The Lord's Empire

Chapter 7 – Blood-Colored Altar

Chapter 7 – Blood-Colored Altar

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There were not many Goblin Warriors, only 5 of them, but what caught Zhao Fu’s attention was the one-meter-tall blood-colored altar at the center of the village. The altar was made of different kinds of rocks, and it gave him a very bad feeling.

Given how close they were, the Great Qin Village would be in great danger if the Goblins discovered the Great Qin Village. Right now, the Great Qin Village only had 47 residents and 21 soldiers. How could they fight more than 190 Goblins?

These Goblins definitely weren’t as easy to kill as the ones in games that had virtually no fighting power. After examining them closely, Zhao Fu found that their fighting power was quite decent.

Zhao Fu thought for a while with a serious expression on his face.

“Bai Qi! I’ll stay here to observe the Goblins. Hurry and take everyone back to the Great Qin Village and tell Li Si to go into Level 1 Defence Mode. Train all of the soldiers so that it won’t be their first time fighting if we do go to war. If something happens, I don’t want anyone to die because we failed to prepare properly.”

Bai Qi became quite worried when he heard this, and he said anxiously, “But Your Majesty, your safety…”

Zhao Fu felt a warm feeling within his heart and cut Bai Qi off, saying, “Don’t worry! I’ll be careful, and it’s best that I do this. I’ll be able to plan our defenses while looking for any weaknesses. However, you should train them as quickly as possible because the Goblins might find us soon.”

Bai Qi realized the gravity of this matter, and he could only sincerely nod before taking everyone back to the village and informing Li Si.

Li Si became quite serious and commanded the women to reinforce the fences and help make all sorts of weapons.

Bai Qi called together all of the soldiers and trained them in arranging formations, working together, and mobilizing together.

When the Great Qin Village’s villagers heard that Zhao Fu was risking his life by standing guard and observing the Goblin Village, they all felt incredibly moved. Everyone worked hard together, and soon, Popular Support rose to 90.

Zhao Fu hid in some tall grass on a hill and was looking down at the Goblin Village, searching for any weaknesses. If they engaged in a direct confrontation, it would be a pyrrhic victory even if they won. This was not something that Zhao Fu wanted.

Time gradually passed, and soon, the sunset and part of the sky was dyed red. At this moment, Bai Qi brought some people to come and find him.

Zhao Fu sighed. After observing for so long, he hadn’t found anything that he could exploit. However, he learned some things about the Goblins. First, their intelligence was not very high, and they loved to fight. They often started fighting over a piece of meat.

It was about to get dark, so Zhao Fu could only return, leaving 2 people there to stand guard. He had considered a night attack, but they still only had 23 people when adding himself and Bai Qi. Facing 300 or so Goblins, even a night raid would not work.

As a result, Zhao Fu did not sleep very well. The next day, he once again summoned new villagers. This time, there were only five of them who could fight out of the fifteen he summoned, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed.

At this moment, one of the villagers he had left behind last night to keep watch came to report and said, “Your Majesty! The Goblins have started to move.”

Zhao Fu quickly asked for more details. He learned that the Goblin village’s soldiers had split into 4 groups, with about 50 Goblins in each group, and had headed in 4 separate directions.

After the villager reported this, Zhao Fu felt that an opportunity had come. The Goblins were not a farming race, and they relied on hunting to obtain food. The Goblins went out hunting every day to make sure that they had enough to eat.

“Bai Qi! Hurry and assemble everyone!” Zhao Fu immediately ordered.

Following this, 26 soldiers were gathered in front of Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu brought a few fruits to serve as breakfast and then led Bai Qi and the soldiers to catch up to one of the Goblin groups.

There were roughly 50 Goblins in this group, and it was led by a Goblin Warrior.

At this moment, Bai Qi showed the results of his training. What followed was a true battle, not a disorderly brawl.

Bai Qi ordered the soldiers into three lines: Shieldbearers at the first line, Infantry at the second line, and Archers at the third line. This was the most basic formation.

“Archers, I know that you changed professions recently, so I don’t expect you to kill someone with every arrow. Just make sure you hit them; aim for the largest parts of their bodies,” Bai Qi said to the Archers before making the signal to fire.

Following this, the Archers raised their bows, and arrows shot out into the group of Goblins. Zhao Fu also released a Fireball with them, sending it shooting towards the Goblins.

The eight Archers all hit a Goblin. Three of them received light injuries, four received heavy injuries, and one unfortunate Goblin was killed on the spot. Zhao Fu’s Fireball also exploded, injuring 5 or 6 Goblins. One was blasted into the sky and crashed to the ground - that one didn’t have long to live.

At this moment, the Goblins also discovered them. They roared as they raised their sabers and rushed over.

Many of the soldiers revealed terrified looks when they saw so many Goblins rushing towards them. After all, they had never fought in a real battle before. Bai Qi coldly harrumphed when he saw this, and the fear that everyone felt suddenly decreased when they heard him. It was most likely due to Bai Qi’s Title that increased morale.

“Release arrows!” Bai Qi once again bellowed, and eight arrows flew, shooting a few Goblins down. The Goblins were prepared this time, so not as many arrows hit the Goblins. Zhao Fu also released a Fireball, blasting a few Goblins again.

By now, the Goblins were nearly within 10 meters of them. Bai Qi yelled, “Shieldbearers advance! Scatter their spirit! Infantry, follow right behind them!”

The 8 Shieldbearers rushed up, colliding with the Goblins at the front. The Goblins chopped at the wooden shields, leaving shallow marks, but they were unable to injure anyone. Thus, the Goblins’ momentum was greatly reduced.

A charge required a large spurt of energy, and only by continuously charging forwards could they maintain their momentum. After being blocked by the Shieldbearers, the Goblins lost not only their momentum but also their morale.

In the beginning, the arrows and Fireballs had already reduced the Goblins’ strength by almost a third, and now that they had been stopped, the Shieldbearers and Infantry started to counterattack. The Archers behind them also freely shot as Zhao Fu continuously launched Fireballs.

The situation quickly turned to Zhao Fu’s favor.

As for the large, well-built Goblin Warrior, it was held at bay by Bai Qi single-handedly. Even though the large Goblin Warrior looked quite fat, it was quite agile. It slashed the knife in its hands quite quickly, and Zhao Fu could only see a flash of light whenever it attacked. Zhao Fu felt quite worried when he saw this, but it was good that Bai Qi was not weak either.

After an hour, the battle finally concluded. Zhao Fu’s people suffered some light injuries, but most of them were fine. On the other hand, the Goblins had been completely destroyed. This was the result of many different military professions cooperating well.

After resting for a while, Zhao Fu took his people to chase after another Goblin group.

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