The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1609: Take Care

Chapter 1609: Take Care

“This is [Cocoon Ice Silk]. Ordinary magic weapons from the Siam Continent cannot cut it, and it is invulnerable to ordinary water and fire. I’ve noticed you occasionally use silver needles as weapons, so this silk thread might help you.”

It was rare to hear Xuan Mu speak so much. Hexi was so taken aback that she even forgot to marvel at the uniqueness of the ice silk.

It wasn’t until Xuan Mu noticed her lack of response that he looked over curiously.

Hexi came back to her senses and put the ice silk away with a smile, “Thank you!”

She couldn’t say anything else except thank you. This friend helped her a lot in the Miracle Healer Academy and gave her many rare treasures in the Miluo Continent.

Hexi wanted to offer something in return but the treasures of the Miluo Continent were merely ordinary items to Xuan Mu.

Hexi took out a storage ring and said with a smile, “I don’t have much to offer in return. I heard from my master that many of the seniors in the Siam Continent are quite fond of wine. Here, take the wine. If you like them, enjoy them yourself; if not, feel free to give them away.”

“Aren’t you going to report back? If your master isn’t satisfied with your work, use these wines to bribe him!”

Xuan Mu took the storage ring over with a dull expression.

Hmm… I can’t imagine their comical reaction when I bribe them with wine!

After putting away the storage ring, the sound of the airship taking off could be heard not far away.

Just as Hexi was about to say goodbye to Xuan Mu, he took a step forward, reached out, grabbed her, and hugged her gently.

Hexi was taken aback. Just as she was about to push him away, a deep male voice whispered in her ear, “Xi Yue, be careful and look after yourself.”

The surprise on her face gradually softened. Hexi smiled and said, “You too, take care.”

Just as she was about to step away, a sudden strong pull from behind drew her into a warm and familiar embrace.

Nangong Yu’s cold and unfriendly voice sounded, “Leave. Xi Yue is mine. Lay a hand on her again, I’ll chop you into pieces!”

Xuan Mu sneered, “If you don’t mind losing your limbs before marriage, try me.”

The air was seemingly filled with crackling flames, reminiscent of lighting and thunder. A fight could break out at any moment.

Hexi pressed her temples with a headache. She escaped from Nangong Yu’s arms, turned around, and walked toward the Star Ocean Airship.

“If you’re insistent on fighting now, suit yourself. I’m heading back to the Jin Ling Kingdom first.”

“Bai Hu, get ready to sail.”

Bai Hu chuckled. Nangong Yu shot Xuan Mu a glare, then hurriedly caught up, saying, “Get ready to set sail!”

The airship slowly lifted into the air, creating gusts of wind throughout the Miracle Healer Academy.

At this time, the Huang Medical Branch was empty. Everyone, including Zeng Shouyue, followed Hexi to Jin Ling City.

They had pride themselves on being Hexi’s close family. Of course, they would attend her wedding.

The elders and students of Miracle Healer Academy who weren’t boarding the airship gazed upward at the departing airship. Their hearts were filled with melancholy.

The most talented, yet most troublesome student in the history of the Miracle Healer Academy, Xi Yue, had finally left.

The academy returned to its usual calm, but many were left with feelings of longing and loneliness.

And that girl would embark on a brand new journey, continuing to shape her legendary and bright future.

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