The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 24 - He's The New Chairman Mu? (1)

Chapter 24: He’s The New Chairman Mu? (1)

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The next morning, Xi Xiaye woke up as usual. She got ready and went out with a thick briefcase and her own handbag after having a light breakfast.

As she went to get her car in the garage, she realized that the black windbreaker Mu Yuchen had given her the day before was quietly sitting on the front passenger seat. She frowned and remembered that she had forgotten to return it to him.

She hesitated for a bit, then put it in her bag. Putting her briefcase and handbag on the side, she started the car.

The car moved towards the direction of Glory World Corporation swiftly. Along the way, Xi Xiaye looked around for a laundry shop and finally found one.

“When can I get it back?” Xi Xiaye asked as she took the receipt.

“It’ll be done tomorrow, Miss,” replied the shopkeeper.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Thank you. I’ll come and pick it up tomorrow evening.”

She kept the receipt and returned to her car. It had taken her quite some time to find a laundry shop and she hoped that she could make it as she had never been late to work before.

She sped up as she thought about it.

At the moment, in the middle of the busy Tor Avenue in City Z, before the entrance of an enormous building, five men in black suits and two similarly clothed women were standing there attentively as if they were waiting for someone.

Every employee was surprised. The seven of them were the top elites of the company: the three Vice Presidents and the four Directors. They were not usually seen in public, so it was surprising to see them all gathered at the entrance. Some big shot must be arriving that day.

“I heard the new Chairman Mu is coming. Otherwise, there’s no way that these Vice Presidents and Directors would wait here!”

“That’s right! The Master is coming and so is his elite think tank from abroad. All of them are handsome blondes! I’m really looking forward to it!”

“Right! I really want to see how the Master looks like. Everyone said that he’s extraordinary… A handsome man approved by all of City Z. I wonder what kind of woman he likes…”

“Get lost! It’s definitely not someone like you. Hmm, why are there only seven people? I don’t see Director Xi…”

“Where is she? Could it be that she’s not attending events like this too? Oops, the guards are coming over. Let’s go!”

The employees started gossiping and only left the scene when the security guards chased them away.

“Vice President Liu, isn’t Director Xi really arrogant now? Doesn’t she know that the new Chairman Mu is coming today? How can she be so late?”

An unhappy voice broke the silence. Among the group of the top brass at the entrance, a woman in a grey suit huffed impatiently.

The woman had a good figure, a sharp chin, and even sharper eyes. She looked very capable. With light makeup on, she appeared around 30 years old, but she was actually nearly 40 and was one of the project directors of Glory World Corporation.

Vice President Liu who she called out to was Vice President Liu Lingyu, a skinny, middle-aged man. The old Chairman had recognized his capabilities and appointed him as Vice President.

Glory World Corporation had three Vice Presidents in total: Liu Lingyu, Wen Haiming, and Zhang Lan. They were all talented individuals in the field of business and had stayed in Glory World Corporation for over 20 years.

Under the Vice Presidents were the Directors. Many of them were sent away to other subsidiary companies. Including Xi Xiaye, there were currently five directors in the main branch of the company.

The woman who had spoken up just now was one of the directors. Her name was Liu Peilian and while she was a capable individual, she was not very popular with her colleagues. Nevertheless, she performed her job well, which was why she could reach the position of being a director.

“Director Xi requested leave from me yesterday. She’s probably sick, so it’s understandable that she might be late. Chairman Mu isn’t here yet, is he?” Liu Lingyu glanced at Liu Peilian unhappily.

The person who had called him yesterday was Chairman Mu. Director Xi must have know Chairman Mu personally, but Xi Xiaye was always on time. Why was she running late today?

Liu Lingyu was worried about her.

He was the one who had brought Xi Xiaye up ever since she joined the company. The girl was smart and hardworking. As she was one of his best subordinates, of course, Liu Lingyu would be unhappy when Liu Peilian criticized her.

Liu Peilian kept her mouth shut after being told off. She glanced over at Vice President Wen Haiming who just glared back at her unhappily without saying anything.

The female Vice President Zhang Lan hesitated for a while before voicing out her thoughts, “Vice President Liu, it’s a big event that Chairman Mu is coming for today. Would he feel disrespected with so few people welcoming him?”

“The Master doesn’t like causing a big fuss. It’s fine as it is. Just wait patiently!” Liu Lingyu replied and then rubbernecked into the distance. Finally, several black luxurious cars slowly came closer.

“He’s here!”

They were surprised and quickly stepped forward.

Four cars slowly stopped in front of the entrance of Glory World Corporation. The car up front stopped right beside the door and three cars followed right behind it.

The doors of the three cars in the back opened quickly as four handsome, blonde, foreign men came out. Each of them was flanked by two bodyguards in black suits and sunglasses.

“Master, we’ve arrived!” Li Si got down from the car swiftly and opened the door of the passenger seat.

Mu Yuchen who was still reading the meeting documents slowly closed the files. He handed them to Li Si and stepped out of the car.

“Congratulations for taking over Glory World Corporation, Master!” Under the lead of Liu Lingyu, the management team went up to congratulate him.

Mu Yuchen wore a casual, white suit that day. As he stood before the entrance of Glory World Corporation, he raised his head and took a long look at the tall building that almost reached the clouds. His eyes brightened a little, then they returned back to their usual calmness.

He nodded and then walked right through the entrance. Abruptly, he said, “Inform all the related personnel that I’d like to have a meeting now.”

He disappeared after leaving the message with Li Si and Ah Mo quickly following him.

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