The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 17 – Who Disposes Of Who?

Chapter 17 – Who Disposes Of Who?

“Please let go of me—-! Let me go!!”

Hexi’s eyebrows creased slightly, before suddenly taking out her whip and flicking her wrist. The whip made a graceful arc in the air, landing with a firm pressure on the small servant boy’s body.

Xiao Si felt severe pain spread throughout his body, causing his limbs to spasm. Without even managing to scream, he passed out into a dead faint.

However, from this wicked slave’s mouth, useful information could still be gained. The corner of Hexi’s mouth lifted into a sinister grin. Therefore, for the time being, this person’s life would be spared.

The bloodstained Wet Nurse Chen, who had been pushed to the ground and was covered with injuries, finally chose this moment to lift her head and look towards the origin of the commotion.

Her dim eyes reflected Hexi’s familiar figure, and in a flash, tears poured down her cheeks.

“Miss, it’s really Miss! I knew you wouldn’t die, I knew…..Madam would protect you!”

Hexi looked at Wet Nurse Chen still collapsed on the ground. Her face was covered in tears and drying blood. Hexi’s eyes flashed with a complicated light that quickly disappeared.

She could hear in the way Wet Nurse Chen spoke to Nalan Hexi, with such profound friendship and deep love, that she was a truly loyal servant. Her loyalty was so deep that she was even willing to die to avenge her Miss, not willing to take even the slightest advantage of her disappearance to scheme.

In the former Nalan Hexi’s miserable memory, Wet Nurse Chen had always taken care of her since she was a small child. She would rather starve and be exhausted, than let her Miss suffer an injustice or grievance. If she hadn’t been there, Nalan Hexi wouldn’t have been able to survive up until now.

This kind of affection made her feel strange as it was unfamiliar to her yet, at the same time, it also made her envious. The kind of person that pledged to defend and protect her, on her previous world there was also someone like that, but….

Hexi harshly exhaled and leaned over to prop up Wet Nurse Chen. Next, Hexi raised Wet Nurse Chen’s head, and gently pressed on several of her acupuncture points.

Wet Nurse Chen had been feeling a piercing pain in her chest, like her heart was tearing. A sharp stabbing feeling around her lungs, and a difficulty to breathe, caused by the overwhelming sensation in her belly. Suddenly, she felt the pain almost vanish! Even her hands, that had originally been bleeding incessantly from multiple wounds, started to slow to a drip before stopping.

Wet Nurse Chen lifted her head in surprise, and saw Hexi standing before her. A cold, arrogant expression on her face.

She suddenly felt dumbfounded. The Miss before her eyes, even her appearance, seemed to have become entirely different.

Hexi didn’t explain anything to her, she just faintly chuckled, “Wet Nurse, please return to our room first. Wait until I settle affairs with them, then I’ll help heal you.”

Set…..settle affairs with them? Wet Nurse Chen’s eyes opened wide, exclaiming, “Mi….Miss, a few of them have Cultivation Bases at the Qi Refining stage, you…how could you be their opponent?”

Wet Nurse Chen’s surprised cry suddenly made the surrounding people startle into action.

Zhangsan, who was amongst the remaining people, had the highest Cultivation Base. In recent years he had reached the peak of the Qi Refining stage second layer. His intelligent pair of eyes could clearly see that, sure enough, Hexi was still trash that completely lacked Spiritual Power and a Cultivation Base. With this knowledge, Zhangsan could feel his previous shock turn to rage.

That they, Cultivators of the Qi Refining stage, could actually be frightened until they spilt their guts. And by an ordinary person and trash that was unable to cultivate, to speak of it, it was so shameful that they wanted to die. As for how Butler Li could be killed, it was certainly because he was attacked at a time he was unguarded.

Zhangsan fiercely glared at her, “Third Miss is speaking so boldly today, we still don’t know who will dispose of who. Let us teach you what is known as one’s boundaries!”

Wet Nurse Chen became frightened, her complexion turning deathly pale. Without thinking she stood in front of Hexi, blocking her from their view, “Miss, you run away quickly! This Wet Nurse will stop them, you immediately go back to Nalan Manor and beg Master for help!”

Hexi stared, stunned, at Wet Nurse Chen’s unflinching figure before her eyes. Even though her back was shivering, she still didn’t step back

She that had originally dried up her emotions and frozen her heart, could now feel a trace of warmth flowing. In this lifetime, there was actually still someone willing to disregard their life to protect her.

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