The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 28 - A Great Relationship (3)

Ch.28 A Great Relationship (3)

Su Yaya thought about it. Since she wanted to be a celebrity, she needed to work hard and earn money. She definitely needed to work on her acting. Since Director Zhou Tongguang has high standards, she will listen to Zhou Peiyun and learn. After all, it’s not a bad idea to have extra talents. It’s good to learn more things. She nodded her head and said, “Sister Zhou, don’t worry. Starting tomorrow, I will go to the company every day and attend acting classes. I won’t ever be absent.”

“The fact that you have this mindset puts me at ease.” After Zhou Peiyun heard this, she was comforted. Despite how much of a headache Su Yaya gave her in the past, she was still her artiste after all. Plus, President Chen was supporting her from behind, so if she has a good future, it will be good for her too. Artistes and managers benefited each other.

The two of them wrapped up the discussion regarding second female lead’s role since Chen Xiuqi had gifted it to her already. It was set and couldn’t be changed. No matter how others will attempt to take her role, it was impossible. Zhou Peiyun set aside this topic temporarily and began to talk to Su Yaya about other things.

“Yesterday, I was talking to you about an advertisement I got for you after a lot of difficulties. Originally, I wanted to give this to Xiao Xin. Yet, someone had posted pictures of you on Weibo yesterday and the users gave nice comments. Our contract partner was also satisfied so I decided to give this advertisement to you.”

“Thank you, Sister Zhou.” Su Yaya smiled and said in appreciation. If she wins a job, this meant that she will make money. No matter who Zhou Peiyun wanted to give this project to in the past, she decided to give it to her now. Su Yaya will take this seriously and earn money. ‘Why not go for it?’

Zhou Peiyun waved her hands and said, “Don’t thank me too early. Although this advertisement is mine now, the contract partner wanted to see you first. Come with me to their company later on.”

“Ok, I have no problem.” Su Yaya smiled and made an ok hand gesture.

“When we go there, I will be there for you. Do you understand?” Zhou Peiyun looked at Su Yaya and said.

This meant that she wanted her to speak less or even be quiet. After all, she could handle everything.

Su Yaya nodded her head and said, “I understand.”

“Ok, let’s go.” After Zhou Peiyun reminded her head, she led her out the door.

Zhou Peiyun said they’ll take the company’s car but Su Yaya had driven over. She offered to give Zhou Peiyun a ride in car over instead. Zhou Peiyun thought about it and didn’t reject her offer. She followed Su Yaya to the parking lot.

Upon seeing the white Cayenne that Su Yaya driven over, Zhou Peiyun had no idea what to say. There was only one thought in her mind: ‘Chen Xiuqi really pampers her.’ She had been a manager for so many years but she couldn’t even afford a Cayenne! ‘Look at this comparison!’

The two drove to their partner’s company and Su Yaya parked the car in the parking lot. The pair got out of the car and took the elevator up. When the door was about to close, someone called from outside, “Stop the door.”

When Su Yaya heard the voice, she hurriedly pressed on the open door button on the side. The elevator door, which was about to close, opened again, and two men wearing business suits walked in.

The man upfront held a briefcase, clearly an assistant or something similar. The man behind had an imposing manner and held more status.

When Wang Wenhao walked in, he subconsciously glanced at Su Yaya while slightly squinting his red phoenix eyes. He revealed a tint of happiness on his handsome face. He said, “Su Yaya?”

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