The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 18 – The Shame Of Nalan Manor

Chapter 18 – The Shame Of Nalan Manor

Hexi placed a hand on Wet Nurse Chen’s thin shoulder, her voice holding a rare trace of gentleness, “Wet Nurse don’t be afraid, I can easily find methods to deal with them.”

Finished speaking, her cold gaze glared like a tiger watching her prey. Her stare fixed towards the servants who crowded around, “You all shouldn’t forget that no matter what I am your Master. This kind of offence to your Master, were you not afraid of being punished by Nalan Manor’s people?”

“Ha ha ha ha……” The servants in the room all raised their heads and laughed loudly, their faces exuberant with their ridicule and gloating, “Nalan Manor? He he, I advise you not to indulge in wishful thinking, who doesn’t know you’re Nalan Manor’s shame? You being alive is exactly what causes Nalan Manor to lose face. Maybe if you died Master would then be able to be happy!”

Another person agreed, “That’s right! The Master and everyone else in the Nalan family all have awe-inspiring innate talent, which one of them is not a famous young talent in the city of Yan Jing. Then unfortunately out you come, this trash, to throw shade on Nalan Manor’s face. No one even knows whether or not you are really Master’s biological child.”

“Maybe she’s really an illegitimate child! Who doesn’t know her mother was famous for having the appearance of a fox[1], who knows how many random men were tricked by her!”

Subsequently the main room filled with uproarious laughter.

Wet Nurse Chen was so angry that her entire body shook, resisting the urge to rush up and drag out the these wicked servants that produced such evil tongues with all her might.

However Hexi didn’t get angry in the slightest. Restraining Wet Nurse Chen, she faintly swept her eyes over several people, “Oh, so that’s to say that me secretly being sold off, the idea came from Nalan Manor?”

In the depth of Nalan Hexi’s memory, there was a strong yearning hidden. A yearning for recognition from Nalan Manor paired with a child’s admiration towards Nalan Zhengze. Even throughout her childhood, though she was often bullied by Nalan Feixue, there was not even the slightest hint of hatred. Instead, she regarded her as a sister.

Such a kindhearted, weak little girl. Even if Nalan Manor had abandoned her, she could still tolerate it.

Zhangsan coldly snorted, disdain written across his face, “If we received the order to directly kill you, there would of course be no harm in doing so. It’s simply the goodness in our hearts’ that allowed you to find a way to survive. Moreover for useless trash like you, being sold as a slave is already the best ending!”

The servants here didn’t clearly know about the matter of Hexi being sold like Butler Zhang and Xiao Si, but they did know that something had happened to her. They just didn’t care.

Each one of them felt an implacable hatred towards Nalan Hexi. They all wished for her to disappear quickly, so that they could leave this desolate place and return to Nalan Manor.

Nalan Hexi may be obstructing their return, but even then they wouldn’t dare act blindly without thinking. She was still Nalan Manor’s Third Miss after all. Now that someone in Nalan Manor wanted her to die, all of them would certainly be happy to see it happen.

Zhangsan retrieved a dagger from behind his back, and slowly approached Hexi, “Since you didn’t feel grateful and appreciate the kindness we gave you, instead coming back here to find death, then don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

“Brothers, all together!”

The words were barely out, when the remaining five servants in the room joined him in attacking. Zhangsan brandished the dagger that gave off a cold light, while the others gathered their spiritual powers in their palms as they attacked Hexi.

Hexi sneered, her figure moving slightly as she gently pushed the screaming Wet Nurse Chen away from her.

The long whip in her hand unraveled, fiercely whipping towards the six servants.

“Ah ah ah—–!” Pained screams echoed throughout the room, “My hand! My hand!!”

In the blink of an eye, three people’s wrist bones were neatly crushed. Their hands hung powerlessly as their palms mottled with vivid purples and greens.

[1]Appearance of a fox – The fox spirit is an especially prolific shapeshifter, known variously as the húli j?ng (fox spirit) in China. Although the specifics of the tales vary, these fox spirits can usually shape shift, often taking the form of beautiful young women who attempt to seduce men, whether for mere mischief or to consume their bodies or spirits.

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