The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 19 – Let You Off? It May Be Possible…

Chapter 19 – Let You Off? It May Be Possible…

Zhangsan’s hand that had been holding the dagger had his wrist completely fractured. Badly mutilated bones were exposed in his broken wrist.

The remaining three people were scared stiff by the scene before their eyes, causing their complexions to turn deathly pale.

Hexi once again waved her whip, and their screams filled the air as they fell hard to the ground.

As Hexi looked down at the people rolling around in pain, the corner of her mouth lifted into a slight sneer.

Based on these peoples’ three-legged cat’s[1] skills, they can in no way be compared with Zhu Zhongba’s guards. She didn’t even need to use her Invisible Needles.

“Didn’t you all say, that you wanted to properly teach me?” She raised the whip, lightly slapping it to the ground, causing sparks to fly everywhere, “Didn’t you all say, that since I’m an illegitimate child, I’m courting death? Now that you’ve already spoken, in the end, who is courting death?”

Hexi’s whip slashed at Zhangsan’s body, causing him let out a sorrowful scream, “This kind of good for nothing trash, you dared to be so arrogant to your Master? In the end, who gave you a dog’s courage?”

As if watching a group of dying ants, Hexi looked down at them with disdain. A faint purple light flickered in her cold black eyes, making them seem brighter.

The six people on the ground trembled, so terrified that they didn’t even dare scream.

Zhangsan first recovered, with difficulty he use his uninjured hand to support himself on the ground. Climbing to his knees, his sorry figure crawled to Hexi’s feet, “Miss, we know we’ve been wrong! I beg you to have mercy on us!”

“Miss, we received Butler Li’s order, only then would we dare to attack you! But the matter of selling you, we really only just heard about it then. We were completely unaware! You’re known to be generous, I beg you to spare us!”

“Right! Right! Everything was Butler Li and his nephew, Li Si’s doing. Miss, we’re all innocent!”

Hexi smiled with cold amusement while watching their performance. Allowing them to kowtow for awhile, only then did she lazily say, “For me to let you off may be possible. However, how do I know you will not turn your heads’ again, and frame me in the future? Maybe you’ll try to sell me again?”

Zhangsan stared blankly, before quickly raising his uninjured left hand. Pointing to heaven to make an oath, “I, Zhangsan, willingly swear that from now on till afterwards to follow Miss. I will work extremely hard to serve Miss, never betraying her. If I were to ever disobey, let me be struck by heaven’s thunder!”

The other five people naturally followed Zhangsan’s lead. Enduring their pain, they crawled towards Hexi. Striving to be the first, and fearing to be the last to swear.

Wet Nurse Chen was stunned by the show before her eyes. She didn’t expect her Miss to be so ferocious after merely disappearing for a day.

In her hands, the six cultivators of the Qi Refining stage didn’t have any ability to resist.

However, even after hearing the six people’s oath, she still felt worried. No one knew more clearly than her these servants’ viciousness. How could it be possible for them to sincerely vow loyalty and devotion to Miss. Miss’ natural disposition was kindheartedness, but by all means she wouldn’t believe them!

Wet Nurse Chen anxiously wanted to warn her, however, Hexi had already leisurely sneered, “Alright, since you are so sincere, I’ll give you a chance to turn over a new leaf.”

The six people heard what was said and immediately became ecstatic. Although when they lowered their eyes, a thread of ruthlessness swept past.

Humph, loathsome girl, actually daring to punish them! Wait until they went to Nalan Manor to seek help, see if she could still be so cocky then. At that time, this loathsome girl must properly experience suffering. Every inch of the bones in her body would be broken, her hands and feet completely crippled. Have a taste of living while wanting to die!

“Miss, you can’t believe them—!” Wet Nurse Chen exclaimed.

[1]Three-legged cat “???(s?nji?om?o)” — Three-leg cat is equivalent to “Jack of all trades and master of none” in English. At first the word referred to a three-leg cat which was mistaken by people for a flying bear. Later the word indicated the cats which were skilful in hunting but had difficulty in walking. Gradually the word changed to mean being unprofessional when doing things.

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