The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1610: They Have Returned

Chapter 1610: They Have Returned

(TL: As Nangong YU and Hexi are getting married, I shall refer to them as “king” and queen”. It becomes confusing to go with “king” in some contexts and “prince” in the next.)

The airship landed slowly at the foot of Cang Mountain. Hexi’s eyes widened in shock as she watched the scene below.

Looking down from the airship, all she could see were crowds of people packed tightly together at the base of Cang Mountain. They looked like swarming ants from above.

Zhang Yi and the rest were shocked. They stammered, “Brother Xi Yue, how come… why are there so many people?”

I’ve been wondering the same thing! The corners of Xi Yue’s mouth twitched.

Butler Nan stood nearby with an amiable smile like a buddha, “Masters, ever since the word of your wedding spread, the people of Jin Ling City and martial artists from the other kingdom have visited us. They’ve been waiting here, hoping to catch a glimpse of you.”

In fact, many people from the Miluo Continent attended the Nangong Family banquet at Miracle Healer Academy.

Ever since they saw Xi Yue in women’s clothing, they had become crazy fans and spread the word everywhere in Miluo Continent.

Many talented artists painted portraits of Xi Yue. Anyone who saw those portraits was utterly amazed.

Moreover, Nangong Yu’s striking appearance was already well-known to everyone.

With such a strikingly handsome man and a beautiful woman coming together, who wouldn’t want to catch a glimpse?

That was why there was a “terrifying” scene where people gathered outside the Sealed Dragon Domain all day just to see the true appearance of the couple.

Butler Nan smiled and said, “We can’t just let the crowd gather like this. Why doesn’t the king lead the queen out to meet them and then persuade them to leave?”

This would not only clear the crowd but also put to rest the rumors that the King of Hell’s wife was a man. It would be like killing two birds with one stone.

Nangong Yu wasn’t usually inclined to deal with unrelated matters or people, but Butler Nan’s warm and benevolent smile persuaded him otherwise.

Hexi only wanted to disperse the crowd so she could return to the Sealed Dragon Domain and have a good rest.

At the foot of Cang Mountain, the bustling crowd went quiet. Everyone looked up into the sky in unison.

An airship slowly descended towards them, proudly displaying the emblem of the King of Hell Mansion: Iron Kirin.

Ah, it’s His Highness King of Hell and the Queen!”

“They have returned!”

“Is Xi Yue really a woman? Is she really as beautiful as the portrait? I want to see her!”

Damn, stop pushing me away. I’ve been waiting here for many days just to take a look at Xi Yue’s true appearance.”

The Star Ocean Airship slowly descended, but it hovered just above the crowd instead of landing.

As the air currents settled, the crowd looking up could clearly see the scene on the deck of the ship.

A tall, strikingly handsome man appeared, walking slowly with a young woman by his side.

The moment they saw the man, many couldn’t help but gasp in awe. Several women were enchanted by the charm, almost to the point of fainting.

However, when the crowd got a clear view of the young woman beside him, they all froze in place, as if turned to stone. They held their breath, not even blinking an eye.

No words, idioms, or verses from the greatest poets could capture her beauty.

Dressed in a simple light green outfit, her ink-black hair was elegantly secured by a single jade hairpin. Apart from that, she wore no other jewelry or adornments.

However, the moment this young woman appeared, it felt as if all the elements of the universe, the sun, moon, and stars, suddenly paled in comparison, losing their shine.

“Everyone, Hexi and I, Nangong Yu, will be getting married in ten days. You are all welcome to join the wedding banquet at the King of Hell Mansion. However, this area around Cang Mountain is the private property of my fiancée, Hexi. I kindly ask everyone to leave promptly and not disturb her rest.”

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