The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 24 - The Coexistence of Risk and Luck

Chapter 24: The Coexistence of Risk and Luck

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Opening a stone, that was the most spectacular part of stone betting. Even for people who could not afford to buy, they would join in the process of opening the stone to experience the anxious and stimulating feeling. The stone purchased by the middle-aged man had a high price so everyone gathered to where it was going to be opened in order to see whether the stone would have the corresponding value.

Ji Fengyan also gathered and naturally stood beside the burly man. The burly man looked at her and did not say anything as his gaze was focused on the stone that was about to be opened.

The process of opening the stone was complicated; to ensure that the ore in the stone was not damaged, it had to be ground bit by bit. There was only the sound of the grinding in the entire store and everyone held their breaths so as not to be distracted and to see what ore would be found in the stone.

Ji Fengyan looked at the powder spattering around without any emotions. There was a layer of faint purple spiritual energy surrounding that stone but she did not understand nor was certain about what the colour indicated about the ore.

After a long period of grinding, there was a shiny purple ore revealed from the grey stone. Only a thumb sized ore was shown, yet the entire store was seething with excitement!

“Oh my god! It was an amethyst! He’s going to be rich!”

“Shit, I would have bought it if I had known earlier! This stone has earned back its cost!”

Despite only being an ore at the size of a thumb, everyone was already thrilled, as regardless of the size of the ore, just its type was sufficient to recover the 50 gold coins spent on it.

Ji Fengyan watched puzzledly, she did not understand what this amethyst was, only from listening to the bystanders’ conversations did she learn about the details of this ore.

Amethyst was a type of rare ore, although not top grade, it was still a good item for refining enchanted weapons. Besides using an enchanted staff, the sorcerers in this world would also make use of the enchanted weapons to enhance their magical powers. An amethyst on its own already contain exceptional magical powers, and these powers could greatly improve the effects of one’s powers, so it was well liked by sorcerers. Even for an amethyst the size of a pigeon’s egg, as long as one uses it appropriately, it could produce an outstanding enchanted weapon.

So, when everyone discovered that there was an amethyst wrapped within the stone, they were all exhilarated.

One must know that just from the current size of amethyst that was revealed, it was already worth more than 100 gold coins and that middle-aged man was certain to get back at least twice the amount he paid.

As the grinding process continued, the final size of the ore was revealed to everyone. That amethyst was as big as the egg of a chicken, even though it was considerably smaller than the stone’s original size of a human head, the worth of this amethyst had already become 10 times that of its original cost!

The middle-aged man who bought that stone carried his polished ore and triumphantly left the store among the envious gaze of the crowd. Due to his profit, the store that was originally already lively became even more excited, as if everyone had experienced a major stimulation, almost all the stones in the store were bought shortly after.

The burly man standing beside Ji Fengyan seemed to be cash-strapped. He looked everywhere for a long time before choosing a palm-sized big stone and handing over a gold coin while trembling.

“Sir, if I were you, I would choose the piece beside your hand,” Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly rang.

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