The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 14

A few bloodmarks suddenly appeared on Aunt Luo’s face, andthe huge movements scared the candy gourds in the children’s hands.

Qiao Wei’seyes gradually turned cold, hitting people just for a word of disagreement, andterrifying her innocent children—

She put thecleaned basket on the ground, and stretched out her hand across the stall’ssmall table, gently clasping the mother’s shoulder.

Fang’smother disdainfully swiped the hand that fell on her shoulder, followed herarm, looked into Qiao Wei’s dark eyes, and her heart suddenly froze.

“Whatdo you want?” Mom Fang snapped.

Qiao Weisaid, “You hit my mother, what do you want me to do?”

The originalintention of Fang Fang was not to hit Aunt Luo, she was aiming at Qiao Wei, butshe did not expect that Aunt Luo would jump over in desperation, and took thatslap for Qiao Wei. She was accustomed to walking in the government, and shedidn’t pay attention to these hawkers at all. What if she made a mistake? Arethese people not yet obediently guarding?

Turning hermind, she raised her chin and said, “I hit you. Who made her comeup?”

Qiao Weilooked at her momentarily: “You hit someone, not giving apology, you are soarrogant, very good.. So I won’t force you to apologize to my mother.”

The firsttwo sentences were very good and I heard the mother’s heart stunned for awhile. After hearing the last sentence, the mother’s heart hung up and feel uncomfortable, how can this ignorant commoner dare totalk to her, Such a noble character?

Fang Fangwhispered, “Take your dirty hands away! Also, give me the ferret and Iwill forgive your offense.”

“Youhit my mother, and you blame us for offending, and you want to take over mypet.” Qiao Wei looked at her lightly. “It’s shameless.”

When shesaid nothing, Fang’s mother did not respond to what was going on, she heard aclick, and it seemed that something was cracking. At about the same time, therewas a sharp pain in her right arm, and she was shocked. Called out!

The girllooked terrified: “Mom!”

Ms. Fangfell to the ground, her right arm hurt so much that she couldn’t stand upright,she cried in pain, and soon caused passersby to watch.

Speaking ofit, everything was taken from her own fault, and it seemed that she had passedby without any sympathy.

On thecontrary, Aunt Luo was afraid of making things big, and whispered to Qiao Wei,“What’s wrong with her, isn’t it?”

Qiao Weicalmly said, “It’s just loosing an arm, she wont die.”

It is truethat she can’t die, but for such a pampered women, this pain is moreuncomfortable than killing her.


There was aclear voice in the crowd, euphemistically cried. Passers-by froze for a momentand automatically gave way, a young girl wearing a goose yellow corset Luoskirt came over. She has a graceful figure and exquisite facial features,combing a single snail, and fixing it with a pink jade silver cymbal. The wholeperson is also very tender, with face, neck, and hands, but all exposed skin isso pale and tender, as if it can be broken.

In thisbarren town, the arrival of such a girl who looks like a fairy is almost likethe maiden of the Moon Palace, and the crowd was noisy suddenly became silent.

She had agood smell of fragrant powder, a breeze blew, and the whole world was stainedwith a light fragrance.

She walkedto Qiao Wei’s side and stood still: “I don’t know why my maid offended hiswife, and it caused the wife to have such a big anger.”

“Youask her,” Qiao Wei said.

The girlturned her head to look at Fang’s mother. Fang’s mother wanted to be born tothe lady to sue this little bitch, but she was so speechless that she could notspeak at all, and the girl had explained the incident to the lady.

Afterlistening to the girl, she nodded gracefully, and said to Qiao Wei, “It ismy close-knit mother Tang Tu first. I’m here, and I won’t complain to the girl onher behalf.”

Herimpartiality won praise around her.

Qiao Weigave her a strange look: “You said that she was in the first place, whichmeans I had already done with her. But unfortunately, I do not intend to Do it.“

There was atrace of stasis in the girl’s elegant expression.

Qiao Weididn’t panic, “I was right in my heart and not in the eyes of others. Iwouldn’t accept an apology that I didn’t want to accept in order to show mygenerosity, and I wouldn’t force myself togive an apology. “

For thefirst time, the girl encountered such a person who did not follow the rules ofthe card. For a time, she was so stupefied that she was speechless.

Qiao Weismiled lightly: “It was you who did the wrong thing. I just treated him inthe way of others. Why did the girl think I was wrong?”

There isnothing wrong with this. In modern times, the murder of mothers is punishable,but in ancient times, such behavior would be praised by the emperor.

Qiao Wei’smother was bullied, and she would really make people laugh if she didn’t bullyback. Therefore, in the eyes of everyone, she repaired her mother’s dignity.Not only was there nothing wrong, but she was very happy.

The girlnaturally felt the attitude of the crowd, took a deep breath, and slowly said,“I was not well worded before, it was mine. Nothing happened today. Myclose-knit mother was abrupt, and I am here, sincerely telling the girlApologies. “

“I saidI didn’t accept it.”


Qiao Weisaid: “You hit my mother, and an apology will be done. Isn't it possiblethat anyone will come to hit my mother in the future, and then everyone willjust say sorry?”

The girl’scomplexion turned red: “Don’t you already taught your mother?”

Qiao Weinodded: “Yeah, so you don’t need to apologize. The wicked have eaten theevil. Today’s business, its done so you can go no need to apologize.”

The girl TieQing walk into her carriage.

Fang’smother was also carried to the carriage.

Looking atthe back of the young girl, Qiao Wei felt an inexplicable rejection in herheart, for some reason.

“Oh, doyou know who that person is? Dare to watch her lively.” An old beggarsitting on the street said, drinking wine from the gourd.

An auntasked, “Who, Mr. Li, do you recognize?”

Lao Li drankhis wine and said, “Her carriage is engraved with Panax notoginseng, whichis the national emblem of Ember House.”

“Whatis Ember House?” Aunt asked.

“Idon’t even know Enbo.” Lao Li rolled his eyes, “Ember is the first ofthe four medical doctors in Beijing. It’s famous! That little girl, if Iguessed right, it should be Ember House is now ‘the eldest daughter’. “

Dasaolaughed and said, “Do you even know this, Mr. Li? Did you go to thetheater again?”

Lao Liglanced at her: “You just went to the theater! When I was walking southand north in Beijing, you didn’t come out of your mother’s belly!”

“Ouch,you old lady, dare to take advantage of your mother!” Dasao tried to hithim, but he looked so dirty and took his hands back.

Old Li’shead stretched out his hand: “Give a copper plate, I will continue to tellyou.”

“I’mtoo lazy to listen, you love to say or not!” Auntie walked away with herbasket.

Suddenly, acopper plate fell from the sky and fell into the broken bowl of Lao Li’s headimpartially.

Lao Li’shead was busy looking up. There was a tea house upstairs. I don’t know who gavethe money and didn’t show up.

Opposite LaoLi’s head, Qiao Wei happened to see the man who lost the copper plate upstairs.He was a man wearing a mask.

The old Ligot the money and went on to say, “Ember originally had three bedrooms(wifehouse) and child of legitimate first wife was the former Emperor Gong. He fellinto the water and died unfortunately. He had no son under his knees, and onlya five-year-old daughter had to inherit the title. Today, this lady is a childof the second room. “

The auntiewho has left is back again: “Don’t you say that the last Emperor had adaughter? Why wasn’t she the young lady?”

The old Lihead said: “That was originally, but she made a mistake a few years agoand was expelled from the house.”

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