The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 6 – The Invisible and Shadowless King Yama Controls Life

Chapter 6 – The Invisible and Shadowless King Yama Controls Life

The cage had just opened when suddenly the fat pervert was curled up on the ground! The girl’s eyes had been tightly closed when he felt something roughly hit his chest.

Zhu Zhong Ba’s hands had reached out to touch the little girl’s clothes. He was just about to feel the flower before him when in the blink of an eye he flew out of the cage screaming.

After being kicked with all her strength, Zhu Zhong Ba’s body that was like a round bucket rolled back a few spins, making one want to prostrate themselves in admiration, before he fell from the stage whence a painful howl was heard.

This unforeseen event happened suddenly, stunning everyone present frozen and causing a deathly silence to envelope the room.

Even the always leisurely smiling Wu Yu’s eyes flashed with a somewhat bewildered and confused light.

They all stared blankly at the unremarkable little girl in the cage who slowly stood up. The chains that had originally bound her hands and feet were nowhere to be seen, and uninjured she exited from the cage.

Her slim figure and pale complexion were unremarkable, but her pair of endlessly dark, ice cold eyes that swept across the stage made people’s souls shiver.

He Xi rubbed her wrists that had red spots left from the chain, towering over the fat man that looked like a toad lying on the ground, she sneeringly said: “You want to use this great aunt for your own advantages, think again about whether you have that ability!”

The little girl’s sharp and clear voice was pleasant to hear, just like jade pounding on a transparent glazed roof tile, making people startle awake.

“Heavens, how did she escape from the cage? She was bound by the Casting Cold iron chain, an ordinary person simply cannot break it!”

“However, Young Master Zhu’s cultivation base is at the peak of the Qi Refining stage, how could he have gotten beaten to the ground by a slave with a crippled spiritual root?”

“Just recently I clearly didn’t felt any spiritual power coming out from her, so how can she kick Young Master Zhu so hard?”


Shocked debates sounded one after another. Everyone’s eyes that looked at the little girl stared at her like she was a monster.

At this time, Zhu Zhong Ba’s guards finally return to their senses and hurriedly rushed to help their Young Master get up.

Zhu Zhong Ba angrily shouted: “You’re all a group of trash, what are you doing still standing here?! Quickly catch that smelly girl for this father, I will teach her a lesson when we get back!”

The four guards rushed to surrounded the thin and weak little girl in a circle.

The coming fight scene had almost no suspense, it would be easy to slaughter this slave on the stage.

This scene is what was everyone was predicting in their minds.

Even though this odd little girl had some skill, but these guards’ cultivation base were at the early-stages of the Foundation Establishment stage.

In the Mi Luo Continent, martial artist ranks divided into: Qi Refining stage, Foundation Establishment stage, Meridians stage, Gold Core stage, Nascent Soul stage, Divine stage, Void and Darkness stage, Overcoming Tribulation stage, Completeness stage.

Everyone that gazed towards He Xi had eyes filled with pity, but they still showed excitement at the thought of the good show that was about to begin.

The corner of He Xi’s mouth curled up into a demonically evil smile, calmly and unhurriedly she raised her hands.

The stage lighting was very bright, therefore no one could see that between her five slender fingers, she had placed four sparkling and translucent silver needles.

The invisible needles looked like fine and weak hair strands, but were made from a steel so hard and tough, that they could immediately penetrate the body, piercing the bones.

When He Xi had awoken the first time, she had found that the exploding space in her previous life not only didn’t disappear, instead the invisible needles that she had previously stored in her space were also undamaged.

The Invisible and Shadowless King Yama controls life! This weapon was the best to murder people!

The four guards respectively took out their flying swords, a low rank cultivation sword. They grimly and fiercely gazed towards the little girl.

In martial artist’s eyes, ordinary people were the same as ants, as trash they only had the qualification to work extremely hard.

After the four people had transferred the spiritual power within their bodies, the flying swords shot forward to attack the little girl, when He Xi suddenly moved.

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