The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 13

Qiao Wei’s sweet cakes is exquisite and novel, and soon abunch of passers-by stoped, Qiao Wei is not stingy and cut the sweet cakes intoslices for the them to try.

At first,everyone only felt that these white snowy rabbits were cute. After eating, theyfound that they were actually delicious and the price was not expensive, onefor three pennies and two for five pennies. If you buy ten, you will get onefor free.

Such goodand cheap things cannot be justified if they are not sold.

An aunt paidfive pennies: “give me two.”

“I wanttwo too!”



Mrs. Luo wasdazzled by the money she received. Qiao Wei packed the sweet cakes one by onewith bamboo leaves. She remembers who wants how many and how to pack them accordingly.

The twobaskets of sweet cakes were sold almost in half an hour.

“Willyou come tomorrow?” Asked a little woman who had bought glutinous ricecake while eating.

Qiao Weinodded: “yes.”

“ThenI’ll buy it.” The little lady likes Qiao Wei’s sweet cake very much.

Qiao Weismiled slightly: “Thank you.”

After thelittle lady left, Auntie Luo wiped her sweat on her forehead with her sleeves evenin this winter. This business was beyond her expectation: “Xiao Wei, howmany are left?”

Qiao Weiopened the basket and glanced: “The last five.”

She wasafraid that it would not be easy to sell. She only made fifty, but after only aquarter of an hour had passed, there has nothing left. This speed was also alittle unexpected to her. It seems that this move is the right move.

She turnedto look at the two little buns behind her. The two were sitting on a smallbench and making a bun to make fun of Xiao Bai[pet]. Suddenly, my heart was alittle soft, and I picked up six pennies and left the stall.

When shereturned, she had three bunches of candy gourd in her hand and give it to her son, daughter and xiao bai.

The twopeople and one beast who got the candy gourd were so happy that Qiao Wangshuraised her hands , hugged Qiao Wei’s neck, and pulled down to give Qiao Wei akiss: “Thank you mother.”

Qiao Weibent her lips and said, “Whatever you like and what you want to eat, justask me your mother.”

Qiao Wangshunodded, the tip of her little tongue licked on the big, red and bright candygourd: “So sweet!”

Qiao Jingyunlicked timidly, shy than his sister.

Xiao bai washolding a string, and rudely and violently stung, alas, alas …

A gorgeouscarriage stopped at the opposite restaurant. A well-dressed women walked down,wearing an antique satin rafter just after Haizhou forging, her hair combedbrightly with two emerald silver badges. She held a light green parchment inher slender hands and was elegant and proud. Beside her, followed by abeautiful girl.

At firstglance, we could see that they were mother and daughter of big families. Fewpeople in the town could see such a decent person. Everyone cast theircuriosity and awe on them.

Qiao Wei hadalready seen more expensive and unspeakable servants yesterday. Looking at thetwo in front of her, she didn’t give much surprise. But soon, the two came overto Qiao Wei.

The girlpointed at the sweet cake on the stand: “Mother Fang, look at the bunny,it looks so good!”

The womencalled the mother as she paused casually glanced and said, “Everything onthe side of the road is very dirty. How long have you been in the house, why isit like you have never seen it before?”

The girlspit out her tongue.

Qiao Weididn’t lift her eyelids as if she hadn’t heard the words of the two.

Mother Fangwhispered arrogantly: “Well, buy it if you like, don’t let the lady seeit.”

The girlopened the purse cheerfully: “How much is one?”

Qiao Weisaid: “Two penny per piece, and only the last five left. If the girl cansee it, ten penny is sold to you.”

Seeing the wordsis a bit confusing, she is a daughter of big family, who has never looked down onher. Where can she look down on others? Although it was just a commodity, shewas comfortable. She unambiguously took out ten pennies: “Give it tome!”

Mrs. Luo took the money, Qiao Wei took out the bamboo leaves, folded a small box skillfully, and gently put the five sweet cakes in.

The girl'seyes widened: “Hey clean your hands!”

Qiao Wei saidnothing, and handed her the sweet cake.

Mother Fangimpatiently gave her a white look: “Can you go now? I can tell you, if youhave a bad stomach, don’t come to me to cry.”

The girlflattered and smiled, “No, it won’t. mother, you can rest assured.”

The two lefthand in hand. Before leaving, the girl caught a glimpse of the xiao bai who wasstruggling with a candied gourd behind her stall, and her eyes suddenlyflashed: “Oh! Mommy, look! That puppy is so cute!”

For the Nthtime, a certain mink who was treated as a dog rolled his eyes.

Mother Fangturned around and saw Xiaobai, with a hint of surprise on her face:“Ferret?”

Qiao Wei’seyes moved.

The littleferret doesn't mind the mother, and continues to scratch the candied gourd inits paw.

The lady athome always wanted a ferret, but she didn’t come across a suitable one. Thismarten is not only beautiful, but also humane. It can’t be better for the lady.Fang Fang looked at Qiao Wei, who was closing the booth: “How much is theferret?”

Qiao Weididn’t lift her eyelids: “No.”

Ms. Fangsneered. She saw so many many people who will say that they wont sell forrising the price: “Twenty-two silver.”

Qiao Weisnorted, but Xu Dazhuang said, Xiao Bai is worth more than a tiger, and thetiger has sold thirty two. This mother just shouted twenty two?

Mother Fangnoticed Qiao Wei’s disdain and frowned: “Thirty-two?”

Qiao Weididn’t say a word.


Qiao Weistill ignored her.

Fang Fangraised the volume: “Do you still want a hundred or two?”

Qiao Weifolded the tablecloth and put it in the basket: “I said I wouldn’t sellit.”

Mother Fanggritted her teeth: “You make a price!”

Qiao Wei pausedwith a basket in his hand: “Do you really want me to drive?”


Qiao Weiheld out an index finger.

Madam Fang frowned: “one hundred?”

Qiao Weishook her index finger.

“Onethousand ?”

Shake yourfinger again.

“Tenthousand?” Mom Fang took a few steps back in shock.

“Well,gold.” Qiao Wei smiled slightly. “Can you afford it?”

Mother Fangchanged her face: “Did you play me on purpose? Do you know who I am?”

Qiao Weiyunsaid lightly: “I care who you are. If you want to buy my marten, I willbring you 10,000 gold, otherwise I won’t talk.”

What kind ofmarten can be worth so much money? This clearly does not want to sell. Ms. Fangstared at Qiao Wei in anger. Immediately slap up and hit Qiao Wei!

“Ouch!”Aunt Luo saw that she was in a bad shape, and rushed to embrace Qiao Wei, theslap fell firmly on her face.

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