The President is Being Shameless Again

Chapter 420 - We Have Not Agreed To Anything, Who Do You Think Are Your In-laws

Chapter 420: We Have Not Agreed To Anything, Who Do You Think Are Your In-laws

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They thought that Yue Jingchen was not mature or strong enough to protect Yu Zi.

As a man, it did not matter what abilities he possessed if he was not able to protect his wife at crucial moments, what use was he?

As they were so unhappy with Yue Jingchen, they completely forgot to be upset about Yu Zi being taken away by another man.

As Yan Huaian was superior in every way, they could clearly sense that there was not much of a loss for Yu Zi.

It was different for Yuan Hejing. All she wanted was for her daughter to marry a good man. That man should be able to treat her daughter well, love her and protect her, and never allow her to be bullied in any way.

Yan Huaian seemed capable of all that. He was mature, dependable and slightly older than Yu Zi. He would be able to love Yu Zi and treat her like a respectable lady.

Even though Yuan Hejing had never met him in person before, within her network of connections, Yan Huaian was given high praise. This alone had given Yuan Hejing a good impression of Yan Huaian.

She had even once lamented about how such a wonderful man could still be single. Whoever had him as a son-in-law would be so lucky and fortunate.

She had never expected this luck and fortune would fall upon her family.

This made Yuan Hejing really happy and it did not matter how upset Yu Gesheng and Yu Han were.

Before Yan Huaian could reply, Yu Zi said with a red face, “Mum, we’ve just started our relationship. It’s still too early to meet each other’s parents. If you hadn’t turned up so suddenly today, he wouldn’t have met all of you so quickly.”

Yan Huaian looked at her curiously. If not for the coincidence today, when was she planning to take him to meet the parents?

“I’m really happy to have the opportunity to meet both Uncle and Auntie today. Otherwise, I have no idea when Yu Zi would introduce me to everyone,” Yan Huaian said as he gave Yu Zi a slightly dejected look.

The look on Yan Huaian’s faced stunned everyone and no one knew how to react. It was not just only Yu Gesheng and Yuan Hejing, even Yu Zi, who saw Yan Huaian on a daily basis, was astounded by it.

“We just got together yesterday. I believe both Uncle and Auntie know that my family consists of my older brother and my sister-in-law, who are the elders at home. Besides them, I’ve also got a nephew who is currently in university. My brother and sister-in-law don’t have much to do at home. All they’re concerned about is when would I get married. I’ve not had a girlfriend for many years. If I were to suddenly announce that I’ve got one, my sister-in-law would probably rush out immediately to meet Yu Zi. I’m worried it will scare Yu Zi off,” Yan Huaian explained. Not everyone can get used to the overly enthusiastic Old Lady Yan.

Yu Han finally got a hold of a mistake of Yan Huaian and snorted unhappily. “These all sound like excuses. If you were really sincere about her, you would have let your family know about the relationship. If you don’t want to scare off my sister, then you should have properly placated your older brother and sister-in-law.”

Yu Han choked back a little as he was aware of the ages of Yan Huaian’s brother and sister-in-law. Somehow, it did not feel right to refer to them as such.

“Are you just scared, or do you not have the capability to handle them? You’re no different from Yue Jingchen,” Yu Han gave Yan Huaian a triumphant glance as he said.


There was nothing more for him say, was there?!

Yan Huaian could no longer hold back his words.

Yu Han could say anything he wanted, but he was not allowed to compare Yan Huaian to Yue Jingchen. This was an insult to Yan Huaian, there was no comparison between the two!

Yan Huaian immediately took out his phone to call the old mansion. He turned it to speakerphone so everyone could listen in.

The phone was picked up after a while and Old Lady Yan’s voice could be heard.

“Lil’ Andy,” Old Lady Yan called out happily.

Yan Huaian, “…”

He saw Yu Han and Yu Zi’s lips twitch.

The corner of Yan Huaian’s lips twitched as well. He planned to wait for all three Yu family members to leave before he slowly had his revenge on Yu Zi.

“Sister-in-law, stop calling me that. People might think that I’m a eunuch,” Yan Huaian said helplessly.

“Touch wood! You’re not a eunuch. If you are, you would be letting down my father-in-law, who is your father,” said Old Lady Yan.

Yan Huaian laughed, “You calling me that is probably the reason why I couldn’t find myself a girlfriend all these years.”

Old Lady Yan was pretty superstitious. It was safer to believe in it than going against the grain. “Fine, I’ll stop calling you that. Lil’… Huaian. What’s the matter?”

“Just to give you a heads up, I’ve got a girlfriend,” Yan Huaian said happily. He sounded especially proud.

A loud crash could be heard from the phone the moment he finished his words.

