The Lord's Empire

Chapter 6 – Goblins

Chapter 6 – Goblins

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It was morning when Zhao Fu entered the Heaven Awaken World again. This time, Zhao Fu summoned fourteen people: eight males and six females, and seven of them could fight. There was also a B grade villager among them, a white-haired elder, and Zhao Fu immediately changed his profession to Scholar.

As for what he was to research, because crop output was not a problem due to the Village’s special stats, Zhao Fu had the elder choose Taming. If they could obtain the Taming skill, they would be able to tame some wild beasts and start developing livestock.

Now that they had houses, they had more safety and could start farming. Zhao Fu did not do this himself, and he instead left it to Li Si. Zhao Fu brought Bai Qi along and took the few weapons in the Smithy. They started to patrol the surrounding area to see if there were any dangers or resources.

On the way, Zhao Fu and his super-bodyguard Bai Qi killed a few wild rabbits and two wolves. They only dropped copper coins, and the wild rabbits only dropped one copper coin each, while the wolves dropped three to four copper coins each.

Suddenly, the grasses shook as a rabbit that was a little bit bigger than the dog appeared. It had flame-red fur and was not cute like most rabbits. Instead, it looked quite ugly, and there was a savage and vicious look in its eyes.

Bai Qi threw down the rabbit and wolf corpses he was holding and blocked the path in front of Zhao Fu.

At this moment, the rabbit opened its mouth and fire elemental essence gathered in its mouth, forming a fireball. Following this, it flicked its head upwards as the fireball rushed towards Zhao Fu.

While facing the fireball, Bai Qi said seriously, “Your Majesty! Please retreat for a moment!”

Zhao Fu nodded. Fighting was not his strength, so he wasn’t going to bring trouble to himself.

The fireball flew over, and a hint of sword qi covered Bai Qi’s sword as he slashed the fireball.


The fireball exploded into sparks, not injuring Bai Qi in the slightest.

Zhao Fu sighed in amazement when he saw this. SSS grade characters were indeed quite powerful. In just a short period of time, Bai Qi’s cultivation had already greatly increased.

Following this, the rabbit once again shot out a few fireballs towards Bai Qi, but he easily evaded all of them. Bai Qi was not only SSS grade, but his stats were also incredibly high, and he had a buff from his Title and Profession, making him quite strong.

The rabbit started to look irritated when he saw that its fireballs were unable to hit Bai Qi. It leaped up and opened its mouth, revealing 2 sharp fangs as it tried to bite Bai Qi.

Bai Qi coldly harrumphed and turned his body as he stabbed it with his sword. Blood flew through the air as the sword pierced through the rabbit’s throat, killing it instantly.

“System announcement! Your General has killed an Elite magic beast, the Violent Flame Rabbit, and has gained 6 Achievement Points.”

“System announcement! You have gained 3 Achievement Points.”

So it was an Elite magic beast. magic beasts were variants of normal creatures, and they had stronger bodies as well as magic. For example, the Violent Flame Rabbit could shoot fireballs.

Killing Elite magic beasts or above gave Achievement Points, as did attacking other Villages. Achievement Points are mainly used to raise one’s status. In order to raise the level of one’s village, he or she needs to have a certain status. For example, in order to raise his village to an Intermediate Village, Zhao Fu’s status needed to be at least Citizen, but he was only a Commoner right now.

At the same time, the higher one’s status was, the better his or her treatment would be in main cities.

The Violet Flame Rabbit dropped 2 shining silver coins and a red orb of light, which Bai Qi delivered to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the red orb of light. It was called an Innate Elemental Orb, and after using it, one would obtain the corresponding skill. After using it, Zhao Fu obtained a Fireball skill.

The gains from today were quite good. Realizing that it was almost midday, Zhao Fu carried the Violet Flame Rabbit while Bai Qi carried the wild rabbits and wolves as they made their way back.

At this moment, however, Zhao Fu suddenly saw a very strange-looking tree. Its bark was jet-black and gave off a metallic luster. The tree was about ten meters tall, and its trunk was one meter wide. Its leaves were also a dark green color.

Zhao Fu had a look and saw that it was called the Decade Iron Tree.

[Decade Iron Tree]: Grade: White. Can be used to create equipment.

Zhao Fu was delighted when he saw this tree because they could now create weapons. There were only a few weapons in the Smithy right now, and there were not enough for everyone. As such, Zhao Fu’s discovery of the Decade Iron Tree alleviated the awkwardness of not having enough weapons.

Zhao Fu immediately went back and brought people to cut down the Decade Iron Tree to create wooden sabers, wooden swords, wooden shields, and wooden bows. Even though wooden sabers and swords could not compare to iron sabers and swords, they could still deal damage. Moreover, Zhao Fu could now have people change to Shieldbearer or Archer professions.

They had made great progress today: they created weapons, cultivated land, and planted their wheat seeds. Everything was coming along nicely, and Zhao Fu felt quite excited. At night, he did not leave the Heaven Awaken World and instead cultivated.

The third day.

This time, he summoned 15 people: 10 males and 5 females. There were 8 of them who could fight, so Zhao Fu had 4 of them become Shieldbearers and 4 of them become Archers. Now, the Great Qin Village had 21 soldiers.

Zhao Fu was about to take Bai Qi with him to patrol around when suddenly, a few of the women responsible for collecting wild fruits quickly ran over and said that they had discovered Outlanders, a term for foreign races.

Zhao Fu’s expression became serious when he heard about this, and he quickly asked for specifics.

The women had been 2 kilometers south of the Great Qin Village, and they had been collecting wild fruits when they suddenly heard some wild boars scream. They gathered up their courage to take a look and saw some wild boars being surrounded and killed by Outlanders. After that, they immediately ran back in terror and reported what they saw to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu immediately took people to go south. By now, the Outlanders had left, but there were still traces of blood and footprints on the ground. 3 kilometers south of the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu discovered an Outlander village.

The Outlanders that lived there were not very tall – they were a bit more than one meter tall – and had green skin, pointy ears, and bulging stomachs. They were extremely alike to the creatures found in most games, Goblins.

There were around 300 or so Goblins in the Goblin village, and Zhao Fu immediately felt a sense of danger while anxiously observing the village from outside.

He found that there were 300 or so goblins in the village. There were 40 to 50 elderly and young Goblins, and 80 or so female Goblins. Only about 190 of the Goblins could fight.

This was a Normal grade village, which meant that there were only 100 soldiers at most. Nearly half of the Goblins who were able to fight did not have a profession, making them weaker due to not having any skills or Profession bonuses.

Most Goblins held sabers and were called [Goblin Soldiers], and Zhao Fu also found some Goblins that were 2 meters tall and very well-built. They held knives that looked disproportionate to their bodies and looked incredibly savage. Those Goblins were called [Goblin Warriors].

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