The Lord's Empire

Chapter 9 – Logue Village

Chapter 9 – Logue Village

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After listening to Li Si’s report, Zhao Fu nodded. The next day, he summoned 14 new villagers. There were seven people who could fight and a B grade woman, who Zhao Fu also arranged to change to Scholar. He hoped that they would be able to gain the Taming skill with more Scholars soon.

Zhao Fu took the seven people who were able to fight to become soldiers. Now, Zhao Fu had 28 soldiers, and he brought them to the Goblin village.

The Goblin village was still in full defense mode, so Zhao Fu chose to not attack. Instead, he told Bai Qi to continue laying traps while training the soldiers.

Another day passed, and Zhao Fu summoned another 15 people. Six of them could fight, so Zhao Fu arranged for them to change profession to soldiers. The Goblins still hadn’t dared to come out, so Zhao Fu continued to wait while setting traps. While doing this, Zhao Fu also discovered another Decade Iron Tree.

The next day, Zhao Fu summoned 14 people, eight of whom could fight, and one B grade villager, and he sent them all to change professions.

The Goblins finally ran out of food today, and they could no longer endure the hunger. This time, roughly 100 or so Goblins came out of the Goblin village, and about half of them were females. There were 4 Goblin Warriors who had just changed professions, and they were a bit smaller than the Goblin Warriors from before.

Right now, there were only 20 or so Goblins left in the village that could fight and the Goblin Warrior that had returned from the previous hunting expedition. There were 30 or so females, and some elderly and young Goblins who essentially couldn’t fight.

From how things looked, it seemed that attacking the Goblin village would be quite easy, but Zhao Fu felt that it would not be so simple. He felt that the blood-colored altar was not ordinary, and there could be something special about it.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to attack the 100 or so Goblins. Of course, it was stupid to directly attack them, or they would have set all of those traps for nothing.

Zhao Fu split up the 34 soldiers into three groups and gave an explanation of their plan before sending one team to attack.

When the Goblins saw that there were so few enemies, they immediately raised their sabers and yelled as they rushed over. The group of people attacked a few times and turned and ran, following Zhao Fu’s orders.

The Goblins cheered excitedly and chased after them, wanting to kill the enemies who had tormented them for the past few days.

However, in the next moment, the Goblins started to fall into the ready-dug pits, and they were impaled by the sharp wooden spikes. They continuously howled, the big group of Goblins instantly losing 20 out of the 100 Goblins.

After losing a portion of their forces instantly, all of the Goblins stopped, not daring to advance. They had no idea if there were more of these pits ahead, so they did not dare to advance. All they could do was stand still as they furiously roared.

Swish, swish, swish…

Suddenly, a few arrows pierced some of the Goblins. The Goblins saw a few enemies running from their left, and they immediately chased after them in rage.

As they ran, they triggered trap after trap. Large logs and rocks smashed down from above, either heavily injuring Goblins or killing them directly.

The 80 or so Goblins had now been reduced to about 50. At this moment, another group appeared to the right of the Goblins, shooting them with arrows before running away.

The Goblins had already suffered twice, and they did not dare to stupidly chase after them anymore. They could only stand still at where they were and brandish their weapons, roaring at the escaping enemies.

By now, the other two groups had merged and circled around from behind the Goblins. Arrows and fireballs landed on the group of Goblins, catching them completely off-guard. This attack was quite effective: the fireball heavily injured two Goblins and gave a few other Goblins light injuries, while nine arrows found their marks, killing three Goblins, heavily injuring five, and lightly injuring one.

Now, there were only around 40 Goblins who were still able to fight. The group that had been running also turned around and started to attack, reducing the Goblins’ numbers even more.

“Bai Qi, get rid of one of the Goblin Warriors as quickly as possible. All Shieldbearers focus on defense and hold up the other two Goblin Warriors. Infantry charge, and Archers fire at will. Leave the Goblin Warrior with the lame legs to me,” Zhao Fu loudly commanded, and everyone moved to carry out his orders.

The remaining Goblin Soldiers had only just changed professions and many of them were female, so they were quickly dealt with by the Infantry and Archers. Eight or nine Shieldbearers held wooden shields and tightly surrounded two of the Goblin Warriors.

Zhao Fu was able to deal with the lame Goblin Warrior quite easily. Of course, he did not fight it at close range because he definitely wouldn’t have been able to defeat it. Instead, he launched Fireballs at it – because the Goblin Warrior was quite large and had lame legs, it was unable to dodge his attacks, and it was killed by Zhao Fu in the end.

On the other side, Bai Qi quickly dealt with the Goblin Warrior he was responsible for. The remaining two Goblin Warriors did not require Bai Qi to act, and they were killed by arrows. They died in quite a pitiful manner – they were surrounded by shields and barely had any space to dodge the arrows that rained down on them.

After the battle was over, everyone started to sweep the battlefield.

Bai Qi put away his sword and turned to look at Zhao Fu, a hint of a smile on his cold and handsome face. Zhao Fu’s tactics and commands during the fight had been stellar. He lacked experience in large battles, but this was enough to show Zhao Fu’s exceptional talent. How could Bai Qi not feel happy to have such a capable lord?

Zhao Fu turned around and saw Bai Qi’s smile. Zhao Fu felt quite confused and asked, “Bai Qi, what are you smiling at?”

Bai Qi lightly shook his head and did not respond to Zhao Fu’s question. Instead, he asked, “Your Majesty, how should we proceed? Do we attack the Goblin village?”

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu replied, “Surround it first. I feel that there is something strange about the Goblin Village. Regardless, they don’t have any food, so they’ll have to come out sooner or later. There’s no need to rush.”

Bai Qi nodded and replied, “This subordinate feels the same way. They probably left the village empty to lure us over. However, they hadn’t expected that Your Majesty would ambush the 100 or so Goblin Soldiers and 4 Goblin Warriors, who have now all been destroyed, instead of attacking the village.”

Zhao Fu felt more and more that the Goblin village was not so simple. After clearing out the battlefield, he took his soldiers to surround the village.

The Goblins looked at the enemies surrounding their village and understood what had happened. Looks of fear and terror appeared on their faces as the village became somewhat chaotic.

Zhao Fu looked on from outside and did not plan to attack. They were in the palm of his hands, so there was no need to be hurried.

After observing the village for 10 or so minutes, Zhao Fu was surprised to see an elderly Goblin walk out with an ancient, wooden walking stick. The elderly Goblin brought the rest of the Goblins out and knelt at the entrance of the village.

Following this, Zhao Fu received a system announcement, “Logue Village has surrendered to you. Would you like to accept?”

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