The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 18

The next day, on the second day of the second lunar month,Qiao Wei packed the pastry into a basket, and four people arrived in town asusual.

Today shemade 50 more than yesterday, of which 40 were red bean sticky rice cakes andtaro snowballs, which had already been booked.

When shearrived at Daxing Street, she found that the stall that had been used for twodays had already been occupied. Fortunately, she was empty next to it, and shewas going to put it down first, and then go to the business department to paythe money. "Well, why? Don't you see I took it already? “

“Butthere is nothing on it,” Qiao Wei said.

The big ladysnorted: “I am going to have it!”

This is deliberatelymaking trouble. It seems that the business has been too good these two days,and has made some people jealous.

Qiao Weihas children with her so its inconvenient to quarrel, so she took the basketand left.

She rentedthe most desolate stall at the end today, renting fifteen pens, five pens lessthan the previous one.

There arevery few people here, and there are not many passing by. When the things werejust put out, there was almost no one to worry about. But after a while,regular customers came over.

This streetis not big, and it is still easy to find a stall carefully. After the firstregular customers come, gradually the second and third also come. Soon thestalls are full of people.

As soon asthere are more people, the business is ready.

Less than anhour of effort, snacks sold out.

For the sakeof the location, although it is not as fast as the previous two days, the rentis not as expensive as the previous two days. It is more cost-effective todayto think about it.

“Howcan I say this? I am really proud to say you are my family with your talent!”Aunt Luo counted the money cheerfully and said with honor.

A littlewoman came over with a child: “I want two red bean sticky ricecakes.”

Qiao Weiapologized, “I’m sorry, today’s snacks are sold out?”

The littlewoman stumbled into the basket: “don't you have some in the basket?”

Qiao Weisaid, “That was already reserved.”

“Ah?”The little woman looked disappointed.

The boy shewas holding was about the same age as Jing Yun, thin and small, drooling whilelooking at the basket.

Qiao Wei’s heartmoved slightly: “I can’t sell pastries, but I still have some radish cakesthat I eat here. If you don’t want to give up, I will give you two.”

The littlelady was not interested when she heard that radish was made. But it was notgood for others, so he took the carrot cake from Qiao Wei and handed it to hisson, “Here.”

The carrotson the cake made a emoji package, which looked very cute. The little boy likedit very much, and he liked it more after taking a bite in his mouth.

This radishcake is not the original vegetarian radish cake. It contains lamb and braisedpork. It can be said to be a radish pie.

The littlelady was busy, “How many do you sell me?”

Qiao Weismiled slightly: “If your likes it, take some to eat. You are also aregular customer. Thank you for taking care of my business, you should treat itas gift to my old customers.”

The littlelady was shocket: “really?”

“yes.”Qiao Wei took four slightly radish radish cakes from a basket that was tightlycovered with a small quilt.

The littlewoman left gratefully.

The girl fromEmbe 's government came here at noon. When she got out of the bus, shehurriedly looked for Qiao Wei: “Sorry, sorry, the carriage is broken!Repair till now! You must have waited for me for a long time, right? So how doyou change places? Almost? I almost couldn’t find you. “

“Therent is cheap here.” Qiao Wei smiled and gave her the packaged snacks.“There are 46 in total.”

The girlyelled: “You gave me two more?” Buying ten and getting one, should beforty-four.

Qiao Weismiled slightly: “These two are for the girl to eat.”

“Thankyou very much.” The girl smiled sweetly. “I have so muchtomorrow!”

Qiao Weisaid politely: “No tomorrow, I won’t set up a stall, it will be the dayafter tomorrow.”

“Theday after tomorrow,” said the aunt, distressed, “then I will get theday after tomorrow.”

The girl gavesome money and brought snacks to the carriage.

“Actually,I think radish cakes will also sell well.” Aunt Luo said as she packed thestalls.

Qiao Weialso thought about selling radish cakes, but the radish cakes are not deliciouswhen they are cold, and can't be sold after a long time. Most people buy one ortwo in their hands to eat. Definitely unwilling, from this point of view alone,it is not as good as the sales of pastries.

The twopacked up their things and went home. Today, they are still a carriage hiredfrom the town.

On the wayback, a carriage followed them. At first, Qiao Wei thought that the other partywas on the way. When he walked to a hardly populated place, the other partysuddenly accelerated and went to block them ahead.

Threeferocious men came down from the carriage.

The coachmanlooked at them in horror: “What are you doing?”

The headedHan yelled, “its none of your business , leave!”

The coachmanleft swiftly.

A littlehorror flashed across Aunt Luo’s face: “What happened?”

Qiao Weichanged her face and said, “I’ll go and see. You and the children shouldstay in the carriage, don’t come down.”

“XiaoWei …”

Qiao Weipatted her hand to signal her not to worry. She nodded nervously and hugged thetwo children.

Qiao Weicalmly stepped out of the carriage and glanced at the three strong men on theopposite side without blinking. Qiao Wei asked gently, “What can I do foryou?”

The crowdwas surprised when they saw her so calm, because they were the famous bulliesin this area. Who saw them and didn’t won't get scared?

“Do youknow who we are?” The strong man head asked.

Qiao Wei didnot panic, “I don’t know.”

The leaderwas stunned.

The littleman behind him said: “Boss, what nonsense with her? Hurry up and solve herso we can go back and get our reward!”

It seemsthat someone bought a murderer.

The leadercleared his throat and said, “You listen to me. From tomorrow on, you are notallowed to do business in Daxing Street! Otherwise once I see you, you are done!”

So, whatelse does Qiao Wei don’t understand? Her business is so good that some peoplewere jealous.

She wasn’tscared. If she compromised today,even if she changes places tomorrow, someonewill still bully her.

Rather,solve it all at once.

“Idon’t move, how do you plan to deal with me?” Qiao Wei asked.

The leaderdidn’t expect that the seemingly fragile little girl was not afraid of them atall. Was he not clear enough or was the girl’s brain sick?

“Smellygirl! Don’t you see the death in face and still don’t cry?” He snarled.

Qiao Weiglanced at him and said, “Who is going to die and who is going to shedtears is not sure yet sure. I won't go down without a fight.”

“Fuck!”The leader jumped angrily, took a deep breath, and gritted his teeth towardQiao Wei!

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