The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 12 - Lonely Fragrance (1)

Chapter 12: Lonely Fragrance (1)

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Emperor Entertainment City had been operating for quite a number of years. Back then, before Mu Yuchen left City Z, he was a regular customer there.

Now, things were different. This place was still the same and not much had changed, but what was distinctive were the people.

“It’s a nice place here. Su Nan comes here frequently. I didn’t know that you were coming here or I’d have offered to buy you dinner.”

Xi Xiaye smiled. She turned around and opened the gold-lined curtains. Looking outside the window at the colorful scenery, the breeze gushed in and made the curtain sway lightly.

Mu Yuchen looked at the scenery she was looking at, and then said, “I don’t mind if you invite me next time.”

Xi Xiaye was surprised and stared at him, but he seemed indifferent and was not particularly expressing any emotions. She then replied him seriously, “Let’s set a time then. I haven’t paid the money back either, so let me buy you a meal as a way of saying ‘thank you’.”

“Your medication is still in my car.”

Mu Yuchen smiled when he noticed she was being serious. He pointed at her bandaged hand. “The doctor said your hand can’t come into contact with water. You’d better change the medication when you get back. I’ll have Ah Mo get them.”

He then took out his phone and made a call. He issued some orders to the man called Ah Mo and quickly ended the call.

“It’s alright. It’s just a little burn. It’ll be fine in a few days.”

Xi Xiaye was very grateful for his kindness and concern.

Actually, Xi Xiaye was not comfortable with people being so concerned about her. She was used to the days when no one cared about her, and due to the lack of attention all these years, a tiny gesture of kindness could touch her heart easily.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. People need to know how to love themselves.”

Mu Yuchen smiled, his eyes appearing full of kindness. However, the way Xi Xiaye looked at him had an odd sense of distance.

Ah Mo swiftly delivered the medicine, and he was surprised to see Xi Xiaye beside Mu Yuchen. He greeted politely, “Ms. Xi! I didn’t expect you’d be here too. I was just wondering how I could deliver the medicine to you!”

It was great that they had met in person, so he did not have to look around or deliver the medicine to her doorstep.

“Hello!” Xi Xiaye greeted back politely as well.

“Ms. Xi, these are your medication.” Ah Mo handed the medication over.

Xi Xiaye took them and thanked him. She turned to Mu Yuchen and hesitated for a moment. “Could you wait for me here for a moment? I’ll go get my wallet… I forgot to pay you back for the medical bill…”

Mu Yuchen glanced over and blocked her way with his large body. His tone was filled with a conclusive firmness. “Take it as you owe me a meal. Go home earlier.”

He left her with those words. Xi Xiaye watched his back as he walked away.

“Ms. Xi, Master doesn’t like people talking about these things. You have to be careful of your wound. Take care and goodbye!” Ah Mo smiled, then he quickly caught up with Mu Yuchen.

Xi Xiaye was about to push the door open since she was right in front when she suddenly heard the sound of the door unlocking. It was opened from the inside and Su Nan’s anxious face appeared.

“Xiaye, are you alright?”

Su Nan went up and held onto Xi Xiaye’s shoulder.

Xi Xiaye shook her head. “I’m fine. It’s already very late and you must be tired. Let’s go back earlier. I’ll give you a ride.”


Su Nan looked at Xi Xiaye’s posterior as she walked away. Becoming even more anxious, she caught up and informed, “Xiaye, I think I saw your father just now…”

Su Nan’s words halted Xi Xiaye midstep, her slender figure turning rigid all of a sudden.

“They are probably here to welcome them back. Also, your father’s secretary gave me a call just now and said that your grandfather’s birthday is next week. They want you to go home then. He knows you won’t take his call, which is why…”

Su Nan went up to her when she saw Xi Xiaye stop. “I’m really worried seeing you like this.”

“Worried about what?”

Xi Xiaye turned around and looked at her. With a smile, her eyes were indifferent like a calm water surface. “There are some things that need to be endured. It’ll be fine after getting used to it.”


Xi Xiaye turned back after saying, “Let’s go. It’s late now.”

At the moment, things were pretty lively inside the Emperor 808 Luxurious Presidential Suite.

Dim yellow light mixed with some cold blue light covered the whole room. All kinds of food and snacks were served on the table. Empty bottles littered the side and a huge screen was playing karaoke songs.

There were four people inside the room: three men and one woman.

The woman was wearing formal attire in the form of a white shirt and a short black skirt. She looked pretty and presentable while the tag in front of her chest indicated she was the serving manager of Emperor Entertainment City.

She was serving wine for the few important guests at the moment.

On the left side of the sofa was a man in a silver suit. He looked polite and was emitting a gentle aura around him. Everything he did seemed like a refined gesture. He was one of the dream lovers of all the girls in City Z, the top gun of the technology field in City Z. His name was Zhou Zimo, and people always referred to him as Mister Zhou.

Opposite Mister Zhou was a handsome man. He was tall and looked pretty easy going, yet his eyes looked sharp. He was the respectable Master Su of City Z. Su Chen, the Vice Chief of the Traffic Control Bureau, the precious gem of the Su family, was 31 this year, a year older than Mister Zhou.

In the middle, there was another handsome man in a white slim-fit suit. His eyes seemed as deep as the ocean, emitting a dim and cold light. With dark red lips and a graceful manner, he kept a low profile and carried himself with humility.

He was the legendary Master Mu of City Z, also regarded as the truly cold, rich, and noble. Rumors had it that he graduated from the military business academy. He had served in the military for several years, but he came back to take over the Glory World Corporation as the elder of the Mu family was falling sick. After all, he had been expanding the companies abroad in recent years.

Master Mu was cold and low-profile. There were not many news or rumors about him, and not many had actually seen him too. To be fair, any news about the Mu family was rare. Apart from the event that shocked the whole of City Z back then, there was no notable news of the Mu family.

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