed a smile to Mu Chen. Then, she did not remain at this location. She turned her body around and left. Her slim and charming body attracted countless gazes from nearby boys, who were reading the Spiritual Arts. In the end, the boys all gave a jealous glance towards Mu Chen. This guy is really too lucky, he had some sort of relationship with both flowers of the Northern Spiritual Academy.

“When did I agree to help you? Seeing that Hong Ling departed, Tang Qian’Er let out a sigh and spoke.

“I guess I can only ask Senior Hong Ling then.” Mu Chen said helplessly.

“You dare do that!” Tang Qian’Er hurried and said it out loud. But seeing Mu Chen’s playful expression, her face turned red and she gritted her teeth in anger. She said: “I can help you, but you have to promise me this. If you find anything wrong with it, you must immediately stop training in it!”

Mu Chen nodded his head.


Tang Qian’Er’s beautiful eyes swept across Mu Chen and her pretty face revealed a sweet smile.

“You have to form a team with me during the Northern Spiritual Field Training half a month later.”

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