The Lord's Empire

Chapter 4 – Military

Chapter 4 – Military

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As for their grades, Normal grade Primary level Villages usually summoned F grade villagers and one E grade villager every three days, one D grade villager every 12 days, one C grade villager every 48 days, one B grade villager every 192 days, and one A grade villager every 768 days, while S grade and above villagers simply couldn’t be summoned in Normal Villages.

From this, one could see how rare high-grade villagers were. If it took more than two years to summon an A grade villager, it would be essentially impossible for a Normal Village to summon S grade villagers or above.

This was how long it took to summon certain villagers for Normal Villages. The time was reduced by 2/3 for Blue Villages, another 2/3 for Silver Villages, and so on.

Most of the villagers summoned at Violet Legendary grade Villages were F grade, some were E grade, a few were D grade, and very few were C grade. Higher grades required more than 2 days, but adding on the Great Qin Village’s special stats and Li Si’s Title’s effect, the Great Qin Village had a 25% bonus to attracting higher grade population, so it would take a bit more than a day for the Great Qin Village to summon higher grade villagers.

Out of the thirteen summoned villagers, one was C grade, two were D grade, three were E grade, and seven were F grade.

After this, Zhao Fu brought Bai Qi and six of the youths who had decent fighting power to the five stone steles. The five stone steles were Profession Change Stone Steles, and four of them could be used to change one’s profession to a certain profession.

[Great Qin Soldier]: E grade Military. Description: The Great Qin Soldiers who swept across and destroyed the other six states. Effects: Every soldier who changes professions will receive the basic cultivation technique [Great Qin Mantra].

That was the introduction to the Great Qin Soldiers, and the different professions were as follows:

The first was Infantry, which could choose [Sabermen], [Swordsmen], or [Spearmen].

After changing professions, Infantry could obtain profession-specific skills. For example, [Sabermen] received the skill [Basic Saber Technique] and the Infantry profession bonus of Strength +2% and Constitution +2%.

The second was Shieldbearer, which could choose [Saber and Shield Soldier] or [Spear and Shield Soldier]. They received the skill [Shield Defence] and the Shieldbearer profession bonus of Strength +1% and Constitution +3%.

The third was Archer, which could choose [Sword Archer] or [Dagger Archer]. They received the skill [Basic Archery Technique] and the Archer profession bonus of Strength +2% and Agility+2%.

The fourth was Cavalry, which could choose [Saber Cavalry], [Sword Cavalry], or [Spear Cavalry]. They received the skill [Horsemanship] and the Cavalry profession bonus of Strength+2%, Constitution+1%, and Agility+1%.

The fifth was not a battle profession but a Scholar Profession Change Stone Stele, which allowed 10 people to change their profession to Scholar. They received the skill [Research] and the Scholar profession bonus of Intelligence +4%.

The amount of Scholars was limited to 10 at most, and they conducted all sorts of research, such as agriculture, which increased production, animal husbandry, which allowed one to tame wild beasts, and brewing, which allowed one to make good wine.

Of course, the higher grade Scholars were better. As such, Zhao Fu did not plan on changing anyone’s profession to Scholar today. Because the village had just been established, he had 50 free profession changes. After 50 profession changes, he would only be able to change professions by paying the corresponding number of copper coins.

Zhao Fu changed the six villagers he had brought to Infantry. Zhao Fu regarded Bai Qi as quite important, so he turned and asked, “Bai Qi, what profession do you want? You can choose for yourself.”

Hearing this, Bai Qi nodded. Because Generals could choose 2 professions, he chose Cavalry and Infantry.

Zhao Fu also chose Infantry. He did not like using sabers or spears, so he chose Swordsman and received [Basic Sword Technique] as well as the [Great Qin Mantra]. It is only possible to cultivate using cultivation techniques, and his current cultivation was only Stage 0, which he could only raise by cultivating.

Cultivation was split into nine Stages, and each Stage was split into nine Steps. Every time one advanced a Step, he or she received +1 to all stats.

Only by having a Legendary Village would one be able to obtain the corresponding cultivation technique and have such comprehensive military professions.

If it was a Normal Village, they would only be able to change to F- grade [Militiamen] at the beginning, and would have to obtain their own cultivation techniques.

There were wheat seeds in the Village Hall, some simple farming tools, ironware, and weapons in the Smithy, clothes in the Tailor Shop, and basic medicines in the Medicine Shop. Zhao Fu arranged for the women to go and pick wild fruits and berries, while the men were to cut wood and build houses and fences. After settling down, they could start clearing wild areas for farming.

At this moment, when Li Si saw that Zhao Fu was also going to cut wood, he quickly called out, “Your Majesty! Please rest; how could we allow Your Majesty to do such heavy jobs.”

Everyone heard this and looked quite worried that Zhao Fu would tire himself out.

When Zhao Fu saw this, his cold heart finally started to relax, and he slightly smiled as he said, “Don’t worry about me; just treat me as a friend or a family member.”

When Li Si heard this, his expression tightened. Zhao Fu was the Great Qin Empire’s inheritor, and he would one day be an Emperor. How could he treat him as a friend? That was blasphemy. However, just as he was about to say something, Zhao Fu cut in front of him. “Alright, it’s getting late, so let’s go cut wood!”

Li Si didn’t dare to say anything, but his respect towards Zhao Fu increased.

After working for a while, they finally built a few wooden houses and some simple fences. Without knowing it, the 13 resident’s Loyalty all increased by 10, bringing Popular Support to 80.

At night, Bai Qi hunted a wild deer and a few rabbits. Everyone sat around a large bonfire together, making it seem quite lively. However, Zhao Fu was too used to being alone and could not join in, so he stayed indoors.

Normally, killing non-humanoid creatures in the Heaven Awaken World would not result in any drops apart from a few copper coins. At the same time, residents or soldiers killing other creatures increased the experience of the Village, which helped the Village level up.

At this moment, Li Si respectfully walked in with a wooden plate with many carefully-cut pieces of cooked deer meat on it and said, “Your Majesty, please eat.”

Zhao Fu nodded. After working for so long, he felt quite hungry. He picked up the wooden chopsticks that they had made and tasted a piece, finding it incredibly fresh and delicious.

He was going to continue eating, but when he saw Li Si politely standing by his side, ready to tend to his needs, he couldn’t help but say, “Li Si, you don’t need to stay here with me; you can go outside. It’s more lively out there.”

Li Si slightly smiled before replying, “It’s better for me to stay with Your Majesty!”

Zhao Fu felt a slight warmth within his heart and didn’t say anything. He continued to eat the deer meat when Bai Qi also walked in and stood by his side.

“What are your thoughts towards Great Qin’s future?” Zhao Fu, who was eating the deer meat, suddenly asked.

Li Si was the Prime Minister of an empire, and Bai Qi was a famed General. Their insight and knowledge of tactics were definitely above Zhao Fu’s, so he did not act arrogantly, and instead sincerely asked for their opinions.

Right now, the entire world was a chaotic chessboard, but there was nothing that had been determined yet. Life, death, heroes, altruists, and formidable characters had not been determined yet, neither had who the chess pieces or the players were. None of this was certain. If they didn’t start preparing now and failed to advance and consolidate at every step, all that was waiting for them would be failure and death.

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