The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 25 - Enemies Are Bound to Meet

Chapter 25: Enemies Are Bound to Meet

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That burly man was slightly stunned, and looked at the brat who had been silent the whole time as he frowned. He looked at the stone that Ji Fengyan referred to, its size was even smaller but had the same price as the one in his hands. Moreover, from the crevices and dirty look of the stone, it did not look like it held anything valuable.

“This young fellow, there is a rule that bystanders should not interrupt when others are buying at our store,” the store owner looked at Ji Fengyan who had suddenly spoken and reminded her, displeased.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders.

The burly man hesitated and suddenly withdrew his hands that were originally about to pay.

Seeing that he had lost a customer who had almost bought from him, the store owner looked at Ji Fengyan even more unhappily.

By now, there were already many people who had brought the stone they had bought to be opened, but some were happy and some were dissatisfied at the outcome.

One person was stimulated by the amethyst previously and spent a huge sum of money on a large stone. However when it was opened, it was only an ordinary iron ore and his gold coins had instantly gone down the drain. One needed to know that iron ores were the most common, regardless of their size, they were worth almost nothing.

But there were some people who were lucky and obtained a few rare ores. However, these ores were very small, the largest one was only the size of one’s thumbnail. Even though they were worth some money, they were not as profitable as the piece of amethyst.

Ji Fengyan watched the entire process of all the ores that were opened and secretly noted the colour of the ores’ spiritual energy. After observing for a while, just when Ji Fengyan was prepared to purchase one to try, there was a sudden uproar in the huge store.

A path was opened up at the crowded entrance and a slender and elegant figure entered slowly into the store.

The store owner who was busy tending to other customers, upon seeing that person’s figure, immediately all his work and welcomed her with a fawning look.

“Miss Su what brings you here today?” the store owner smiled like a loyal lackey the moment he saw Su Lingsheng appearing at the store in a silver embroidered dress.

Su Lingsheng’s face was calm, as she looked at the store owner trying to curry her favour, and her natural elegance was accompanied with an air of superiority.

“Many ores have arrived today?” Su Lingsheng’s pleasing voice could be heard in the store. That voice made all the men in store melt, and their eyes were all glued to Su Lingsheng, but no one dared to approach any closer.

Everyone knew about this beautiful woman’s background, even after disregarding her close relationship with the son of the City Lord today, just her identity as the first female official serving the eldest princess was sufficient to scare off all the leechers.

“Yes, a batch just arrived. If you are interested, you can take your time to pick, Miss Su,” the store owner laughed as he spoke, as he eagerly followed behind his financial backer.

Su Lingsheng came to Ji City following the eldest princess, so her social status was extremely high and her wealth could not be compared to the common people in Ji City.

Su Lingsheng slightly nodded. The store owner immediately took care of the people to make space, but Su Lingsheng’s gaze scanned the store fleetingly and in an instant, she saw the figure of someone she did not expect to see.

Ji Fengyan?

Su Lingsheng was slightly confused as she looked at the unnoticeable figure in the crowd.

Why is she here?

Su Lingsheng’s brows frowned unconsciously and she looked at Ji Fengyan unhappily.

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