The Return Of The God Level Assassin



THE Spring Festival for this year would start on January 24. So, winter vacation for schools around the country started a few days before. For Guizhu Academy, winter vacation started exactly four days before the start of the Spring Festival, which just also happened to be a Monday.         


Luo Yan and Luo Jin were both inside the VIP waiting area of the airport. They were waiting for their flight to B City. Since they were now officially on vacation, they suggested to their father to go to B City ahead of the Spring Festival. And since both their father and older brother still had work, only the two of them could go.     

It actually took a lot of convincing before their father agreed to their request. Even this morning, when the two were about to leave, their father had this sour expression on his face as if he was sulking.     

Luo Yan couldn't help but chuckle, remembering what happened this morning.     


Luo Yan looked at his luggage. It was a large suitcase that had his clothes and shoes. There's also a separate bag for his skincare products and his VR helmet. The reason why he had this much luggage, as well as why he even brought his VR helmet with him, was because he and Luo Jin were planning to stay in B City for a month.     

This meant that they would not only spend the Spring Festival there, they would also be staying there for the duration of the Arcadia Cup's preliminaries.     

Moonlight Media had already announced the date of the start of this season's Arcadia Cup. It would be exactly on the day of the start of Spring Festival, which would be on Friday.     

Luo Yan couldn't help but be excited. Although it would only be an opening ceremony to welcome all the participants and there would be no official matches yet, it's still exciting to think about it. Especially since it would be the official return of team Yunyue.     

After checking that everything was in order and he didn't forget anything, he wore his coat, pulled the suitcase and went out of his room. As soon as he did, a passing maid saw him and quickly took the suitcase from him, saying that she would bring it to the car.     

Luo Yan tried to take it back, but this scenario had already happened a number of times already and every time, he had never won, even once. So, he just let the maid and walked to the living room.     

As he reached that area, his footsteps stopped when he saw his father sitting on the sofa with his arms crossed and an obvious frown on his face.     

"Dad? I thought you already went to work," Luo Yan said as he walked towards the other.     

After they finished eating breakfast, he really thought that both his father and older brother had gone to work. Well, since the other was the owner of the company, it probably wouldn't matter if he came to work late. Seeing that Luo Ren was not here, their father probably didn't let the other do the same thing as him.     

"How could I let you and Xiao Jin go to the airport on your own?" his father said, his voice showing that he was still sulking.     

Luo Yan wanted to say that the driver would drive them there and that there's no way he and Luo Jin would be lost, considering that their father bought them first-class tickets. Which would allow them to have access to the VIP waiting room. There's no way they would miss their flight because they just had to wait in that room comfortably.     

But he knew there's no use in saying that. Maybe his father would sulk even more if he did. So, he just sat beside him and hugged his arm. Although he's no longer small and cute, his pretty face could still do the job well of acting coquettish towards his father.     

"Dad, don't be mad. It's not like you won't see us after a couple of days. Besides, we will be with Uncle Chen. Nothing bad is going to happen. So, cheer up, hmm?"     

His father glanced at him and then sighed. "I know. I'm just being petty and childish. But this is the first time you would be away from home like this, and even for this long. Your Dad just couldn't help but be worried."     

The other was probably referring to the fact that he and Luo Jin would stay there for a month. "Dad, didn't I tell you that our team would participate in this tournament in the game? You can just log in and watch us. We can meet inside the game and it wouldn't even feel like we're not with you."     

His father seemed to be in deep thought after he said that, but Luo Yan could see that his expression was starting to get better. He probably realized that they could indeed meet in the game.     

Before the other could say a response to what he said, Luo Jin's voice suddenly interrupted their conversation.     

"So, the only reason Dad is sulking like this is because Yan would stay in B City for a month. Wow, talk about favoritism," Luo Jin said in a dry voice. He obviously heard their conversation just now.     

Their father stood up with a rare panicked expression. "Of course it's also because I will miss Xiao Jin!" Then, he added with a more stern expression. "I love all my sons equally."     

Seeing this, Luo Yan couldn't help but burst out laughing.     



[Attention all passengers on flight MU561 to Beijing. This is a boarding announcement for MU561 to Beijing at gate B3. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready as you proceed to the gate. Boarding will begin shortly. Thank you.]     

That announcement brought Luo Yan back to the present. He stood up and gently tap Luo Jin's shoulder to wake the other up from his short nap.     

"Ah Jin, let's go."     

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