The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 23 - Racing, Master Mu's Might (3)

Chapter 23: Racing, Master Mu’s Might (3)

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She was a beautiful Barbie doll with waist-length blonde hair, wrapped in a stunning and luxurious lilac princess dress. While she was very attractive, what attracted the people even more was the golden rose in the Barbie princess’s hand!

Screaming with exquisite craftsmanship, a delicate stem propped up the rose in full bloom. Underneath the dim streetlights, one could still vaguely see that golden rose had hints of a flirtatious crimson. Its magnificence made it hard for one to tear their eyes away.


Indeed, once the gift made its appearance, the crowd instantly cried out in surprise. Gasps were heard and everyone’s eyes widened as they stared at the box in Xi Xiaye’s hand. Many women had already covered their mouths on the spot as shrieks and whistles rang out.

“Such generosity! I say that the people at the club are too biased towards you! Good thing it was snagged by another master like you. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t concede defeat!”

On the side, a sweet and pure-looking girl smiled and said as she looked at Xi Xiaye with envy, “Miss, you’re so lucky! This was meticulously planned and prepared by our club. This flower is called ‘The Peak of Romance Under Speed’ and it’s a token to wish you both happiness!”

Xi Xiaye was startled and she felt a little awkward. She looked up to Mu Yuchen, only to meet an unfathomable gaze. Just as her thin lips started to part and explain herself to the crowd, he suddenly tossed away the cigarette butt in his hand.

“Keep it. You drive. Let’s go home.”

With those simple words, he waved to the crowd and walked around the car to get into the front passenger seat.

Xi Xiaye frowned when she saw that he had already gotten into the car while the crowd was still smiling and looking enviously at her. She inhaled slightly and put the gift box away. Gently pulling on the wide, black windbreaker on her, she returned to the vehicle and started the car.

The car started to drive steadily ahead again. The cold breeze continued to pour in from both sides of the car window and it was a little chilly. From the corner of her eye, she could see that he was gently covering his forehead with a hand and frowning as he lightly leaned back in the car seat.

After some thought, Xi Xiaye closed the car windows and turned the temperature in the car up. In her calm voice were hints of concern. “The wind is strong and might give one a slight headache.”

Mu Yuchen calmly leaned back onto the seat and looked up gently. From the side, he quietly asked, “How long have you not practiced?”

He could tell that she had probably been wild once. Her movements just seemed a little out of practice.

When she heard him, Xi Xiaye paused. Her cold gaze greeted his knowing gaze and she fell silent for a while. Then, she suddenly laughed gently as if to mock herself. “You could tell?”

After a short pause, a soft sigh floating into his ear along with the thin air. “Three years. It’s been three years. I don’t have any special abilities. I just thought that racing was a very good way of venting my worries until… Later on, I suddenly felt like I’ve lost interest in everything. Then, I stopped going back. Indeed, there are some things that will slowly become unfamiliar after you’ve neglected it for too long…”

Mu Yuchen watched her silently, noticing that both her eyes were focused on staring ahead. Her slim body looked very frail and some undertones of loneliness and desolation were apparent on the fair and delicate side of her face. He stayed silent for a moment, then finally nodded gently. He tore his gaze away and slowly shut his eyes.

“Many people are used to stubbornly use other people’s mistakes or the past to hurt themselves. However, this is actually a very stupid way to do things. Xi Xiaye, do you think you are someone like that?”

His voice suddenly calmly brushed past her ears…

Xi Xiaye, do you think you are someone like this?

Are you?

In that instant, Xi Xiaye found that she did not have an answer, so she remained silent. The light in her twinkling eyes started to shift. While he did not say anything either, he just leaned back to rest. The car gradually flowed with a vaguely warm atmosphere and the quiet air did not seem stiff.

The car steadily drove through the clean and long cement main street, making its way towards the Grand Waves Villa area. The guards at the entrance were already different from the one they had seen when they left that morning.

However, once the guard saw Mu Yuchen’s car and the man himself resting in the front passenger seat, he very respectfully bowed at the car and swiftly opened the gates. He even stole a few more careful glances at Xi Xiaye who was in the driver’s seat before he smiled and waved to greet her.

Xi Xiaye also nodded gently at him before driving the car in.

At the entrance of Maple Residence, Xi Xiaye steadily parked the car. Mu Yuchen seemed a little tired beside her, so much so that when the car stopped, he was still leaning back with both eyes closed and his breath was even.

She thought about it for a moment before looking at him to gently call out, “We’re here. Get down. Go home and sleep.”

After she said that, she did not see him react for a long time, yet his brows were still furrowed deeply. He seemed like he was not very comfortable.

“Mu Yuchen?” Xi Xiaye could only raise her voice a little.

This was when Mu Yuchen opened his eyes which were heavy with fatigue. He took a look at Xi Xiaye, then pushed the car door open to get down.

These past few days, he had been pulling all-nighters. Last night, he was even up all the way to daybreak, and they had gone out and about that entire day. His body, which was on the weaker side, could not quite hold up. Further affected by the cold winds, he suddenly felt quite drowsy.

Xi Xiaye put the car keys on the gift box in her hands before handing the entire thing over to Mu Yuchen as she smiled and said, “Go back and rest well. Thank you for today. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

Mu Yuchen turned his body sideways. Seeing her beautiful little face flash with a bright and contented smile while her beautiful eyes filled with currents of gratitude, his indifferent face flashed with peace too. He nodded gently and lifted a hand to accept the gift and the car keys.

“The prize is yours,” he simply said before beaming. Before Xi Xiaye could answer, he had already turned around and walked into Maple Residence.

Xi Xiaye was shocked and she quickly raised the gift box in her hand. “But…”

“Have you ever seen a man like a Barbie doll or a rose? It suits you quite well.” His deep voice indistinctly floated in the night breeze while his figure gradually vanished from her sight…

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. The light in her beautiful eyes shifted and she looked over at the direction in which his figure vanished for a long time. Only when she saw the lights on the second floor of the villa light up did she regain her senses. She fell silent for a while and finally sighed to herself before walking towards her own car.

She put the gift box on the front passenger seat. Starting the car, she then left Maple Residence.

Maple Residence was still quite a distance from where her apartment was. Xi Xiaye took a huge round before returning to the area she stayed at. By the time she lugged a huge bunch of her belongings back home, it was already late at night. She had a quick shower, prepared the next day’s meeting materials, and then fell asleep from exhaustion.

She had just received a call from Vice President Liu. The next morning at 9 a.m., Glory World Corporation’s new Chairman was taking over, so naturally, she needed to be well-prepared.

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