The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1982 - Just To Love You

Chapter 1982 Just To Love You

Gu Yuena turned around abruptly and stabbed the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand at Tang Wulin who had by then caught up to her.Tang Wulin suddenly had a change of mind. Initially, he thought he would die for sure. He was close to having an emotional breakdown.

In that instant, a barrage of thoughts ran through his mind. What was the purpose of her killing the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo? It meant she would not let mankind off the hook. On the contrary, she wanted to kill all of mankind’s powerhouses! It meant the soul beasts were still trying to dominate the entire world and to annihilate mankind in the process.

Tang Wulin’s mind was in a complete mess. He watched helplessly as Gu Yuena tried to kill Long Yeyue. How could he let her have it her way? Hence, he swung the Golden Dragon Spear with all his might to stop Gu Yuena!

Gu Yuena’s icy cold gaze was utterly emotionless. At this very moment, her emotions were completely immersed in the dragon clan’s hatred and rage for mankind. It seemed like her only goal was to destroy everything before her.

The Silver Dragon Spear’s tip braced the Golden Dragon King’s spear tip in a precise manner. The Golden Dragon Moon Song and the Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin collided once again.

The two dragon spears pierced into one another. They had lost count of the number of times they collided. Yet, at this very moment, a situation which no one expected occurred.

The Silver Dragon Spear was still glimmering with its nine-colored radiance. Its light was pulsating and it appeared as powerful as ever. Suddenly, it turned illusory akin to a bubble.

The golden light passed through the layers of bubbles. Tang Wulin watched incredulously as the spear pierced into Gu Yuena’s chest with a thud. It had pierced through her heart.

The icy cold expression on her face disappeared completely at this moment. She seemed to feel no pain. There was only a faint smile on her face.

Everything appeared to be in an eternal state at this precise moment. It was not just Tang Wulin, everyone else watching were glassy-eyed.

All the beasts in the distance were frantic. The Sea God Douluo and the Light Dark Douluo standing by Gu Yuena’s side were astonished. Meanwhile, the halo around the withered bodies of the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo became distorted and turned into a large bubble before disappearing to reveal two persons who were uninjured but stunned.

Mo Lan gasped, her mouth wide open. Thousands of soldiers were shocked.

The public watching the screen widened their eyes in surprise.

Yet, everything was frozen the moment Gu Yuena’s heart was pierced by the Golden Dragon Spear. Time froze. Everyone maintained their posture and did not move the slightest bit just as when the lord of the plane, Tang Hao sealed the entire space when he appeared in the past.

Even Tang Wulin’s heart seemed to be frozen at the moment.

His mind drew a blank. How could he not know that he had fallen for Gu Yuena’s scheme?

His body was still hovering in the air. There were only the both of them who could still move at present. His body slowly landed on the ground.

He was shivering from the cold. In the next moment, he tried to pull out his Golden Dragon Spear.

Suddenly, Gu Yuena raised her hand to grab the shaft of the Golden Dragon Spear. She kept the faint smile on her face and nodded toward him gently.

A nine-colored radiance coiled around her long, slim fingers which kind of looked like spring onions. Tang Wulin tried to pull out the spear, but he just could not do it regardless of how hard he tried. He felt as if the spear was casted to her body.

“This is the ending that I’ve planned since earlier. It’s also the best ending possible.” Her red lips parted to utter the words softly.

Every single person and every soul beast on the entire battlefield heard her voice and understood her. Nonetheless, they were still incapable of moving. It felt as if the entire sky and ground were locked down by her.

“You…” Tears streamed down Tang Wulin’s face in a split second. He could not find the words to speak.

At this exact moment, his heart churned in pain. His entire person shivered violently.

Gu Yuena heaved a soft sigh. “Will you please listen to me?” As she spoke, a stream of nine-colored radiance suddenly shot out from the top of her head to enshroud Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin was surprised to find himself immobilized despite his cultivation base. Apparently, the Dragon God Core flew out and immobilized him.

Tang Wulin looked at her in a daze. He only realized at this moment that if she had wanted to harm him, she could have relied on the Dragon God Core to send him to his doom since earlier! Why would she wait until now to do it? In a way, everything she had done was to lure him into stabbing her with the spear.

Gu Yuena appeared so calm as if it was not her heart that he stabbed.

They stared at each other closely despite being separated by the distance of the Golden Dragon Spear.

She was smiling all the time. Not an ounce of pain could be seen in her gaze, only the utmost affection.

“Wulin, do you know that this is the moment that I can truly love you without any reservations? You asked me on multiple occasions if I love you. I’ve answered you before. Yet, now’s the only time that I can truly announce before everyone as the witness and say ‘I love you’ aloud.”

Her gaze was filled with love. She raised her left hand slowly and showed the ring which was wrapped around her fine, delicate finger and shimmering with a misty blue radiance.

“That day when you proposed to me, I was really, really touched. I became your wife the moment you put the ring on me. I, Gu Yue will only be the wife of one man. He’s Tang Wulin.”

“Na’er won. When she won, I knew I had sunk so far that I was completely involved. I attempted to extricate myself in the past. Besides, I tried to kill you on more than one occasion. Yet, I just couldn’t do it. On the contrary, it made me sink deeper until I couldn’t help it anymore.”

“Even I’d no idea when I fell in love with you. Perhaps, it was the moment where you spent a thousand days burying the dragon bones for my Dragon Clan. Or, it could be the time I called you ‘Father’. Or, it was the moment you forced me to acknowledge my love for you with your irresistible confession during the Sea God’s Fated Date Festival.”

At this point, her gaze began to turn blurry. “Perhaps, everything that happened isn’t right. This is because our fate has been destined from the first time we met. Whether it’s the first time you met Na’er, or the first time you encountered Gu Yue, it’s destiny. You and I are destined to this fate.”

“Perhaps, this is a doomed love. Even so, I accept it too.”

“I’ve no choice but to acknowledge the fact that your father is the most farsighted man I’ve ever encountered in my life. He truly lives up to his name of being the leader of God Kings. He planned a strategy which had been decided ten thousand years ago. He managed to rejuvenate the vitality of the Douluo Continent so that this world can enjoy peace for the next ten thousand years at the very least. He’s a man of great wisdom and courage.”

“We are barely significant when compared to him. I’m not as farsighted as him. Thus, I haven’t figured a way to solve the issue between us and to resolve the enmity between our clans which has spanned over tens of thousands years.”

“I’m the Silver Dragon King after all. I’m a part of the Dragon God’s body and I’m the king of all beasts. I’m the first ancestor of the soul beasts. You can say that they’re evolved from my aura into the clans they are currently. On the other hand, mankind has always been slaughtering them. This enmity cannot be resolved by virtue of our relationship. Even when we’re standing at the pinnacle of our own clans, we still can’t do it.”

“For that, I’ve been ruminating for a very long time. I’m constantly searching for a way to solve this. I search for that ray of hope, hoping that it will appear before us and give us a way to be together for good.”

“I’ve thought about ignoring everything else and being with you in the past. I even thought about abandoning everything of mine and my clan. As long as you love me, I’ll disguise myself and be with you. I won’t care about anything else but just to love you.”

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