The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 17

Today she made a hundred more than yesterday, but they weresold out quickly. The popularity was too much, even Qiao Wei was surprised.

Not that shedid n't think it would be easy to sell, but she don't know it would be so easyto sell.

Going onlike this, it won’t be long before she can take over the land lease next year.

Qiao Wei isin a good mood.

The childrenwere in a good mood. Although they didn’t know how to do business, they saw theothers’ stalls deserted, and their own stalls were too busy, and they felt asense of liveliness and joy involuntarily.

Qiao Weistill bought three candy gourds for the children as usual, and then started toshare with Aunt Luo.

Just halfwaythrough, a fine-quality carriage stopped in front of the stall, and a girlwearing a light green dress walked down from it, who was walking with hermother.

She camehurriedly: “Madam, I want twenty red bean sticky rice cakes!”

Qiao Weismiled: “Sorry, girl, you’re late, it’s sold out.”

The girlfrowned in disappointment: “Ah? It’s sold out? Why is it so fast? Istarted from Beijing early in the morning and came to buy your snacks!”

AlthoughQiao Wei didn’t like her mother and the lady, but the impression of thisstraight girl was not bad: “If I knew you would come, I would have leaveit for you.”

Thegirl-in-law thought for a while, and took out one or two pieces of silver fromthe purse. “Then you leave it for me tomorrow, and I’ll make a depositfirst.”

They haveonly seen each other, or in the case of disputes with her master Qian Jin, shedared to make a deposit–

Qiao WeiRenjun couldn’t help but said: “I’m a stall, not a shop, are you afraidthat I will collect your money and run away?”

“Ah?Will you?” Aunt widened her eyes.

Qiao Weididn’t know what to say, but smiled helplessly: “No.”

The girlpatted her chest with relief.

Qiao Weialso said, “What snacks and how many do you order?”

“Aren’tyou the only red bean sticky rice cake? Anything else?” The girl asked.

Qiao Weiclosed up the stool and tied it up. “I made some taro snowballs today andthey sell well.”

Thegirl-in-law thought without thinking: “That’s all twenty!”

“Youeat so much by yourself?” Qiao Wei asked in surprise.

The girlsaid, “It 's not for me, it’s for Mrs. Ji. You don’t know, the cakes Ibought from you last time were given to Mrs. Ji by my lady. She likes them, andthe lady asked I have to buy some more back. But today it seems impossible tobuy, I must come tomorrow! “

“Okay.”Although I don’t know who the old lady is, but someone who can be courted byEmbe 's government must be powerful. Qiao Wei returned the silver to thegirl-in-law. “One hundred is enough. Is there any change?”

“Yes,yes!” The girl took the silver and pulled out a small string of money fromthe purse, which was exactly a hundred words.

Today theycouldn't run into the father. Qiao Wei and Auntie Luo rented a carriage in thetown. Now that the business is good, they don't care about this money.

Excludingthe round-trip transportation costs, they still have 300 yuan left today, whichcan buy 100 kilos of rice.

Just half amonth ago, a family of three did not dare to expect themself to eat white rice.Now, let alone rice, the meat is also possible, and the children’s looks muchbetter.

Qiao Wei cutsome pork belly and wanted to buy calcium-supplemented shrimps for thechildren, but since winter is not a season for shrimp production, and it istransported from far south, the price can be described as expensive.

If she buysseven or eight pounds, she can go bankrupt.

Finally shebought a fish.

The fish wasstewed, the pork belly was braised with carrots, and the family of five (thelittle ferret is a member) ate quickly.

After eatingrice, Qiao Wei went to the mountain forest, mainly to check if there were anysmall animals hooked, and change the fresh bait by the way.

To her greatsurprise, the doors of both cages were closed today, and the bait inside wasgone. But one cage had a pheasant, while the other had nothing, only one or twosilver.

Is this …bought her prey again? !!

Who is it?

Afterthinking about it yesterday, Qiao Wei eliminated the villagers one by one.Everyone is poor. They don't spend one or two bucks to buy a game. Even if theywant to buy it, they will find Xu Dazhuang directly, and they will not "take"directly from a cage.

Could it besaid that there are still people living in this forest?

Qiao Weireturned suspiciously to the yard.

Aunt Luo hadjust washed her children’s hair, drying wet hair one by one, like a henhouse, theireyes were soggy, and they are so cute.

Qiao Weicouldn’t help but rub on the two heads.

Auntie Luolooked at the pheasant in her hand and said, “Caught it? This chicken hasless three or five pounds and can sell for a good price.”

“Not forsale.” Qiao Wei packed the chicken in a cloth bag and handed it to AuntLuo: “It’s been hard for you these days. You can take it to yourbody.”

Aunt Luodoes not want to.

Qiao Weisaid, “I know you didn’t want to get anything in return for your help, butI want to honor my elders, you have to fulfill my mind.”

Speaking ofthis, Mrs. Luo couldn’t stop accepting it, hesitated, and said, “There issomething, I want to talk to you already.”

“What’sthe matter?” Qiao Wei asked.

Auntie Luosaid: “Your sister-in-law’s brother, you go with me, I can see that yourbrother wants to call you, but was afraid that you could not reject.”

“She”used to be famous in the village, and Luo Yongzhi was afraid to ask her. Shedidn’t want to go, but she had to go because of her feelings, which wasembarrassing.

She wasworried that she had no chance to repay Mrs. Luo. Even if Mrs. Luo did notmention it herself, she was going to mention it, and she readily agreed.

After AuntieLuo left, she went into the kitchen to prepare the ingredients to be used inthe early morning tomorrow. She doesn’t sell overnight items.

Consideringthat Cuiyun’s brother had to go out of business for the day after tomorrow, shedecided to do more tomorrow.

When she wasready, she entered the room, and somehow remembered the prey.

I wonder ifthat person will come tomorrow.

Wouldn’t itbe great to charge him one or two times each time?

A hare has ahundred articles, and she sells them a thousand articles. She is a Qingdaoprawn in disguise!

Conscience disturbeda little.

Qiao Weitouched her chin and decided the entire price list.

She’s seenthe words of this era in town, a little bit like a magpie. Her regular scriptof traditional Chinese characters is still alive, and Xiao zhen is tooembarrassed by her.

Afterhesitating, she decided to use stick figures.

First draw arabbit on a thin wooden board, and then draw a white fly next to the rabbit.

When theprice of the pheasant was painted, she drew a black fly and added eight smallstones under the black fly.

Afterdrawing, she put the wooden sign in a cage in the forest.

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