The Lord's Empire

Chapter 8 – Three Victories

Chapter 8 – Three Victories

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The second group of Goblins had less than 50 Goblins, and just like the first time, the Archers launched their arrows, injuring and killing a few Goblins, before the Shieldbearers rushed up with the Infantry right behind them.

Zhao Fu also launched 2 Fireballs, but he started feeling mentally tired. He had already launched 7 Fireballs when dealing with the first Goblin group, so he had to stop for a while.

The Shieldbearers and Infantry battled with the Goblins while maintaining orderly ranks, with the Archers freely shooting from behind them.

At this moment, one of the Goblins rushed out of the fray and raised its saber as it howled, charging towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu didn’t feel any fear when he saw this because he had been mentally prepared for a long time. Facing this life or death battle, he gripped the iron sword in his hands and rushed to meet the Goblin. Zhao Fu looked at the Goblin charging towards him and slashed towards it with all of his might.

The Goblin tilted its head, easily evading Zhao Fu’s attack. It cackled as it mocked Zhao Fu, slicing at Zhao Fu’s waist with its saber, causing Zhao Fu to quickly retreat.

Seeing this, the Goblin pressed forwards.

Zhao Fu had slipped up the first time, but he remained calm and ignored the Goblin’s taunts. Facing a real life or death battle, his heart wildly thumped with nervousness. However, he did not fail to monitor his surroundings and took a step back before suddenly leaping towards the Goblin and stabbing towards it.

The Goblin also easily avoided this strike, and it immediately moved forwards and swung its saber towards Zhao Fu. However, at this moment, it tripped on a stone and lost its balance.

This was what Zhao Fu had been aiming for, and he swung his sword towards the Goblin.

The sword cut into the Goblin’s neck and some blood flowed out, but it had not cut too deeply. As such, it did not deal too much damage.

The Goblin howled in pain and raised the saber in its hands. It was about to slash down when Zhao Fu’s heart tightened, and he used all of his strength to push the sword deeper into the Goblin’s neck twisted upwards.

Blood sprayed, filling the air.

Warm blood covered Zhao Fu’s body, and the Goblin’s corpse slowly fell to the ground. After taking a life for the first time, Zhao Fu’s heart thumped quickly as he raggedly breathed.

By now, the battle between the groups had also concluded. Bai Qi killed the Goblin Warrior and suddenly turned to see Zhao Fu covered in blood. He was given a great fright, and quickly hurried over and asked worriedly, “Your Majesty, are you alright?”

Zhao Fu gradually recovered and slightly shook his head, signaling that he was fine.

Seeing this, Bai Qi let out a sigh of relief.

“Ask around to see if anyone was injured!” Zhao Fu said.

Bai Qi nodded and looked at everyone before answering, “Your Majesty, no one was injured greatly.”

Zhao Fu let out a breath and looked up at the sky. It was nearly midday, so they would not be able to catch up to the third and fourth groups. As such, he decided to lay in wait and ambush the third group when they came back.

Li Si brought a group of women to deliver lunch for them, and everyone rested for a while.

Time gradually passed, and soon, the third group of Goblins returned with a few wolves, 10 or so wild rabbits, and a 200-kilogram wild boar – a bountiful journey.

Zhao Fu and his soldiers were hidden in the grass, waiting for an opportunity.

The Goblin Warrior swaggering at the head of the group suddenly sneezed, attracting many of the Goblin Soldiers’ attention. It was then that Bai Qi gave the order to attack.

Arrows flew towards the Goblins, piercing them and causing quite a commotion. A few Goblins were instantly killed, and others were heavily injured. After recovering for a few hours, Zhao Fu’s mind had recovered by more than half, and he could use Fireballs again. As such, he also launched a few.

With the experience that they had gained from the previous two battles and adding on the fact that it was an ambush, this battle was much shorter than the previous two battles. Barely anyone was injured – of course, this was also partially due to the Goblins’ weariness and the injuries they already had from hunting.

After resting for a bit, Zhao Fu led his people to where the fourth group of Goblins was returning from.

It was a pity that the fourth group had already reached the Goblin Village, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed. If they could have destroyed the fourth group, the Goblin village would not have been as scary.

By now, they had killed nearly 150 Goblins, and the Goblin village sensed that something was wrong. They had no idea who the enemy was or how many enemies there were, so they could only nervously stand guard.

Many Goblins were standing on the outer perimeter of the village, attentively looking around. Whenever they detected anything, they immediately rushed up and surrounded it.

Zhao Fu and his soldiers came quite close to the Goblin village, and he had a look at the tight security. He muttered, “Right now, the Goblin Village only has around 60 Goblins who can fight. The rest are all elderly, children, or females.”

The Goblin village seemed to have been greatly weakened, but Zhao Fu did not plan to attack. He wasn’t in a rush because the Goblins went out to hunt every day to make sure they had enough food. As such, once they ate all of their food, they would definitely come out. Compared to directly attacking, ambushing was easier and went much more smoothly.

Moreover, Zhao Fu did not want to make any sacrifices. By now, Zhao Fu felt incredibly close to the Great Qin Village and its residents.

However, they couldn’t just wait here idly for the Goblins to come out. While the Goblins were still in the village, Zhao Fu ordered his people to start laying all sorts of traps around the village.

The sky gradually darkened, and after leaving a few people to keep watch, Zhao Fu and the others brought back the spoils from the battles with the Goblins. There were 10 or so wild rabbits, a few wolves, and the wild boar. Even though wolf meat didn’t taste very good, it was better than nothing. Moreover, wolf teeth could be used to make arrowheads, and wolf skin could be used to make leather armor.

The materials gained from the Violent Flame Rabbit were Blue grade. However, He Yun’s, the Tailor Shop’s owner, tailoring skill was only at Basic level, so she was unable to use Blue grade materials to create leather armor. As a result, it was just stored in her shop.

After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu and the others lit a bonfire. Now that the crisis was resolved, the atmosphere was no longer as tense, and the villagers laughed and talked heartily with each other.

As Zhao Fu entered the village, a few four or five-year-old children excitedly ran over. They crowded around Zhao Fu and looked at him in awe as they cheered, “Your Majesty! You’re so amazing; you killed so many Outlanders!”

Zhao Fu slightly smiled when he heard this and explained, “I didn’t do all of it; your parents contributed greatly as well.”

“But it was under Your Majesty’s amazing leadership that we were able to kill so many Outlanders,” one of the boys said excitedly as he hugged Zhao Fu’s leg.

This boy was quite good at flattery despite being so young. Zhao Fu lightly smiled and patted his little head, the coldness in his heart gradually thawing.

Following this, the children’s parents quickly came over and apologized before taking them away.

Zhao Fu went to the Village Hall and thought for a moment before asking Li Si, “How were our gains from killing the Goblins today?”

There was no time for Zhao Fu and his group of soldiers to collect the spoils after each battle, so this was left to Li Si and a group of women.

Li Si grinned and cupped his hands respectfully as he replied, “We obtained 152 Goblin Sabres. However, they’re too small and aren’t suited for our use, so they need to be modified. We obtained 685 copper coins from killing the Goblin Soldiers and 7 silver coins from killing the 3 Goblin Warriors.”

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