The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 15

After leaving the stall, Qiao Wei planned to hire a carriageto go back. Aunt Luo often came to town, so she knew a few carriages.

The two wentto the carriage store and asked for the price, which was twice as expensive asthe dipper. Of course, their carriage had a shed, which was obviously moreluxurious. The problem is that Qiao Wei doesn’t need it to be luxurious, shejust needs it cheap.

She was verylucky. When she was dissatisfied with a few car dealers, she met Fathermiraculously.

It turnedout that it was the father who got a few people to the town to go to relatives.At this moment, he was worried about where to pull people back to the village.Coincidentally, he met Qiao Wei.

“XiaoQiao, why are you going back? Is the business bad? Why can’t you sell it?”

Auntie Luoglanced at him and showed him the empty basket of radish cakes, “Sold outearly, okay?”

“Isthis, it’s sold out?” Dianzi was incredible. He hadn’t seen the villagergo to town to sell things, but who hadn’t touched his nose on the first day?

He looked atXiao Qiao.

Qiao Weibent her lips and give him a radish cake from the basket.

Aftereating, he finally understood why Xiao Qiao’s stuff was sold out.

Beforeleaving, Qiao Wei went to the bazaar to buy some ingredients so that she couldmake more fresh patterns. She also bought a catfish and braised them forchildren at night.

However, shesaid that the mother in the room was injured and taken to the medical centerfor treatment. The girl waited in the carriage sadly, and saw the obscurity.

She frowned,“What are you hiding?”

The girltook out a basket of white rabbits brazenly, and the basket was about the sizeof a hand. If the bamboo leaves were woven, it was very delicate. The bunny iseven smaller, but it is lively, soft and cute, like real.

“Whatis this?” The girl asked curiously.

Themaidservant said, “Snack.”

The girl wassurprised to see such a delicate snack: “Where did you buy it?”

The girldidn’t dare to say it was brought from Qiao Wei, she only said,“Town.”

Of course,the girl did not expect to be from Qiao Wei either. If she knew it, she mightvomit blood. She usually doesn’t eat things brought from the side of the road, butthis snack is really good. She couldn’t help but to taste it, and then shestopped.

The girlopened an exquisite mahogany silver food box: “Miss, why don't we givethis to Mrs. Ji?She will definitely will like it.”

The girlgroaned for a moment, poured out the four candy Gourd to the silver box.

Qiao Weispent some time buying ingredients, and it was noon when she returned to thevillage. At the door of Aunt Luo’s house, there was a person, medium height,burly, dark-skinned, and tough-looking. It was Luo Yongzhi, the oldest son ofAunt Luo.

Luo Yongzhisaw his mother and Xiao Qiao’s family get off the carriage of the father, andthere was a momentary encounter. In the village, it is said that his motherrecognized Xiao Qiao as a daughter. Is it true?

“Mother.”He saw that the two were unloading from Daddy’s carriage and hurried to help.

He is anative crop man, so powerful as a cow, he unloaded more than 200 kilograms ofgoods in three or two times.

Qiao Weiowed herself gratefully: “Thank you Brother.”

This 'brother'completely confirmed Luo Yongzhi’s guess.

Luo Yongzhididn’t have much contact with Xiao Qiao. The most intuitive impression is thatthis is a young and beautiful little widow.

There aremany rumors about her in the village, which are probably not good, but men’sviews are always different from women’s. He thinks that Xiao Qiao is good,beautiful and pitiful.

His motherlikes Xiao Qiao, so he likes it, and Xiao Qiao will be his sister in thefuture.

“Sister.”He greeted generously.

Qiao Wei’sheart warmed and she pulled the two children and said, “Jing Yun, WangShu, called uncle.”

The two menyelped “uncle” milkily.

Luo Yongzhismiled frankly and honestly: “Really good! Let’s go to uncle’s house toplay another day.”

Auntie Luowatched a few people talking so smoothly and felt very happy, and asked her son with a smile,“Why are you back? Is there anything wrong?”

Luo Yongzhionly recognized his sister, and he almost forgot to take the businessseriously. He said, “Isn’t Cuiyun's brother admitted school? Her father gothim a seat and so celebrated. He was afraid that he won't be free. I want toask you to help. “

Cuiyun isLuo Yongzhi’s wife. Her younger brother has just passed the age of ten thisyear and has already passed the test to admit in school. This is a great eventin a village where he can hardly read.

Aunt Luo asked:“when?”

“thirdday.” He looked at Xiao Qiao, wondering if she could go, but when heremembered that she was not close to them, he said nothing.

Auntie Luosaid, “That’s the day after tomorrow. I see. I will go.”

Luo Yongzhidistressed that the mother was always at home and invited her to live with herfor a few days, but was rejected by Aunt Luo.

Xiao Qiao’sbusiness is just getting started, and it is when she needs manpower that shecan’t go like this.

Luo Yongzhilearned that Xiao Qiao was doing business, and was very happy for Qiao Wei:“my sister skill is so good. Why don't teach me some?"

Qiao Weismiled and nodded: “Okay, sure Brother.”

Luo Yongzhihelped Qiao Wei carry more than 200 kilograms of ingredients to the mountain.Qiao Wei called him for lunch. After lunch he took his leave

At noon,Qiao Wei braised the fish, and the two children waited until they finally emptingthe plate.

Qiao Weipacked up the chopsticks and went to the kitchen to wash. Auntie Luo took herhand and said, “Let's go, let the children take some rest. They are stillyoung and should eat and rest more.They were awake all day, they must be tired".

As soonas Qiao Wei thought about it she felt same. After all she didn’t have the habitof taking a nap herself, but should let the children be. She called them andcoaxed them to sleep.

Qiao Weicame to the kitchen door: “Mother, let me go out.”

Aunt Luolooked at her strangely: “Where are you going? Don’t tell me you’re goinginto the mountain again.”

Qiao Wei wasembarrassed and squeezed his ears: “I made two traps in the mountainsyesterday and have to see if any prey was hooked up. It was safe by theside.”

Auntie Luo: “you would never change!”

Qiao Weitook the self-defense dagger away. After encountering a tiger once, she scaredher death more than anyone else, so the place she chose was really not theforest center.

Afterentering the forest, she found the cage hidden in the thickets according to themarks she made, and in the cage were bait such as carrots and minced meat.

Both cageswere open, and the strange thing was that the bait in one of them was gone.

The bait isgone. There should be a small animal hooked.

But whatabout small animals?

Qiao Weitossed around and found no hooked animals, but found one or two silvers.


Did someone tookthe animals in the cage?

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