The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 26 - How About We Have a Bet?

Chapter 26: How About We Have a Bet?

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Ji Fengyan looked straight at Su Lingsheng’s eyes, which were filled with detest, and raised the corners of her mouth disapprovingly.

Ji Fengyan’s smile made Su Lingsheng feel uncomfortable. The recent memory of Ji Fengyan and Lei Min’s meeting yesterday was not pleasant. Su Lingsheng, who had boasted herself as virtuous, abhorred Ji Fengyan’s behaviour of keeping a ‘lover’ and provoking Lei Min. It was difficult for her to imagine that such an ugly young girl could commit such disgraceful acts.

Both of them looked at each other, and their inner thoughts could not be detected by others.

The store owner looked at Su Lingsheng who had suddenly stopped in her tracks, not understanding the situation, and when he saw Su Lingsheng’s gaze at the young girl who had spoilt things for him, his heart froze and quickly spoke, “Come and take a look first, Miss Su. The stones this time are not bad, there was even someone who had obtained an extremely valuable amethyst just now. Given your good judgement, you will definitely be able to pick a better one.”

Su Lingsheng then turned her gaze back.

The store owner’s words sounded like flattery, but it was not completely untrue. Su Lingsheng had arrived at Ji City for slightly longer than a month, and had accompanied Lei Min to the store a few times during this period. Almost every time, Su Lingsheng had picked stones containing the rare ores from the pile of stones. Her superb judgement had made the jaws of many people drop, if not for her special status, the stone-betting lovers in Ji City would have rushed to invite her to help them pick out the stones. ( ReadReadReadReadNovelFull.c om )

Even so, everytime Su Lingsheng visited the store, there would still be a crowd gathering to look. She would not choose a lot, but if she had stared at a piece of rock for a short while and did not buy, the rest of the people would fight to purchase that piece.

As long as Su Lingsheng had given a stone a longer glance, it would definitely contain a rare ore!

As a result of Su Lingsheng’s arrival, the packed store suddenly became even more crowded. Many people stuck their necks out to look at the entire process of Su Lingsheng picking out the stones, hoping that they could secretly benefit from this.

Everyone’s gaze filled with respect and fervent and it boosted Su Lingsheng’s mood. She casually looked away from Ji Fengyan but her eyes flashed with a scoff.

Might as well! This would be a good chance to let this country bumpkin understand the disparity between them!

Su Lingsheng made the decision to show off her skills and immediately turned to look at the stones in the store.

Ji Fengyan stood nonchalantly at the side and looked at the proud woman choose from the shelves with her arms akimbo, as a fleeting smile appeared on her face.

Her smile made Su Lingsheng feel offended. Su Lingsheng frowned and looked once again at Ji Fengyan. She said, “You are also here to pick a stone?”

No one had expected the noble Su Lingsheng to speak to an unnoticeable woman and they all turned to look at Ji Fengyan who was previously ignored.

( ReadReadReadReadNovelFull.c om ) “You know what they say, ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’,” Ji Fengyan responded with little effort.

Su Lingsheng stroked a piece of round stone, her eyes no longer on Ji Fengyan and casually said, “there are many stones here and they contain many valuable items. Since you are interested, why not have a bet with me?”

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