The Lord's Empire

Chapter 5 – The Hundred Schools of Thought

Chapter 5 – The Hundred Schools of Thought

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“Your Majesty, can you tell us what happened after Great Qin perished?” Bai Qi asked as he cupped his hands respectfully.

Zhao Fu nodded as he said, “After Qin perished, Chu and Han fought for supremacy. Following this, Eastern Han was split into the Three Kingdoms. The Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties followed when foreigners suddenly put China into grave danger.”

“Why? How could our glorious country be bullied by other tribes?” Bai Qi couldn’t help but speak when he heard what Zhao Fu had said. After realizing that he had spoken out of turn, he quickly apologized to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly shook his head, signaling that it was fine. He explained that China was no longer a place that other tribes feared and could be bullied easily after the Qin Dynasty. During the Qin Dynasty, there was the School of the Military, Legalists, School of Vertical and Horizontal, Taoists, Confucianists, and Mohists, creating the Hundred Schools of Thought and a galaxy of talented people.

However, after the Han dynasty, the Hundred Schools of Thought were rejected, with Confucianism being favored. Studying literature became favored, and even though this was not bad, the military was neglected as a result.

“Your Majesty! I believe that we must stay away from big battles if we are to win, especially those with other Chinese factions,” Bai Qi said seriously. Even though Bai Qi had been quite angry initially, he quickly calmed down.

Li Si nodded. “Your Majesty, China is currently the largest battle region, and if we’re caught up in these battles, our consumption of resources may be too great. The best thing for us is to remain independent and neutral.”

Zhao Fu took in their advice and nodded before continuing to outline the history of China. Soon, the three of them created a roadmap of Great Qin’s future.

Even though they had planned quite far into the future, this was the direction they would head in. Right now, the most important thing was to develop the Great Qin Village well.

Without knowing it, Zhao Fu had stayed in the Heaven Awaken World for 10 or so hours, and it would nearly be dawn in the real world. Because there were some things he needed to take care of in the real world, Zhao Fu instructed Bai Qi and Li Si to send people to patrol during the night to ensure their safety. Following this, he came out of the Heaven Awaken World.

After his consciousness returned to his body, Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes and saw that it was daytime. He found his phone and looked at the time, and it was already 8 AM.

After crawling up from the ground, Zhao Fu washed his face and rinsed his mouth before going out to buy some things for breakfast.

Following this, Zhao Fu planned to withdraw from his university. During the Legacy Trial, he had been warned that the real world would be devoured by the Heaven Awaken World not too long in the future. As such, continuing to study was pointless, so Zhao Fu decided to change his way of living.

Nanshi University was a famous university within China, and anyone who could enter was elite. Entering this kind of university was something that many people dreamed about.

“Are you sure you want to withdraw?”

The teacher in charge of Zhao Fu’s classes, Li Hong, looked at Zhao Fu with pity and tried to talk him out of it. Zhao Fu was quite reclusive during class, but his grades were always quite good. If Zhao Fu graduated, he would have a bright future, but Li Hong had never expected that Zhao Fu would suddenly withdraw.

Zhao Fu sincerely nodded, confirming that he had thought about it thoroughly. In the end, Li Hong could only reluctantly agree. After going through the withdrawal procedures, he received $5000 from the university.

During his years in university, Zhao Fu didn’t have any fun. Whenever he had free time, he worked. Currently, he had 3 different jobs. Even though it had been quite tough, he had quite a bit of money saved up. If he lived frugally, it would last him a few years.

Zhao Fu bought a few boxes of instant noodles and returned home. He turned on his second-hand laptop and looked through some of the information regarding the Heaven Awaken World. Right now, the Heaven Awaken World was the most popular thing on the news.

Almost everyone was chatting about the Heaven Awaken World, and as Zhao Fu searched on the internet, countless pieces of information jumped out. Zhao Fu found that someone had already created a Heaven Awaken World Forum, on which there were already over 100 million users. What’s more, this number was still rapidly increasing.

“Who created this forum so quickly?” Zhao Fu wondered before creating an account. He entered the forum and had a look around. Apart from chatting about things in the Heaven Awaken World, there were threads about selling and buying things in the Heaven Awaken World.

1 copper coin was already worth $8 in the real world.

Of course, the powerful families in the real world also knew what would happen in the future, so they started to funnel all of their resources into the Heaven Awaken World. In fact, someone had offered hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase a Legacy Stone. Normal people had no idea about what was to come, and they only felt incredibly jealous. If they had one of those stones, the money they could earn from it would last them several lifetimes.

However, to those who had Legacy Stones, they could only laugh. They had to pass through many trials to obtain the legacy, and if they sold the Legacy Stone for a bit of money, they wouldn’t have deserved it in the first place.

Zhao Fu felt quite a bit of pressure when he saw the large families pouring their resources into the Heaven Awaken World.

However, something worth rejoicing over was that even though there were many main cities from the system, each main city was managed by the Lord of that city. This meant that the regions were not connected to each other, and it also meant that there were many different regions within the Heaven Awaken World. If one wanted to move to another region, it would depend on his or her own efforts.

However, with how big the Heaven Awaken World was, all of the regions were tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other, and one could only imagine the danger of crossing to another region.

When people usually entered the Heaven Awaken World, they were randomly placed at a location. Even though the powerful families had invested massive amounts of resources, they were in different regions, or Zhao Fu would have lost from the very beginning.

In the forums, Zhao Fu found the place where he was. It was called the ‘Forest of Horrors’ and had 3 main cities. The one in the east was called ‘Holy Light City’, the one in the south was called ‘Soldier Forest’, and the one in the west was called ‘Demon Tree City’.

Zhao Fu looked at the introductions of each of the main cities. Each main city was very big, and it could hold more than 1 million people. Entry into the main cities cost 2 copper coins, and ordinary fights were forbidden, though there was an Arena where one could legally fight. The guards at the main cities normally had above Stage 1 cultivation.

There were all sorts of things in the main cities, such as Silver grade weapons. The Heaven Awaken World’s weapons were split into Normal (White), Superior (Blue), Rare (Silver), Perfect (Gold), Legendary (Violet), and Epic (Orange).

Normal weapons gave one stat, Blue equipment gave two stats, Silver equipment gave three stats, Gold equipment gave four stats, and so on.

Apart from the things sold in main cities, each main city had Merit Points, and completing quests from the main cities gave Merit Points. Merit Points could be exchanged for different rewards, and they could even be exchanged for positions in the city.

Zhao Fu read the introductions to the main cities with great interest before letting out a breath, planning to enter the Heaven Awaken World again. The real world looked quite peaceful as usual, but in actuality, it was only the calm before the storm.

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