The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 16

In the afternoon, the carriage stopped in front of anancient mansion. On the plaque on the main entrance, there were two largecharacters with gold strokes-Jifu.

Just like everyone she too enter the place, Only different sheentered not by front door.

Accompaniedby the maid, the girl entered Jifu from the side door.

In thesimple and clean courtyard, the girl met Mrs. Ji, who was enjoying the plum.

Mrs. Ji worea purple-colored cricket, a lotus-colored frock skirt, and a pearl-coveredforehead.

“Xi’ermeets the old lady, old lady Wanfu Jin’an.” The girl nodded respectfullyand tenderly.

Mrs. Jismiled with a smile on her face: “Sit down, the plum blossoms areblooming. You can take a look with me.”

“Yes.”The girl replied, looking at the gorgeous plum blossoms, as if she had seen theflower grower through the flowers, and there was a trace of shyness under hereyes.

The servantwoman moved an embroidered stool and placed it next to Mrs. Ji’s rattan chair.The girl sat down gently, and presented the peach and silver brocade box to theservant woman. “Xi’er just returned from the Bodhi Temple. The old ladybought some snacks. “

The servantopened the food container and presented it to Mrs. Ji.

Mrs. Ji hasseen the world before. This kind of trick is not enough to surprise her. Shejust looked at the face of the girl and tasted it slightly, only one look, herlook changed.

The girlwatched the old lady’s reaction and smiled gently: “How old is the oldlady?”

Mrs. Jifinished the whole red bean glutinous rice cake, and she kept picking up thesecond one: “Where did you buy it?”

The girlsaid with a smile: “I bought it in Rhino Town.”

“Rhinotown?” Mrs. Ji paused, holding her sweet cake, and looked at the servantgirl aside. “But the one we passed by last time?”

The servant womanreplied, “Exactly.”

The girlfroze slightly: “Old lady, have you been to Rhino Town?”

“Wherehave you been? I, met a great fortune there!” Mrs. Ji smiled cheerfully,and before the girl asked her how good she was, she turned sharply, “I askher, How to heal the hard food in the trachea? “

The girlthought for a while: “If it is determined that it is in trachea, cut thethroat and remove the foreign body.”

Mrs. Jimurmured: “She said so at first.”

“She?”The girl looked at Mrs. Ji for unknown reasons.

Mrs. Ji saidto the young girl that she was almost strangled: “… Thank god I met anexpert, otherwise you might not see me anymore.”

The younggirl changed her face slightly, and got up straight to look at Mrs. Ji’sthroat. Mrs. Ji smiled: “Don’t have to look, don’t cut, otherwise wherecan I sit and talk to you?

The girl satback sullenly: “Xi Er is stupid. But … how did she remove the foreignbody since she didn’t cut your throat?”

Mrs. Jisaid, “She just pressed me a few times and I spit it out.”

“Howmany presses? Could it be qigong(breathing exercise)?” The girl askedsuspiciously.

Mrs. Jishook her head: “I don’t know.”

The girllooked down and smiled slightly: “Anyway, you’re fine.”

Mrs. Jilooked at the bunny in her hand and said, “This dessert is good. If themeditation is done, I will love it.”

The girl’sheart concealed her loss: Lord … I haven’t returned yet.

Qiao Weitook the silver and left the forest.

The cage ishidden in a sink, and it is difficult for ordinary people to detect. Onlyforaging animals can find it with a strong sense of smell. How did the personwho gave the silver find it?

Will it notbe Xu Dazhuang?

Xu Dazhuanghas been hunting for many years. It doesn’t seem difficult to find one or twotraps based on clues, but … he will hunt himself, why should he buy it fromsomeone’s cage? Or use the sky-high price of one or two silver.

In that cagewere baits of hares and pheasants, and only they were fooled.

One hare cansell one hundred wen in the market, one pheasant can sell eighty wen, one ortwo silver is one thousand wen, and ten hares and twelve pheasants can bebought.

These priceswere still told by Xu Dazhuang. If he bought them, he would never give so muchmoney.

But if itwas not Xu Dazhuang, who would come into the forest?

Qiao Weicouldn’t think of it until she returned to the yard, she simply didn’t want to.

Auntie Luowas calculating her account, she was so anxious that she did not notice thatshe came back empty-handed: “… a total of 120 pieces were sold. How didthey sell them?”

Qiao Weidrew wood chips and charcoal, and said while drawing give her complete detailsof sales like a computer.

As soon asAuntie Luo looked at the picture, she understood: “Is there one more?Didn’t you make fifty?”

Qiao Weisaid: “When there were only five left, I only received money for four, gavegave her one for free.”

“Ah,yes.” Aunt Luo nodded again and again, thinking of something, looked atQiao Wei in surprise: “Do you remember so clearly?”

She wasoften referred to as a walking computer, and it is not a problem to memorizethe precise medical data.

She smiledand said, “Naturally, my memory is good.”

Auntie Luoand Yourong said, “My daughter is so capable!”

In theafternoon, Qiao Wei’s custom-made bed arrived, and the other party asked if itneeded to be assembled. Qiao Wei said, “Do you want to add money?”

“Yes.”The other side nodded.

Qiao Weishook her head: “That’s all right, I’ll do it myself.”

Those peopledidn’t believe that a little woman could do the carpentry work, and waited forQiao Wei to fail to pay for them. Who would expect Qiao Wei to enter the house,and a bed was packed in less than a quarter of an hour. .

Everyone wasstunned.

At night,the children slept in their new beds and were reluctant to go back to sleep.

The bed wasbought by Qiao Wei for herself. It was not too big and cold, but the twochildren had to squeeze in. She said that she slept back to her bed and thechildren crawled up to her bed again.

Sheunderstood, the little guy just wanted to sleep with his mother.

In the end,the three fell asleep on the warm bed…

The nextday, Qiao Wei was still up at dawn. She made fifty yesterday and sold it out ina quarter of an hour. Today she made 150: one hundred red bean glutinous ricecakes and fifty taro snowballs.

The price isthe same as yesterday.

After havingbreakfast, she and Auntie Luo took the children to the town in the carriage ofthe father, and they still rented yesterday’s stall for twenty dollars.

As soon asshe took out the snacks in the basket, she was surrounded by a group of people.

“Why solate?”

“Yeah,waited a long time.”

“Areyou still selling two pennies type today?”

Qiao Weismiled and responded one by one.

“Giveme four.”

“I wantfour too.”

“Sendone for ten?”

Yesterday, Ibought a lot of them one by one. Today, there are almost four of them,especially the red bean sticky rice cakes. Due to the high number of repeatcustomers, they are selling fast.

Tarosnowballs are a new variety. Qiao Wei cut a few for everyone to try, as usual,bought them at the end, and saw so many others bought without trying, and alsotook out for parcel.

That scenewas so hot that the owner of the tea house opposite was surprised: “Is itreally delicious? You can buy two for Primary Six.”

Xiao Liurushed to buy it, but when it was finally his turn, it was sold out.

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