The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1981 - Kill Me

Chapter 1981 Kill Me

…“If I were to say I don’t love you, will you really kill yourself?” Gu Yue enquired, a little out of breath.

“Why would I kill myself? I was just going to scratch my head with the Golden Dragon Claw.” Tang Wulin chuckled.

Gu Yue raised her head and stared at him, while he took the opportunity to give her lips a soft peck.

“Liar!” Gu Yue spoke in rage.

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “If I could lie and convince you, then I’m willing to be a liar for the rest of my life. Gu Yue, I love you.”

Gu Yue paused for a while. When the passion in her heart had subsided, she was calm for a moment before her rational mind took over. She buried her head against his shoulder. Then, a tinge of bitterness showed on her charming face. “You shouldn’t have done that, you know? You’re playing with fire and you’ll get burned. I can’t be together with you. We’re different, so we won’t be together eventually.”

Tang Wulin spoke calmly, “If we are destined to be apart, why worry about it now? Since we’re together now, let’s enjoy the moment. In any case, should this be our destiny, I’ll be by your side to face the future with you no matter how difficult it would be.”

“You don’t understand.” Gu Yue shut her eyes in agony.

“I do!” Tang Wulin answered with determination.

He did not inquire about Gu Yue’s concern, because he knew that she would tell him sooner or later when she wanted to. On the other hand, if she did not bother to tell him, then he was willing to face it with her no matter what it was.

Gu Yue grabbed his shoulder. She could not bear to leave his arms.

“Wulin.” She looked at him in all seriousness.

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Tell me what’s on your mind. I believe that you already know my intention, but you should also know that I’ve always been a very persistent person.”

A sense of bitterness was revealed at the corners of Gu Yue’s lips. “What if one day you realize that I’m the enemy that you have no choice but to confront, what would you do?”

Tang Wulin answered, “If the day comes and you’re the enemy whom I’ve no choice but to confront, then you should kill me so I can live in your heart. Then, we’ll never part at all.” He spoke very calmly. Those were not meant to be sweet-sounding words, nevertheless, tears began streaming uncontrollably down Gu Yue’s face.

Close, they were getting closer and closer.

The nine-colored Silver Dragon Spear was about to collide into the Mysterious Heaven Loop.

It was also at this exact moment when the flawless circular arc suddenly halted, a breach instantly appeared on the halo which was supposed to look like a full moon.

Life is like the moon, sometimes full, sometimes half-full. The Mysterious Heaven Loop was broken.

The Dragon Emperor Shine elevated the angle gently. At that very moment, all the concision and assertiveness in his gaze had disappeared, leaving only gentleness. He watched her attentively with a gentle gaze.

He had always remembered the things he said. He remembered that he would rather let her kill him if they had no choice but to become mutual enemies. He trusted her and he believed that she would not destroy mankind after his death. Otherwise, she would never agree to the two battles that allowed him to call off the terms earlier. She was aware that he had the ability to defeat his opponents in the first two rounds. It proved that she did not really want to destroy mankind. She was a human too after all. She was not only Gu Yue, but Na’er as well.

There was nothing that could be done to solve the discordant relationship and conflict between the two clans. The only way was for one clan to occupy the stronger position.

Could he really bring himself to kill her? He could not.

At this very moment, he had abandoned his ideals to protect mankind. He had placed all his bets on her.

Whatever Di Tian thought, he would have thought of it too, of course. Over the years, he was not the one who suffered the most but it was her.

How much pain and bitterness had she endured in her heart in order to be where she was now?

If Tang Wulin were to say that he was happy being with her at some point in the past, chances were she had never been able to truly enjoy happiness. Even when she was with him, she had always been wary of their time together.

Yes, she was unhappy. The unhappiness was caused by the love between them.

How could he possibly be ruthless and hurt her?

Tang Wulin had abandoned everything before he came to this decisive battle today. For this world, for the Douluo Continent, he had already suffered way too much.

Perhaps, the only people that he could not bear to part were his parents and sister whom he had yet to meet. In any case, he did not have a choice.

He could not wait for their return anymore. Due to the present situation, he made the choice to free himself in a sense.

He could not endure it any longer. In fact, he felt more dead than alive at most times.

He wanted to fulfill his promise, so he transformed his suppressed love and affection to this momentary calmness.

He looked at her, then stared glaringly at her. He loved her so much.

The Golden Dragon Moon Song that was named after her was retracted silently at this very moment. Only his body was displayed before her Silver Dragon Spear.

Closer, they were getting even closer now. It was utterly impossible for him to back out now due to the close distance. Besides, he refused to back out.

Gu Yuena changed the way she looked at him, yet it was precisely then that her gaze suddenly had a murderous intent.

In that instant, when Tang Wulin thought he was going to be stabbed, the murderous intent skimmed past him abruptly and headed to the ground instead.

‘What’s she doing?’

Gu Yuena’s Silver Dragon Spear did not stab Tang Wulin, but the murderous intent erupted instantly. It seemed like she was trying to freeze heaven and earth.

The Silver Dragon Spear carrying her body dropped from the sky instantly. She was one with the spear which was enshrouded with a murderous intent! The four great Limit Douluos, the Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin, and the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi were watching with outstretched necks on the ground below. They felt trapped in an icy cold world. They were completely immobilized in the extreme cold, and they felt as if the blood in their bodies was about to freeze.

The Silver Dragon Spear was pointed at its first target, the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin. The sharp speartip arrived in an instant as if it had been teleported.

Due to the disparity of their cultivation bases, the Amorous Douluo did not stand a chance to unleash his Amorous Sword before he was immobilized by Gu Yuena’s divine consciousness.

At this exact moment, a silhouette stood in front of the Amorous Douluo. It was precisely the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi.

“No…” Tang Wulin roared aloud in rage as he reacted to the situation. He used his utmost speed to reach the ground from the sky. Unfortunately, he was a step too late! He could not catch up with Gu Yuena’s expeditious silhouette.

He felt chills in his heart suddenly. She wanted to kill the Amorous Douluo and the Heartless Douluo for fear that they would utilize their martial soul fusion skill, the Emotions Moved The Heaven!

“Poof…” How could a human’s body stop the sharp Silver Dragon Spear? The sharp speartip pierced through the Heartless Douluo’s chest instantly. A moment later, it pierced through the Amorous Douluo’s body and pinned both of them to the ground.

He clearly saw the two great Limit Douluos’ life forces being devoured by the Silver Dragon Spear. Their bodies withered soon after.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. It surpassed everyone’s imagination and judgment. No one expected this situation to actually take place and that Gu Yuena would kill the Amorous Douluo and the Heartless Douluo in such a cold, ruthless manner.

Even the beasts which were constantly in fear of the two Limit Douluos were dumbstruck upon witnessing the scene.

An icy cold glint glimmered in Gu Yuena’s eyes. The Silver Dragon Spear pulsated, and then retracted instantly. Subsequently, the speartip was swept horizontally to point at the Light Dark Douluo.

The sound of a dragon’s roar was heard coming from Long Yeyue when she was targeted by Gu Yuena’s murderous intent. She unleashed her martial soul. At the same time, the Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie tugged at her body and shoved her behind him.

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