The Return Of The God Level Assassin



"MASTER, why are you treating Eclipse like this?" the little boy asked as fake tears fell from his eyes.         


"It's Eclipse's fault, though," Luo Yan said with a shrug, trying his best not to give in to the temptation of taking back what he just said.     

The two of them had already left Yu Jiao's shop. Luo Yan quickly teleported to the first thing that came to his mind–the island that Shen Ji Yun owned. There, he told Eclipse that he would not allow him to eat Mana fruits for three days. It's a punishment for his reckless comments while they were in Yu Jiao's shop.     

It's a good thing that Luo Yan had managed to change the topic quickly, or Yu Jiao would definitely be thinking of her and Luo Ren as lovers. Then, all the hard work his brother had made would go down the drain.     

It was obvious that Yu Jiao was still not ready to have that kind of relationship. That's why Luo Ren was taking it slow. Luo Yan was trying to give them a little push, not to destroy what his brother had slowly built.     

"But Eclipse didn't do anything!"     

Eclipse's voice brought Luo Yan's attention back to the other. Eclipse eyes had now reddened, and it looked like he was really about to cry. He felt a bit guilty seeing the kid's expression.     

If he thought about it, he was also at fault for letting Eclipse accompany him to Yu Jiao's shop, knowing full well how the other was. He should have expected that Eclipse would say something along those lines. After all, this little fox had a habit of doing that. So, he really didn't have the right to get angry at the other for something that he should have already expected to happen.     

He was about to take back his 'punishment' when the other suddenly lunged to one side. He looked in that direction and saw Shen Ji Yun looking startled as Eclipse clung to him.     

"Captain, Master is bullying me! You must find justice for Eclipse!" Eclipse complained while sobbing dramatically.     

Shen Ji Yun, who had just teleported, was confused at first. He looked at Luo Yan, silently asking with his eyes what's wrong with the kid. The other only shrugged and smiled helplessly.     

He looked down at the kid, who was fake-crying. Even though he didn't know the full story yet, he had a pretty good understanding of this kid's personality. So, he said;     

"If your master is bullying you, it must be your fault."     

Eclipse let go of Shen Ji Yun's clothes he was holding and showed a shocked expression. It's like he just experienced the greatest betrayal of all time. Which was quite comical. Luo Yan had to bite his inner cheek just to prevent himself from laughing.     

"How can you say that, Captain? I'm the victim here!"     

"Well, even if it's not your master's fault, I will always be on his side, so there's no use complaining to me," Shen Ji Yun said with a very straight face.     

Luo Yan saw Eclipse's face fell, and it felt like the other would really cry at any second. So, before that happened, he walked towards the two and ruffled the kid's hair.     

"Sorry, Eclipse. Master didn't mean it," he said.     

Eclipse looked at him with a pout. "Master should not act cute. You're already pretty, so Eclipse should only be the cute one here."     

Luo Yan chuckled amusedly. "Fine. So, let's makeup?"     

"Only if Master takes back what you said about not allowing Eclipse to eat Mana fruit for three days."     

"Okay, I'll take it back."     

Eclipse smiled brightly when he heard that. But then he turned to Shen Ji Yun and frowned. "Eclipse still hasn't forgiven you, Captain. So, you better make it up to Eclipse."     

Shen Ji Yun's expression didn't change much, but Luo Yan could tell that he was confused by what Eclipse had said. Luo Yan was sure that the other would definitely say something that would make Eclipse act like a drama king once again, so before that could happen, he said quickly;     

"Your Captain will give you high quality Mana fruit for three days." He turned to Shen Ji Yun. "Right, Brother Ji Yun?"     

Although Shen Ji Yun didn't know why Luo Yan said that, he knew better than to argue with the other. After all, in his mind, Luo Yan was always right. "Yes."         


Eclipse's expression quickly changed, and his eyes brightened. He looked at Shen Ji Yun with his usual gaze full of adoration. "Eclipse knew it. Captain still cares for Eclipse."     

"Then, can Eclipse go and play somewhere else? Captain and I are just going to discuss some things," Luo Yan said.     

Eclipse looked back and forth between Luo Yan and Shen Ji Yun, then showed an expression as if he knew what they were up to. "Okay. Eclipse knows that you want your lovey-dovey time now. But before that," he put out his hand towards Shen Ji Yun. "My Mana fruit."     

  Shen Ji Yun automatically took out a high-quality Mana fruit from his Items Tab and gave it to Eclipse, as if he had already done the same thing countless of times. Eclipse happily accepted it and used the teleportation scroll that Luo Yan gave him.     

When the other disappeared, Shen Ji Yun asked Luo Yan, "What was that about?"     

Luo Yan stood in front of Shen Ji Yun and hugged his waist. "Nothing. Just the usual Eclipse. Anyway, since we don't have any training today, why don't we do something fun?"     

"Being with you is already fun," Shen Ji Yun said, hugging him back.     

Luo Yan slapped the other's chest in a joking manner. "You Casanova."     

The corner of Shen Ji Yun's lips curved up slightly, forming a small smile. "You're the only reason that side of me comes out."     


  Days quickly passed by, and it's now time for this year's Spring Festival. Which also meant that winter vacation for students all around the country had finally begun.     

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