The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 4 – Auction Product Naturally Should Be Sold Off

Chapter 4 – Auction Product Naturally Should Be Sold Off

Nalan He Xi was repeatedly hit by someone until she passed out and was sold to Gluttonous House. Before losing consciousness, she vaguely heard a vicious voice: “Don’t blame me, if want to blame someone then just blame yourself for being trash. You even dared to block the Second Miss’s path.”

Nalan He Xi’s appearance was quite ordinary and she was the good for nothing miss who can’t cultivate. She could only be bought by Gluttonous House to be sold as a low grade furnace. Before the auction she was humiliated by some vulgar and low rank martial artists, and in the end she was unable to endure it and killed herself in the cage.

When her eyes next opened, the soul that occupied this weak body was no longer Nalan He Xi, rather it’s the assassin that has come back from hell – He Xi.

He Xi looked at the corpses on the ground, her eyes didn’t reveal a trace of emotion.

Any slags who dared to provoke her would be damned. She would not show any mercy.

Suddenly she lifted up her head and gazed towards the back of the room. The corner of her mouth hooked into a cold smile.

Immediately she turned around and walked towards the entrance door.

However, after only taking two steps her expression suddenly changed, her beautiful phoenix eyes burst forth with a cold and blade-like aura.

Damn it—-! I’ve been tricked by someone—-!!

He Xi’s mind was just flashing this thought, when a ‘tumph’ sound could be heard, and she fainted to the ground.


Dim light shined onto the examination room gate. Two tall figures slowly walked towards the unconscious He Xi.

One of them looked at the room that was filled with corpses and could’t help but be speechless: “Who could have thought that such an unremarkable little girl could unexpectedly be so ruthless, not even one person was spared.”

The other persons face was hidden in the shadows, making it impossible to clearly define the appearance. The whole body emitted an imposing aura warning people to be terrified.

He looked down, seemingly as if engrossed with watching the unconscious little girl on the ground. His eyes showed interest and a ruthlessness while looking at her as if she were a rare prey.

“But when this girl was killing people I didn’t feel any spiritual fluctuation. I don’t know what kind of secret method she used. Master, what should we do with her?”

The man’s head slowly lifted as he raised his eyes to look at the other person, indifferently he replied: “Wu Yu, she is Gluttonous House’s auction product. Since she is an auction product, naturally she should be sold off. You still require me to teach you this point?”

Wu Yu’s heart trembled in fear, quickly bowing he said: “Wu Yu understands. I will give her a strengthened slavery control and put the mysterious iron lock directly around her body, so she has no way to escape. I believe that such an exceptionally good quality furnace will certainly be able to fetch a good price.”

The man who was being called ‘Master’ slightly hooked up the corner of his mouth, his eyes were filled with an overflowing interest: “I’m looking forward to it.”

Finished speaking, he faintly swept a glance towards the little girl on the ground, then rapidly disappeared from that place.


At this moment it’s already midnight, the city gate has been closed, not a sound could be heard, only Gluttonous House was still lit up brightly.

“The next item is the finale for this auction.”

The host who was wearing magnificent gold coloured clothes clapped his hands. Soon, a huge golden cage dropped down from the sky, at the same time a brilliant golden light pointed towards the middle of the stage.

Suddenly everyone at the auction caused an uproar. As it turns out what was placed in the cage was not a goods, rather it’s a living person.

It could be seen that the person was a little girl no more than seventeen years old. Pale skin, thin figure and completely lacking in attractiveness.

At this time her eyes were tightly closed, her thin hands and feet were bound together with a cold iron chain with a heavy silver lock, while she lay motionless in the middle of the cage.

After the little girl in the cage was clearly seen, everyone present suddenly sounded a hissing noise.

“We are participating in the auction for the premium product. Gluttonous House has received one thousand yuan for one ticket from us, how could you use such inferior goods to flatter us?”

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