The President is Being Shameless Again

Chapter 421 - Could Both Of You Stop Giving Him Dirty Looks

Chapter 421: Could Both Of You Stop Giving Him Dirty Looks

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Han Gesheng grunted as he thought of how good an actor this fellow was turning out to be.

Yuan Hejing felt genuine happiness in her heart. Yan Huaian was at a top position in his company and was especially busy with work. There would be many people rushing to get into his good books because of who he was. This includes many women who were more than willing to do anything for him.

Yet, he was interested in no one but Yu Zi, even taking the trouble to personally handle the household chores and share the burden with her. No matter how busy he was, he would take time to be by Yu Zi’s side and help her out.

This alone, made Yuan Hejing very pleased with him. He was so much better than Yue Jingchen was.

Yu Zi went to the kitchen to boil some water for tea. Yan Huaian had also taken off his coat. He rolled up his sleeves and entered the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Only the Yu family was left sitting in the living room. Yuan Hejing looked at the unhappy expressions on her husband and son’s faces, and said, “Both of you, it’s enough! Huaian is a 30-something successful man who is being very courteous to both of you. He’s placing himself in a very humble position because of Fishie. Since they’re already together, there is no use for both of you to object to them. Why don’t you be nice to him? That way, Huaian will treat Fishie better.”

They knew it was the right thing to do, but it was also a difficult thing to act on.

Yu Han grunted. “Yue Jingchen acted all humble with us too. And how did that turn out?”

“Is that really the same?” Yuan Hejing hit him on the head.

Only Yuan Hejing could hit him on the head like that even though he was all grown up.

“Yue Jingchen’s parents don’t have the best etiquette, but you’ve heard for yourself how Old Master Yan and Old Lady Yan are. They were so happy about the relationship. From the way they spoke, you can tell they are courteous and grounded folk. Can you really compare them to Yue Jingchen’s parents?” Yuan Hejing said.

“Besides, when it comes to his work, Yan Huaian is no less busy than Yue Jingchen. In fact, he could be even busier. Yet, he is able to put time aside to take care of Yu Zi. He has a lot of work to do, and he still took over the responsibility of household chores. Could Yue Jingchen had done this? Don’t tell me you are unaware of how much Yu Zi had given in to Yue Jingchen when they were together.”

Yu Han was unable to retort as this was all true.

“Tell me, besides the fact that you can’t bear Yu Zi leaving you, what else are you unhappy about with Yan Huaian?” Yuan Hejing asked.

This stumped both Yu Gesheng and Yu Han.

Indeed… There was nothing else they were actually unhappy about.

Yan Huaian came from a prominent family and was a good-looking man. He had a good job and treated Yu Zi very well. He was mature, responsible, accepting and caring toward Yu Zi. The elders in his family were nice and easy to get along with. There was really nothing to pick on in any aspect. He was the ideal husband for any woman.

Yuan Hejing smiled. “Can’t think of anything? Then treat him better! Stop showing those unhappy looks on your faces, especially when the two elders arrive. They might misunderstand and think we have something against Huaian and his family. We have been pushed around by Yue Jingchen’s parents before. Do you want to be exactly like his parents and treat Yan Huaian’s elders the same way?”

Yu Gesheng mumbled, “You can’t compare us to Yue Jinghchen’s parents like that.”

“I’m not comparing you to them, I’m just asking you to be considerate of others,” said Yuan Hejing.

“Okay, mum,” Yu Han said quietly.

“No matter what, I think Yan Huaian is a really good man. I know what the two of you are worried about, but why are you being so anxious when both of them have only just begun their relationship. They will need to date for a while before deciding about marriage or anything else. We can make observations during this period and decide if we should really let him be with our daughter,” said Yuan Hejing.

She finally said something that both father and son were satisfied with.

Yu Gesheng and Yu Han were not about to let Yan Huaian escape their observing eyes; it would start right now.

Both of them turned toward the kitchen. The kitchen door was not closed.

Yan Huaian was preparing dinner.

Yu Zi took out the compressed Pu Er tea leaves and tried to break it apart. However, the tea brick was too hard, and Yu Zi did not have the strength to break it up.

Yan Huaian saw her struggle and quickly put down whatever he was doing. He took the tea brick over and broke off a piece. He said to Yu Zi, “Let me handle things here. You should go out and chat with your parents.”

“I’ll boil the water,” said Yu Zi.

“There’s no need to,” Yan Huaian was not sure if Yu Gesheng and Yu Han were looking at them.

Just in case they were, he stood right in front of Yu Zi and blocked their view so he could lower his head and kiss her on the lips.

