The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 25 - He's The New Chairman Mu? (2)

Chapter 25: He’s The New Chairman Mu? (2)

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Soon, the crowd at the entrance quickly caught up with the figure in white.

Just several moments after the crowd left, Xi Xiaye rushed into the building with her thick briefcase.

It was already past 9 a.m. and it was her first time being late to work. Moreover, given that it was the first day of the new chairman arriving, hopefully, the new Chairman Mu would not give her trouble on this special day.

She sighed and without giving much thought to it, she went straight up to the meeting room on the 57th floor.

At this moment, inside the clean and neat meeting room on the 57th floor, the long tables were sandwiched by people, and the room was filled with a heavy atmosphere.

As everyone was looking at the handsome but distant young man, he was studying several freshly submitted projects. With his face devoid of expression at the moment, he caused a certain degree of uneasiness for everyone.

Most of them had heard about Chairman Mu’s unorthodox method of expanding the business abroad, and everyone was worried misfortune would befall them as there were internal rumors about him intending to restructure the management level.

Now, everyone was just staring at Mu Yuchen while trying to not make a sound.

After a while, Mu Yuchen put the document down and raised his head to face everybody. His eyes glanced over at an empty seat on his right side and he frowned.

“Is someone on leave today?”

Li Si quickly responded when he saw Mu Yuchen’s reaction, “Chairman Mu, that’s Director Xi’s spot. She might’ve been delayed by something since she’s always on time. I’ll give her a call now and check what happened to her.”

A tall and cool man stood up anxiously. Just as he was about to call Xi Xiaye, hurried footsteps came right into the meeting room. Before anyone could react, the door to the meeting room was opened from the outside.

“Sorry, I’m late!” Xi Xiaye halted in her tracks and apologized. Her face was slightly red due to her rushing.

She caught her breath and scanned everyone over. As she was shuffling towards her place, the man chairing the meeting gave her a shock.

How could it be him!?

Mu Yuchen…

The new chairman of Glory World Corporation, her current boss!

It took a while for Xi Xiaye to come back to her senses. It was no wonder that she thought his name was familiar when he told her yesterday…

Mu Yuchen raised his head and looked at the girl who had just barged in. His eyes seemed calm as ever while some people were throwing mixed glances over at Xi Xiaye.

“Go back to your seat. There’ll be no exceptions the next time.”

Mu Yuchen then turned away.

Xi Xiaye nodded and went over to her seat. She quickly pulled the meeting documents out of her briefcase.

The meeting room fell silent once again.

After a moment, Mu Yuchen spoke in his deep and cold voice, “Who’s in charge of the project with the Wang Corporation in City S? Please report on the progress.”

The manager-in-charge stood up nervously as he flipped through the documents and started giving an update.

The manager endured through the pressure and reported the whole progress of the project clearly. Historically, it was impossible for a manager in Glory World Corporation to break under such a meager challenge.

Mu Yuchen did not say anything and just sat there as he quietly listened to the manager’s report. He just nodded and reminded him of several important pointers to take note at the end.

Moving forward were the reports for several big projects which were handled by special teams and were not under Xi Xiaye, so she just listened and did not give any opinions.

“Director Xi, please tell us about the progress for New Era Plaza.”

Xi Xiaye just realized Liu Lingyu had already finished his report and it was now her turn.

There was a short silence before she flipped her documents open.

Her voice was cold and firm. “The New Era Plaza project is all completed. Currently, we’re in the latter phase of observation to monitor the business operations. I’ve analyzed the data here. The outcome is similar to our expectations. More detailed information will require further market research.”

She then raised her head and looked at the cool Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen nodded. Li Si went towards Xi Xiaye and took the documents from her and handed them to him.

He flipped through them and finally said something after being quiet for a long time, “I’ve gone to New Era Plaza personally. It looks pretty good in general. Vice President Liu, get someone to follow up on it and it’ll be fine.”

He slowly closed the documents as he spoke.

“I went to the South River Bridge yesterday and remembered that someone did a proposal about developing that area before. I’ve discussed it with the Vice Presidents and we think it has potential although it’s being put aside due to other projects like New Era Plaza and Jewellery City.”

Mu Yuchen turned around and looked at Li Si who quickly passed him another document.

Looking through it, he gave Li Si an eye signal and the latter then handed some photocopies to the few Vice Presidents present.

Liu Lingyu explained, “Chairman Mu, this proposal was made by Director Xi and Director Chu, who’s been stationed outside now. I feel that their combined effort was bold and very fresh, so I handed the proposal to the old chairman.”

“Now that New Era Plaza and Jewelry City are finishing up, I’d like to try this proposal, but I’ll need a more specific proposal. Is there anyone confident enough to take this project up?” Mu Yuchen said and then looked at everyone.

They all glanced at one another. After some whispering here and there, everyone coincidentally locked their eyes onto Xi Xiaye.

The number of resources and materials required for such a big project would be unimaginable. Many people would love to try their hand at it but were afraid to.

It was a super huge project with a shockingly enormous amount of investment. While she was the one who suggested it, it would still be a challenging task for her to carry it out.

As Xi Xiaye was about to decline, the man at the front seemed to have already made his decision and took away her chances of rejecting it.

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