The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 20

After the man and the teenager left, Qiao Wei tied thedriver who had been kicked by shiqi(17) feet and asked his driver to report thecase to the county.

The coachmanfelt very guilty for not being able to help, and left without a word.

He went tothe nearby county council, where Uncle Luo worked as a permanent worker.

This countymagistrate is a good person, has been working here for more than ten years, andhad made many great achievements, and soon he is sent to arrest criminals.

“him?”he quickly grabbed the driver.

Qiao Weipointed to the three strong men who had just regained consciousness: “Andthem.”

The three menwere stunned, why us? Didn’t you say you’d leave us?

The leaderheaded and said, “Well, woman, we didn’t agree that way at thebeginning!”

Qiao Wei’s saidcoldly: “You didn’t bother my children at the beginning.”

The leader cried, “No, it’s him who dealt with the kid!not us! We’re not with him!”

Qiao Weiindifferently said, “It doesn’t matter! you can say this to the countymagistrate.”

No, the county magistrate is a strictofficial, falling to his hands, his ass is going to bloom!

He almostknelt down to Qiao Wei: “Lady! We have to help you with the letter!”

Qiao Weiuttered a word: “No need now. Any letter, I will send it myself.”

The threedesperately begged for mercy–

“Lady! Spareour life!”

“Lady,we really don’t know him!”

“Wejust hired his carriage! He had a cheap carriage … it was the first time wesaw him …”

The threebullies were crying, and the driver was silent, so calm that people couldn’tsee that he had broken two ribs by being kicked by shiqi.

This can'tbe just a coachman at all. As for who he is, we can’t make a conclusion for themoment. He must a child trafficker, otherwise why would he catch a child?

The threebullies are mixed up with him, even though they want to threaten her to submit,Qiao Wei can be sure that they are not a same group. But still, they caused thedriver to provoke them, and it was “tiring” to handle them.

A group wastaken away and locked in the cell.

On the wayback, Madam Luo kept blaming herself for not protecting her child. Qiao Weicomforted her: “That man has martial arts, even I can’t catch him, don’tneed to say about you, don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. “

When AuntieLuo saw Xiao Wei not blame her, she felt a little bit more relieved, but shewas still very scared: ” it was so dangerous, and I won’t let you go to dobusiness anymore.”

Qiao Weismiled slightly: ” If you want to make money there is not any way withoutprovoking hate of others. It's common for people to be jealous. If others don'tprovoke me, I won't provoke them. That's natural, that's ok too “

“But…” Aunt Luo was still not assured.

Qiao Weismiled with a convincing smile: “You can rest assured that I’m doing asmall business, and offending only some small businessmen, they can’t playtrick that I can handle it.”

Just that wecant take the children to the street anymore.

She can dealwith anyone alone, but if dealt with the children, she can't.

But wherecan I leave my child without taking them with me?

“Mother,do we have a private servant in our village?” She asked.

In moderntimes, children of this age are attending kindergartens. In ancient times,there was obviously no kindergarten, but she remembered that there was privateservant in ancient times.

Auntie Luosaid: “There is no place in the village.”

“Whatabout the village next door?” Qiao Wei asked again.

Mrs. Luoshook her head: “None, there are hundreds of miles, there are two privateservants in town. Do you want Jingyun to go to school?”

Qiao Weitouched the sleeping child: “He is so young right?”

Mrs. Luofrowned: “I don’t know about this. Our village has only Cuiyun’s youngerbrother, who is going to his school tomorrow. Will you ask him by theway?”

“it isgood.”

As somethinghappened on the road, they came back a little later than the previous two days.It was already afternoon in the mountain yard. The two children were hungry.Qiao Wei got into the kitchen and put down a few bowls of shredded noodles.

The childrenate as usual and enjoyed the delicousness. It seemed that the recent incidenthad not affected the two. Qiao Wei secretly reassured.

Auntie Luogathered her clothes in the yard, Qiao Wei brought fresh bait, and entered themountain again.

Afterpoaching, she found her two trap cages, one with a pheasant, and the other witha small string of money.

Really the man understood it.

One hundredarticles is the price of a rabbit. It seems that the man bought a rabbit.

Qiao Weipacked the money into a money bag, cleaned the cage and replaced it with freshbait.


InBaimeiyuan, Mrs. Ji sat down again to enjoy the flowers, holding a “whiterabbit” in her hand, and ate with pleasure.

The girlraised her wrists and poured a cup of tea to Mrs. Ji.

Mrs. Jilaughed and said, “I have troubled you, go to such a far away place everyday to buy something for me.”

The girlsmiled shyly: “What does the old lady say? Its an honor for Xier.”

Mrs. Jifinished eating a piece of glutinous rice cake with red beans and picked up ataro snowball.

The girl waspleased to see the old lady eating, her eyes lightened, and she sat upright andsaid, “It’s almost Chinese New Year, hasn’t the brother come back?”

Madam Jisaid angrily: “Yeah, I don’t know where this messy boy went! I haven’tbeen home for a year.”

No morewords.

The girl wasa little anxious. Wasn't she co-axing the old lady all day for her ownrelationship with the brother?

The old ladysaid nothing, was he still thinking about the elder sister who had beenevicted?

However, theeldest sister has done the kind of cold and vulgar things, and is no longereligible to marry him.

Or is it …the old lady wants to simply withdraw from her marriage contract with EmberHouse?

The old ladysuddenly said, “But don’t worry, if he comes back, I will let him seeyou.”

This isconfessing herself in disguise, and the girl’s heart burst into a rush:“Thank you old lady!”

Deep in thewoods, in a small hut.

Shiqi issquatting on the ground in the yard, blinking his eyes to see the rabbit on thefire, the rabbit is tender, the fire is roasting, and hissing oil.

The drool ofshiqi flowed down from his mouth.

The manturned the rabbit and asked Shiqi: “Spicy?”


The manbrushed some paprika, flipped and roasted for a while, sprinkled sesame andgreen onion evenly, tore off a rabbit leg and handed it to shiqi: “It’sready to eat.”

Shiqi grabbedthe rabbit’s legs and withdrawn.

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