The Lord's Empire

Chapter 10 – Demon Priest

Chapter 10 – Demon Priest

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Zhao Fu and Bai Qi looked at each other, feeling quite surprised. They had expected the Goblins to go hungry for a few days before charging out in desperation, yet the Goblins had unexpectedly surrendered. Zhao Fu lightly smiled and chose to accept, and another system announcement sounded in his mind.

“You have accepted Logue Village’s surrender. You have received 50 Achievement Points!”

Following this, Zhao Fu brought his people to the entrance of the village, saying to the kneeling Goblins, “You can all rise!”

Hearing this, the Goblins all slowly stood up with expressions of fear in their eyes. Even though they couldn’t understand what Zhao Fu was saying, they understood his intentions. This was because lords had translations available to them, and it was similar to telepathic communication skills. Even though they spoke different languages, they could understand each other’s intentions.

At this moment, the elderly Goblin kneeling at the front spoke a few garbled words that meant, “We thank the respected lord for accepting Logue Village’s surrender.”

Zhao Fu nodded and asked curiously, “Logue, why did you choose to surrender now instead of waiting a few days?”

Logue was the name of the elderly, bitter-looking Goblin. From the beginning, he had suspected that Zhao Fu did not have many people because of his reluctance to attack the village. As such, he sent out 100 Goblins in order to hunt for food and to entice Zhao Fu to attack the village.

If Zhao Fu had chosen to attack the village, he could have used the blood-colored altar’s effects and the remaining Goblins in the village to deal a serious blow to Zhao Fu. However, it hadn’t even crossed his mind that Zhao Fu would attack the 100 Goblins instead of the village. Not only did he kill all 100 Goblins in the hunting party, but he also chose to surround the village without attacking them.

At that point in time, Logue Village only had two options if they did not surrender: the first one was to starve to death, while the second one was to charge the encirclement. Comparatively speaking, it was much better to surrender as early as possible.

After hearing Logue’s explanation, Zhao Fu took his people to the center of the village and looked at the blood-colored altar, receiving some information.

[Demon Altar]: Can be used to change one’s profession to Demon Priest through a sacrifice. Special effects: Demon Priests standing on the Demon Altar can communicate with gods. Effects: All stats +5%.

When Zhao Fu saw this information, he motioned for Bai Qi to bring over a wild beast. Soon, Bai Qi carried over a 150-kilogram wild boar and placed it on the altar. Zhao Fu slit the wild boar’s throat with a knife, and the wild boar screamed as its blood poured out.

As the blood flowed onto the altar, the blood-red altar shined with a bloody light. The wild boar seemed to be completely terrified, and it continuously shrieked. After it died, the wild boar’s corpse shriveled up until it became completely dry, giving it a terrifying appearance.

The bloody light coming from the altar became even more intense, and an illusory image that looked like an imp appeared in the air. The imp had three short horns on its head, pitch black pupils, and a pair of small and large wings on its back.


The demonic image said in the demon language, meaning, “Lowly human, do you believe in our glorious god, Kerr?”

“System announcement! Would you like to change your profession to Demon Priest?”

“Warning! Once you change your profession to Demon Priest, your Swordsman profession will be erased, but you will keep the skills!”

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to accept. A bloody light shot from the demonic image into Zhao Fu’s forehead, following which Zhao Fu heard a system announcement.

[Demon Priest]: D grade Military. Description: A Priest of the Demon God Kerr. Effects: Receives [Demon’s Power]

After the bloody light shot into Zhao Fu’s forehead, the demonic image slowly disappeared, and everything went back to normal.

Zhao Fu looked at his Demon Priest profession and marvelled inwardly, “This D grade military profession is much better than my previous profession. It gives Strength +1%, Constitution +1%, and Intelligence +4%; [Hell Fireball] and [Blood Healing] skills; and [Demon’s Power], which gives all stats +2.”

It was a pity that this was the limit for this military profession. The so-called ‘Demon God Kerr’ was only a low godly spirit in Hell, and it was not very powerful.

In this world, there was a maximum of 100 Demon priests. Zhao Fu had been quite lucky that one had died not too long ago, so there was a spot available for him.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased, and he smiled as he went to look at the Goblin’s barracks. The Goblins only had two Profession Change Stone Steles:

[Goblin Soldier]: F grade Military. Description: Soldiers of the Goblin race. Effects: Receives the skill [Slash].

[Goblin Warrior]: E+ grade Military. Description: Goblins that have mutated by obtaining the primogenitor’s power. Effects: Receives [Primogenitor’s Power].

No wonder the Goblin Warriors were so powerful; they were E+ grade Military. However, they were limited to five positions.

Currently, the Great Qin Village had not developed much, so even though Logue Village had become a Subsidiary Village, Logue Village would only be slightly affected and would not receive great benefits.

Zhao Fu went to have a look at the other parts of Logue Village before coming to the Storehouse. They had quite a lot of money, roughly 4,000 copper coins and 15 silver coins. Apart from that, there was not much else.

They had perfectly resolved the Goblin crisis, but the Popular Support of Logue Village was only at 50. As such, Zhao Fu ordered some people to go back and bring some food. The Goblins, who had gone hungry for a few days, immediately leapt at the food and ravenously ate, causing Popular Support to rise by 10 points.

Following this, Zhao Fu took his people back to the Great Qin Village. Due to the Goblins, they had stopped all construction for the past few days, so now they resumed working. The main tasks were to cut wood, build houses, and start farming land. Zhao Fu also sent a team of soldiers to patrol the Great Qin Village’s surroundings to see if there were any dangers.

After giving out orders, Zhao Fu did not have much to do. He looked at the two skills he had obtained from his Demon Priest profession. One was Hell Fireball, D- grade, and the other was Blood Healing, E+ grade.

Skills were also split into 9 major grades and 3 sub-grades. Zhao Fu obtained Fireball, an F grade skill, from the Violent Flame Rabbit, so he wanted to see the strength of his new D- grade skill, Hell Fireball.

Zhao Fu went to an empty piece of land and spread out his hands. A blood-coloured fireball appeared in his hands, and he threw it.

Bang! When the fireball landed on the ground, an explosion sounded out as a one meter wide crater appeared. It was at least four times stronger than a normal Fireball, which could only leave behind a black mark on the ground.

As for Blood Healing, it was a skill from Hell that was similar to a normal Priest’s healing skill.

After trying out his two new skills, Zhao Fu felt that it was a pity that there was a limit on the number of people with this profession. Also, in the Heaven Awaken World, Magic skills were quite rare, and they were worth 10 or so times more than Physical skills. Zhao Fu hoped that he would be able to create a Mage group in the future.

Zhao Fu decided to spend the rest of his time cultivating. Bai Qi was already at the peak of Stage 0-2 and about to step into Stage 0-3, while he was still at Stage 0. [TLN: Stage 0-2 denotes 'Stage 0, Step 2']

At lower levels, cultivation was not very important, but in the future, it could determine the fate of an entire nation. Thousands of normal soldiers would not be able to defeat a single Stage 9 soldier, and the normal soldiers would just be annihilated. If a nation did not have soldiers with high cultivation, it would be difficult for the nation to stand firmly.

Right now, the Great Qin Village did not have many people, and having a single person who could fight was already not bad. However, after they had more people and things stabilized, Zhao Fu would start training elite troops.

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