The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 19

Faced with a young and strong adult tiger, Qiao Wei may feelscared. The disparity in strength and shortcomings in experience make herreluctant to grab its edge.

People aredifferent.

If she were to face tiger she might feel scared but humanswere different.

There aretoo many weaknesses in a human body. There are 108 points to cause harm tohuman body, of which 36 are fatal points, commonly known as dead points.

The deadacupoints are divided into soft hemp, dizziness, light and heavy four points,all of which have nine points.

A songtactic was sung like this-“Baihui fell to the ground, the tail was notreturned, Zhangmen was hit, ten people were killed, the sun and the dumb doormust see the king, the broken spine had no bones, and his knees were anxiousPerish. “[1]

As long asyou master these skills, it will not be a problem to deal with ordinaryexperts.

Qiao Weiflew towards the leader. The wind swelled head-on, blowing herblack and bright hair, like flying satin.

She reachedout, avoiding the arm that the leader used to grab at her, and gently touchedthe leader's head, an incredible thing happened-the leader seemed to be slashedby thunder, his eyes glared, and his body was Stiff, fell straight to theground.

Seeing that theleader had been defeated just like that, they couldn’t believe their eyes. leaderis a well-known bully in the town. Why did he defeated by this little girl?

Does thelittle girl have a hidden weapon?

The twolooked at each other.

“What shouldwe do? Can’t get on?”

“…Certainly! Didn’t you what she did to our leader ? How can I not avenge myelder brother!”

The twocrossed their hearts and rushed towards Qiao Wei.

At thistime, they did not believe that Qiao Wei could really beat them. The leader wasdistracted by her word and underestimated her. They had learned the lesson andwould pay special attention to her right hand. Not to mention that the two wereattacking together, no way she could beat them!

However, thetwo were faster, Qiao Wei was faster than them, they did not see how Qiao Weimoved, they felt a numbness on their heads, and their entire bodies lostconsciousness.

They fell tothe ground, eyes widened in horror.

Qiao Weilooked down at them, “Will you deal with me now?”

Deal withdevil? their life is almost gone. Once again, you can go to see the hell …

The threeshook their heads in pain. They cant even move their finger. This pain is not assame as knife cut, ahh!.. it more unbearable than that.

If aperson’s leg is paralyzed, and the moment of shaking it to restoreconsciousness is extremely painful. Imagine if the whole body is paralyzed, andthe whole body is passively recovering consciousness, how painful it will be. — Thisfeels like, hell!

“Lady,spare our life, spare our life!” The leader couldn’t stand it. He was theboss. He hadn’t suffered for a long time.

Seeing thebosses surrendered, the two followers also begged for mercy.

Qiao Weisaid: “If I was the one who begged you like this, would you have let mego?”

Three peoplestunned, naturally … they wouldn’t.

Qiao Wei tooka look at the three of them: “Why do you ask me to let you go? I, anorphan and widow, did not steal, and make a small sale in the town based on mytrue skills. Is it wrong? “

“No …not wrong …” The leader was crying.

“Idon’t care who you are. After you go back, tell them that I must do business.If they dare to bother me, I won’t just stop with few beating.”

The leadernodded again and again: “Yes, yes, we remember the words of the woman…”

Damn, thiswoman is too difficult to mess with, no matter how high the price is, they darenot come to her for trouble.

Qiao Wei gotthe guarantee and turned to prepare to return to her car. At this moment, asneaky figure, carefully slipped into Qiao Wei’s carriage and caught a childfrom the inside!

Qiao Wei’seyes flickered: “Wang Shu!”

QiaoWangshuwa cried: “Mother!”

Qiao Weiscolded herself for making mistakes, only to deal with the three thugs, thinkingthat the other driver was as timid as his own driver, but did not expect suchdeceit!

The mandidn’t seem to want to entangle with Qiao Wei, hugged the child and ran away.

His speed isextremely fast, and it is impossible for Qiao Wei to catch up as a woman. QiaoWei’s heart is smashed into a ball. When Qiao Wei was thrown away by the otherparty, a black figure suddenly flew in front of her. Kicking off the driver!

The driver’shands loosened involuntarily, and Qiao Wei shouted, “Wang Shu–“

The blackfigure took a sharp leap and steadily caught Qiao Wangshu.

Qiao Wei ranquickly, took the child from the other’s arms, and hugged them tightly:“Wang Shu!”

Qiao Wangshupinched his mother’s neck.

“It’sokay, it’s okay, not afraid, eh?” Qiao Wei patted the back of herdaughter’s hand.

Qiao Wangshunodded her eyes.

Qiao Weijust looked at the benefactor who saved her daughter. He was a 13-year-old boywith a delicate and handsome face, big eyes, bright, black gemstone-like eyes .The mother and daughter turned around, full of shock.

He put theindex finger of his right hand into his mouth to imply keep mouth shut.

Qiao Weifroze, and gave him a blessing: “Thank you for your help, and dare to ask yourname.”

The boyblinked his big eyes and looked at the small glutinous ball(wangshu) in QiaoWei’s arms.

Theglutinous ball was embarrassed, twisted the ass, and buried her face in hermother’s arms.

Qiao Wei wasamused and was about to start talking, and an ox cart came up.

Yes, it’sbig and wide. It’s a shabby ox cart.

The coachmanwas a man wearing a bucket hat(helmet), wearing a burlap sack, a straw bag, andholding a soft whip in his hand, but did not use it. The tall and strong oxseemed to know the road and moved forward on its own.

Qiao Wei hasalso seen other people riding ox cart in the village, but no one can do it likea painting like him.

Mask coveredmost of the man’s features, only showing a clean chin, white as moon anddelicate as jade.

Seems like… where I’ve seen him.

Think of it,teahouse!

He was inthe teahouse and threw a copper plate to Lao Li’s head, so that Lao Li’s headcontinued to explain the fighting man in Embe House.

How could hemeet him here?


He spoke.

It soundedlike a cello under the sun, deep and calm.

The teenagercalled seventeen jumped onto the ox cart.

Qiao Weiunderstood that the boy was with him, and the reason why he had just shot wasthat he had also listened to his orders.

Qiao Weihugged her daughter and stepped forward, and saluted him deeply: “Thankyou.”

The mantilted his head slightly, wearing a helmet, Qiao Wei could not see his face,but could feel that his eyes fell on himself, cool and without a trace ofemotion.

Qiao Weiquickly realized that the opponent did not try to save someone, but he did sothat to clear his path that being blocked.

[1] Baihui fell to the ground, the tail was not returned,Zhangmen was hit, ten people were killed, the sun and the dumb door must seethe king, the broken spine had no bones, and his knees were anxious Perish. -

This is the dead point of the human body. Itwill be dead when it hits the dead point, as follows: Baihui point position: atthe intersection of the midline of the head and the line connecting the two eartips -will be fainted. 2. Location of Shenting: The front of the headenters the hairline five points. Dizziness and brain swelling after beinghit. 3, temple position: between the eyebrow tip and the outer corner ofthe eye about an inch back. Location of the dumb door: on the topposterior midline, the depression between the first and second cervical spinousprocesses, (recession of the hairline) Meridian: the points of Dumai, Xidumaiand Yangweimai After being hit, it hit the medulla oblongata, dumb, dizzy, andunconscious. Location of the giant acupoint: in the midline in front ofthe body, six inches above the umbilicus. Meridian: Ren Mai, Department ofHeart Recruitment. After the impact, the liver, gall bladder, and theheart were shaken, and the position of the acupoint of death was located in themiddle of the umbilical fossa. After the impact, it impacts theintercostal nerves, shakes the intestines, bladder, hurts, and fails.

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