Yan Huaian got anxious as Old Lady Yan was quite elderly now. He quickly asked, “Sister-in-law, what’s wrong? Did you knock into something?”

Old Lady Yan quickly replied, “I’m okay, I’m okay. Your brother was standing at my side when he accidentally knocked over a cup. Sigh, this is not important right now. This child, could you give us some time to prepare before announcing such an important matter?!”

Yan Huaian, “…”

Yu Gesheng, Yuan Hejing, and Yu Han stood at the side, listening with perplexed looks on their faces.

Old Lady Yan was not exactly what they had imagined her to be.

Old Lady Yan fired a tirade of questions, “How old is your girlfriend? What’s her name? What does she do? What does she look like? When you are taking her home for your brother and me to take a look? I’m so happy I could cry. I was just discussing your lifelong happiness with your brother. We never expected you would quietly get yourself a girlfriend. I never thought this old tree would bloom flowers one day, this is really…”

An old tree blooming flowers…

Yan Huaian had to stop her from talking. Who knew what Old Lady Yan would say next? He quickly interrupted her. “Sister-in-law, my girlfriend, her parents, and older brother are listening. They can hear everything you say.”

The phone went silent on the other end.

It took a while before Old Lady Yan roared, “This mindless child, can’t you inform me in advance before deciding on things?! All you know to do is to spoil my image!”

Yan Huaian, “…”

Old Lady Yan’s tone very quickly took a 180-degree turn. “In-laws, ho ho ho, you’re there too?”

Yu Gesheng, “…”

We have not agreed to anything, who do you think are your in-laws?

Yuan Hejing, “…”

Old Lady Yan was really friendly with a passion.

“Huaian, where’s your future wife?” Old Lady Yan asked.

Yan Huaian thought Old Lady Yan was being truly supportive. She immediately turned his girlfriend into his fiancé. She was such a great help!

Yu Zi could no longer stay silent after being called out. She quickly replied, “How do you do? I’m Yu Zi.”

Old Lady Yan was really elderly. It did not seem suitable for Yu Zi to call her grandma, but she found it difficult to call her sister-in-law too.

“So, your name is Yu Zi. How do you write that?” Old Lady Yan asked again.

Yu Zi immediately explained.

Old Lady Yan nodded vigorously. “Good name. It’s a good name.”

“Where are the in-laws?” A voice filled with excitement called out. It was Old Master Yan by her side.

“That right. In-laws, where are all of you right now?” Old Lady Yan asked enthusiastically.

Yu Gesheng, “…”

He really was not keen on answering them.

Yuan Hejing took the lead instead and said, “How are you? I’m Yu Zi’s mother, Yuan Hejing. We are all at Yu Zi’s house right now.”

“Oh, Huaian is there too. What’s the address? We’ll head over right now. It’s so inconvenient to speak through the phone. It’s better if we meet in person,” Old Lady Yan said immediately as she prepared to head out with much anticipation.

Yuan Hejing gave her the address.

Old Lady Yan paused and turned toward Old Master Yan. “Is that Huaian’s new address? Why does it sound so familiar?”

“Let me check,” Old Master Yan took out a little notebook. There were many things jotted down in there.

He flipped through a few pages before spotting Yan Huaian’s address. “Isn’t this right opposite Yu Zi’s place?”

Old Lady Yan was tickled at the news. “Fate, this is fate! Wait for us, we’re coming over right now. See you later, in-laws!”

Yu Gesheng, “…”

Yuan Hejing, “…”

Yu Han, “…”

“So, Fishie’s new neighbor is you,” Yu Han said with an unhappy look on his face.

When he came back home with Yu Zi the other day, one of the neighbors mentioned that Yu Zi’s new neighbor urgently wanted to move in. He even paid extra to get the previous owner to quickly pack up everything and go.

What a cunning maneuver!

Yan Huaian pretended not to understand what Yu Han meant. He smiled unabashedly. “This is all fate.”

Yu Han, “…”

As the situation became increasingly awkward, Yu Zi said, “I’ll get something for everyone to drink. How about Pu Er tea? Huaian brought some over last night.”

Yuan Huaian felt happy hearing Yu Zi say ‘Huaian’. How could these two words sound so good coming from her?

“I’ll cook. Uncle, Auntie and Big brother, you haven’t eaten yet, have you? The meal will be ready once my brother and sister-in-law arrive,” Yan Huaian said as he got up.

Yuan Hejing moved towards him with interest. “You know how to cook?”

Yu Zi quickly took the opportunity to hype up Yan Huaian. “He wanted me to focus on preparing for the trial today. I didn’t do any cooking, dishes or housework yesterday. It was all him.”

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