The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 21

Its started snowing from the third day of first lunar month.

Qiao Wei gets up earlyto get ready herself and her children for Cuiyun's birthday party.

Qiao Wei is a science student and very little knowledge in history. She heppens to know a little about county test. This is an exam for children in Ming and Qing dynasties to select talented one. It mostly held in February.

The preliminary test syllabus includes essay, poem, music, tactics, and so on.

The secondary test includes check ones talent in math, science and intelligence.

The child who passed the county test and government test was called Tong Sheng.

If Tong Sheng passed the final round of college exams, he would be called a genious.

If you cleared this examination, you no need to file tax and no need to kneel when facing officials.

Cuiyun’s brother is only ten years old to clear this which is remarkable.

According to her knowledge in history this preliminary test should happen in spring. But cuiyun's brother attended test in winter which reasons, she might have traveled to dynasty not known in history.

Qiao Wei made the children wear the new cotton jackets she bought a few days ago. The son in royal blue and daughter in tender pink and combed her beautiful bright hair elegantly.

Qiao Weialso sew a pink cotton quilt for the little ferret with the remaining fabric.The little wont feel cold, but her daughter loves to dress it, so Qiao Weimakes some cloth for it time to time.

After Qiao Wangshu sees to she and little both wearing pink outfil, she became very happy.

Little ferret rolled its eyes screaming in mind 'I am a male'.

The family of three went down the hill with umbrellas.

This is thefirst time Qiao Wei took the children out to see their relatives, so childrenwere very excited. In the past, they always envy the children in the villagewho had relatives and often going to visit them and eat with them. Buttheir mother does not like to mingle with people, hence they live on themountain like an outcast.

Well now,they can eat with everyone.

“WillErgou come?” Qiao Jingyun asked,Ergou was his only friend.

“yes”Qiao Wei gently patted his son’s head.

“Will Tieniucome?” Qiao Jingyun asked again, Tieniu was his only opponent.

Qiao Weithought about it and said, “Yes.”

Lao Xunzi isa respected person in village and most people would be attending.

Qiao Jingyunheard that he could see Ergouzi, and was pleased. When he heard that he wouldsee Tieniu, he sank again. Finally, after weighing it in his heart, he feltthat in order to see Ergouzi, he could tolerate seeing Tieniu.

The threewent to meet Madam Luo first. When Madam Luo saw the new clothes on the children,her eyes were bright: “so beautiful!”

Being complimented the kids were so exited and felt like waging their non-existing tail.

Aunt Luolooked at the ferret in Qiao Wangshu’s arms again. She almost didn’t recognizeit in its clothes. It was so cute.

Four peopleand one beast went to Cuiyun’s family.

Cuiyun niangwas already waiting at the door from early morning. It was already noon. Allthe guests were arrived.

As soon as Cuiyun niang sees Aunt Luo, she was over joyed and grasped her hand and said “welcome home, come in and sit down!” . She looked at Xiao Qiao and smiled with joy, “Little Qiao, Welcome, happy to see you!”

“Mrs.Zhao.” Qiao Wei greeted politely.

Cuiyun niangpulled her hand affectionately and asked her how she was doing her business.Then she touched the heads of the two children: “Oh, what a beautifuldress! I also put on the dog?”

Littleferret: “!”

The childrencalled grandma Zhao sweetly, and Cuiyun niang responded happily and led them tothe backyard. Many children were already playing there, and Jing Yun and hersister soon joined with the little ferret.

Elders werebusy.

Cuiyun’sfamily is very popular in the village, and every family has been invited. Inaddition, there are some people from the next village and town, which add up tohundreds of people. It is planned to open eight tables per row, and eight people per table, on the open spaceoutside.

It was justin the middle of the night that it suddenly snowed heavily and could notcontinue in the open air.

Luo Yongzhiwas also in the shed, and waved at Qiao Wei from a distance: “Sister!”

Qiao Weismiled slightly: “Brother.”

A few guysnext to him gasped, Luo Yongzhi smugly said, “Isn't my sister so pretty? Don'tbe jealous ah!”

A group ofpeople laughed.

Cuiyun niangtook Qiao Wei and her in-laws to the backyard, where many people, eating,drinking, and remembering … The gentleman, an old talent in the village.

It is saidthat when Lao Xiucai was young, he worked in a large family in Beijing. He wasfired for unknown reasons. He has lived in poverty and depression for manyyearsHe is the only talent in the village, so he occasionally helps in writingletters for others, and does not starve to death.

Aunt Luo wasafraid that Qiao Wei was tired, and arranged a light errand for Qiao Wei: togive the old man a shot. That is to help the old man with collecting money,grindink, and paper—in fact, it is a cloth. Paper is too expensive so they can't affordthem.

“Hehave a bad temper, and you should be smart.” Mrs. Luo reminded kindly.

Qiao Weinodded: “yes, mother.”

She did notinherit the memory of the original owner and happened to take this opportunityto know all the people in the village.

Lao Xiu wassulking and did not look at Qiao Wei at all.

Qiao Wei wasquietly doing her own thing, collect money, count money, and reading characters.

In themorning, she found that she earned a lot.She recognized all the people, learnedto read and write.

Qiao Weithought about it and took a hundred pennies out of the money bag: “Sir, Ialso like to pay my.”

The old shownodded and motioned her to put the money in the basket: “Name?”

Everyone inthe village knows her name, but he doesn’t know what her name is.

Anyway, if hedoesn’t know the name of the original owner, she will report herself:“Qiao Wei.”

The originalowner 's surname is Qiao, and she herself is also named Qiao. No matter whatthe original owner 's name is, from now on, she is herself.

Lao Xiupaused suddenly and frowned strangely: “What’s your name?”

Qiao Weithought he hadn’t heard it clearly and reported it again: “Qiao Wei.”

Lao Xiulooked up and took a serious look at Qiao Wei and froze.

How couldthere be such a person in the world? It looks exactly like Mrs. Qiao Wei …

Heremembered the young lady, Qiao Wei.

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