The Return Of The God Level Assassin

Chapter 965: SHOCKED XIAO YE

Chapter 965: SHOCKED XIAO YE

"XIAO Yan, Xiao Jin!"         


They heard the familiar voice of their aunt - Sun Xiulan - calling them. Luo Yan and Luo Jin both glanced at the direction of the voice. They saw their aunt waving enthusiastically at them from the arrival area. Both Luo brothers walked to where their aunt was.     

Sun Xiulan was about to hug the two but stopped reflexively after seeing Luo Yan. The Luo Yan she remembered was small and cute, looking like a middle school student. But the one in front of her was tall, like a normal high school student. If not for that familiar pretty face, she might have not recognized the other.     

"Wow Xiao Yan, you... you certainly grew a lot," she couldn't help but say.     

Luo Yan chuckled seeing the reaction of their aunt. "Yes. I had my growth spurt," he responded, very proudly.      

Seeing that expression like a proud cat, Sun Xiulan couldn't resist the urge to stretch out her arms and ruffle the other's hair. "Yes, our Xiao Yan is now a young man."     

Luo Yan generously let the other mess his hair.      

After Sun Xiulan had enough, she finally glanced at Luo Jin. "Xiao Jin seems to be much more handsome than before."     

And that was not just simple lip service. She really meant it.      

Standing at probably about 190 cm, Luo Jin's muscular body couldn't be hidden by the coat he's wearing. With the indifferent air surrounding him, people couldn't help but glance at him twice. Especially women. Just looking at him, no one would think that he was only 17-years-old.      

Luo Jin cleared his throat and tried not to get embarrassed by his aunt's compliment.      

"Aunt shouldn't have bothered picking us up. We can just go to your house by taxi," he said, changing the topic.     

"Ey, what is this boy saying?" Sun Xiulan said, hitting Luo Jin jokingly by the shoulder. "Can I let my dear nephews commute publicly when I am perfectly capable of picking you up?"     

"Aunt, don't mind Ah Jin. He's just changing the subject because he's shy," Luo Yan said teasingly.     

"What's there to be shy about?"     

"It's because Aunt called him handsome."     


Sun Xiulan turned to Luo Jin whose face had now turned red. She smiled, realizing that Luo Yan was probably right.      

"Xiao Jin, when you're this handsome, there's definitely nothing to feel shy about," she said.     

"Can- can we just go?" Luo Jin said in a helpless tone with a completely reddened face.     

Sun Xiulan and Luo Yan looked at each other and then chuckled, both thinking how adorable Luo Jin was.     


Sun Xiulan glanced at Luo Yan who was sitting beside her at the backseat of the car. Luo Jin was sitting at the passenger seat beside the driver. They were now on their way back home to the Bai residence.      

"Aunt Xiulan, is there something on my face?" Luo Yan couldn't help but ask after the other repeatedly stole a glance at him.      

"Nothing. I'm just not used to this sudden grown up version of you," Sun Xiulan said. "Your uncle will probably be as surprised as me. Xiao Ye though, he would probably cry since his 'bride' was no more."     

Remembering her son who was the most excited when they heard that Luo Yan would spent his winter vacation here, she could already imagine the kid's reaction once he saw his cousin.          


Luo Jin snorted when he heard his aunt calling Luo Yan a 'bride'. It was the kind of snort that was trying to stop himself from laughing.      

Luo Yan narrowed his eyes at his brother, looking at the other through the rearview mirror. When Luo Jin glanced away as if he didn't want to get into trouble, Luo Yan turned to his aunt and smiled.      

Although he and Bai Ye called each other often during the weekends, it was just an ordinary call and not a video call. That's why his little cousin currently didn't know what he looked like.      

"I'm sure Xiao Ye will survive," he said, sure that Bai Ye wouldn't throw a tantrum just because of this.      

As soon as they arrived at the Bai residence, that sentence seemed to slap Luo Yan in the face.      


After the driver parked the car, Luo Yan and Luo Jin got out of the car at the same time, followed by their aunt. The brothers planned to get their luggage from the trunk, but before they could, their aunt told them to just leave it there and that the maids would get it later.      

The two shrugged and just followed their aunt obediently. When Luo Yan walked into the mansion, he heard a loud voice calling his name and then he felt a small figure rushing to his direction like a cannon ball.      

"Yan Yan, you're finally here!"     

Luo Yan looked down at the top of the head of his little cousin. "Hello, Xiao Ye," he greeted Bai Ye and ruffled the other's hair.     

  Bai Ye raised his head, the moment their eyes met, Luo Yan saw how the kid's expression slowly changed from excitement to disbelief. Until it ended to him looking extremely horrified.     

The little kid jumped back and pointed at Luo Yan. "Who are you? You're not Yan Yan!"     

The smile on Luo Yan's face almost cracked when he heard that. Before he could say anything, Aunt Xiulan responded for him.     

"Xiao Ye, your Brother Yan just had a growth spurt. Look at his face, it's still as pretty as before."     

Bai Ye did as his mother told and stared at the tall brother's face. And indeed, it was the same face of his beloved cousin. Only older looking. But even so, he still couldn't accept that the one in front of him was really the Yan Yan who he knew.     

"But- but... how can you be so tall?" he said in a very grievous voice. "It's not that long since you last visited. So, how come you can be this tall while I'm still this short?" Then as if realizing something, his eyes widened. "No way. Are you, perhaps, from the future?!"     

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