The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 5 – I will let you become my ninth concubine

Chapter 5 – I will let you become my ninth concubine

Resentful sounds could be heard coming from the audience, however on stage the host acted as if he couldn’t hear anything. With a professional smile fixed in place he used his deep and low voice to slowly say:

“Item number sixteen, born as a slave in the year of the snake, in the 54th year, in the 10th month during Wei[1], sixteen years old. After testing has been found to have no Cultivation Base[2] as the spiritual root was crippled, a body with a pure Yin constitution. The reserve price is set at ten thousand yuan crystals.”

The host’s statement made everyone that was originally noisy suddenly become quiet, immediately after a more heated discussion broke out.

“Heavens, so it turns out that she’s of a pure Yin constitution. How could you say that it’s not an exceptionally good furnace?”

“Gluttonous House absolutely wouldn’t cheat us, it’s no wonder that she’s become tonight’s finale product!”

“As long as I were to have her, my long delay with being stuck in a bottleneck will definitely be able to have a breakthrough! I put down an offer of one hundred thousand yuan crystals….”

“Two hundred thousand yuan crystals!”

“Five hundred thousand….”

Spectators were shocked at the scene of the martial artists bidding on the pure Yin furnace like mad devils all after a rare treasure. No one noticed that the little girl in the golden cage had started to frown from pain as she slowly opened her eyes.

That pair of unremarkable phoenix eyes had suddenly became dazzling like pearls, bright with intelligence as they coldly swept over the noisy crowd.

At this time, someone amongst the crowd shouted: “Ten million yuan crystals, tonight this woman will become mine, this young master’s!”

Hearing this statement, the guests suddenly became quiet.

From the audience seating a fat man could be seen to slowly stand up, his smug face smiled proudly while walking towards the golden cage.

The dazzling light that had been shining on the stage suddenly shot towards his body. The man was at most six feet tall with tiny eyes that almost couldn’t be seen on his fierce-looking face. His belly protruded out further than an aunties’ chest, and when he walked his fat body could be seen to jiggle and shake, making people feel disgusted when they saw this.

But who would dare laugh at him? After he made that bid no one even thought to compete with him.

The man’s name was Zhu Zhong Ba. He was the eldest son of the richest man in all of Jin Ling, Zhu Yi Qun.

In this Jin Ling Kingdom that respected martial force, merchant families were always being looked down upon by people, but the Zhu family was different.

To advance a rank a martial artist’s cultivation was inevitably linked to yuan crystals, and so the Zhu family had focused on collecting yuan crystals to build up their career. Under their hands they controlled several mines, they also had connections with the Royal Family. There were plenty of people who wanted to covet the wealth of the Zhu family but they didn’t dare to.

Zhu Zhong Ba is known as a famous idiot in Yan Jing City, but he’s also known as the local tyrant. After all even if the Zhu Family lacked something the one thing they never lacked were yuan crystals!

“Young Master Zhu, congratulations on winning this pure Yin constitution furnace, your advanced rank is just around the corner!”

“Young Master Zhu’s cultivation will soon have a breakthrough. Make sure to remember to invite us out for a drink to celebrate!”


Everyone’s compliments with envious tones made Zhu Zhong Ba become more smug and conceited, his watermelon-like belly swaying with pride. Not waiting until the auction finished, he strutted to the stage to stand in front of the host.

“Wu Yu, quickly hand the slave’s ownership card to this young master, I want to bring her home first, I will send over the yuan crystals later!”

Normally the rules of the auction were that you would pay for the product first, before you could take it home.

But this host called Wu Yu didn’t seem like he minded, straightforwardly handing over the slave ownership card into Zhu Zhong Ba’s hand.

No one could see his eyes flash as he let a trace of a meaningful smile show, “Young Master Zhu, the slave’s ownership card has now been handed over to you, the auction product officially belongs to you. Once a product is sold, from now on till later Gluttonous House will have no relationship with that product!”

However Zhu Zhong Ba didn’t care what he said. He took the slave ownership card and rushed towards He Xi in the cage: “Little Lady, I’m coming… long as you let me advance to the Foundation Establishment stage I’m willing to let you become my ninth concubine!”

[1] Between the hours of 13:00-15:00

[2] Cultivation Base – the amount and capacity of refined Qi possessed by a cultivator. (source from: )

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