“You should take a rest. I was planning to celebrate with you today. You’re the main character tonight, which means that you should not be doing any work. Even though… So many people turned up today and there is a change of plans, the reason for having dinner tonight remains the same. So, you should just wait outside,” Yan Huaian held her hand as he spoke.

Yu Zi wanted Yan Huaian to have the opportunity to make a good impression on her parents, so she agreed. “Just call me if you need any help.”

“I will.”

Yu Zi went out after that.

Not long after, Yan Huaian served tea and fruits to everyone before heading back to the kitchen to busy himself. He had an apron on him. No one would have guessed his other identity as the general manager of Yan Hui. He looked like a regular stay-at-home husband who had no problem taking care of household chores.

Yu Zi hugged Yuan Hejing’s arms and said, “Mum, Dad, he’s not doing all of this for show. He usually is this way. You know how much I love sleeping in. Waking up early in the morning is a problem for me. When I was living alone, my breakfast has always been simple and mainly convenient.”

Yuan Hejing knew that very well. That was why she had always gotten Yu Zi to go home during the weekends or public holidays. She needed to keep Yu Zi nourished.

“I’ve been having breakfast at his place since he moved here. He makes breakfast for me every morning, which allows me to sleep in. He even prepared a huge variety of fruits arranged neatly in a lunch box after breakfast for me to bring to the office. He is very considerate. I’ve never felt so properly taken care of by a boyfriend and I never realized it would feel so nice. I don’t need to stress much when I’m with him. I can be lazy around him because he handles everything for me. He’s really great. So, could… Could both of you stop giving him dirty looks?” Yu Zi said.

Yu Gesheng and Yu Han were being slightly well-behaved at the beginning of her speech, but their expressions changed completely by her last sentence.

It had only been a few days and she was already defending him.

Yuan Hejing sighed and patted Yu Zi’s hand. Yu Zi was creating more tension for Yan Huaian than helping him out.

The doorbell rang at that moment.

Yu Zi guessed it must be the two elders of the Yan family.

“It must be Old Master Yan and Old Lady Yan. I’ll get the door,” said Yu Zi as she got up and walked toward the door. Yan Huaian also showed up with them.

Yu Zi was surprised to see him.

Yan Huaian smiled and ruffled her hair. “Don’t be nervous. I won’t let you face them alone.”

Yu Zi’s nervousness disappeared at that very moment. She smiled and nodded.

Yan Huaian held her hand and they walked toward the door together.

The two elders were standing outside the door when they opened it.

Old Master Yan looked just as stern as Yu Zi imagined him to be. His hands were held behind his back.

As for Old Lady Yan, she looked like the complete opposite of Old Master Yan. She was not that tall and was a smiling, sweet-looking old lady.

When she saw Yu Zi, she ignored Yan Huaian and grabbed hold of Yu Zi’s hand to say, “You must be Yu Zi.”

“How do you do?” Yu Zi said. She was unsure of how to refer to the two elders.

Old Lady Yan sensed her dilemma and smiled as she said, “Just follow Huaian’s cue and call us Big brother and sister-in-law.”

Yu Zi, “…”

Yu Zi was hesitant as she looked at Old Master Yan with a head of white hair and Old Lady Yan, who was nearly the same age as Yu Zi’s grandmother.

“Don’t be shy about it. When you and Huaian get married, it’s what you need to call us too. Might as well get used to it now.”

Old Lady Yan’s voice was loud enough that Yu Gesheng and the others could hear it from the living room.

This old lady was forcing their Fishie to get married the moment she entered the house!

At the same time, they felt a sense of comfort.

The two elders of the Yan family seemed easy to get along with. They would not be pushing Yu Zi around.

“Let’s go into the house to chat. Yu Zi’s family is here too,” Yan Huaian reminded them.

“That’s right. Let’s go in,” Old Lady Yan pulled Yu Zi along affectionately without letting go as they followed Yu Zi into the house.

Yu Gesheng and the others stood up.

Old Lady Yan finally let go of Yu Zi’s hand as she smiled and greeted them, “How do you do? How is everyone? I’m Huaian’s sister-in-law. This is his big brother.”

Old Lady Yan pulled Old Master Yan over and introduced him.

There was a smile on Old Master Yan’s stern face.

Two lawyers and one principal stood in the living room and had no idea what to say to Old Lady Yan.

They came up blank.

Yu Gesheng suddenly had a question. If Yan Huaian did marry Yu Zi, how would the two families refer to each other?

Old Master Yan and Old Lady Yan had no qualms at all regarding this matter because they had already given thought to the problem. They had already considered this problem long before Yan Huaian was old enough to get himself a girlfriend.

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